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5 Best Weight Loss Centres in Edmonton🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading weight loss centres in Edmonton. To help you find the weight loss centres located near you in Edmonton, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Edmonton’s Best Weight Loss Centres:

The top-rated Weight Loss Centres in Edmonton:

  • Ewyn Weight Loss Studios Edmonton– one-on-one health coaching dietary plans.
  • High Definition Fitness – treating clients like world champion competitors.
  • Everlasting Health & Weight Loss – offers medically developed weight loss protocol.
  • Revive Wellness Inc. – a team of Registered Dietitians and Psychologists ready to help you.
  • Health Works Nutrition Centre – a team that believes, given the proper tools, the body is able to heal itself naturally.

Ewyn Weight Loss Studios Edmonton

Weight Loss Centres Edmonton

First on the list is EWYN Studios. The newest leader in Weight Management & Nutritional Health Products. EWYN is focused on changing the lives of its clients by helping them achieve their personal weight loss goals. EWYN offers diet plans, weight loss products, and one-on-one personal health coaching combine to help their clients shed pounds and feel great. the team’s mission is to give the clients the tools to be the best they can be through the concepts of living a healthy lifestyle and setting positive goals. This mission is accomplished through a proven approach of One-on-One Health Coaching Dietary plans designed to boost metabolism and promote safe and consistent weight loss. Clients can also avail of EWYN’s exclusive, high-quality health supplements designed specifically for the program. This allows each client to receive personalized one on one support from a certified Health Coach who is committed to client success.

Products/ Services:

Women’s health and beauty, Protein bars, Supplements, etc.


Address: 18922 87 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 6J1

Phone: 780 341 3551

Website: ewynweightlossstudios.com/


“Such a supportive & encouraging team of coaches! Always advocating a healthy perspective. Not based on fads, but on facts, honouring the body & spirit! GREAT success achieved and I FINALLY believe I can maintain this NEW me, for a whole NEW chapter in life! Thank you for teaching me stability & self love, while navigating me to a healthy route! :D” Stacy Sharp

High Definition Fitness

Weight Loss Centre Edmonton

At High Definition Training (HDF), they treat all of their clients like world champion competitors. All training and nutrition programs offered are developed with each clients’ individual goals and unique challenges in mind. The team takes their time to get to know each and every one of their clients before developing their customized training and nutrition plans. HDF’s mission to help clients achieve their maximum potential by providing the most effective fitness training possible and in the process, help them to develop long-lasting, healthy habits that will improve every area of their life. They have certified and experienced Personal Trainers who will provide individual attention and personalized fitness training tailored to their clients. The one-on-one time with the personal trainer is 100% focused on you. They are well equipped to tailor your training to your abilities, interests, and goals.

Products/ Services: 

Body transformation, Gym membership, Meal plan and diet, etc.


Address: 12726 St Albert Trail NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 4S5

Phone: 780 695 6057

Website: highdefinitionfitness.ca/


“If you want to meet all your fitness goals then this is the place. Whether you want to go on stage, lose a few pounds, or just feel good about yourself, Helen and Daphne will change your life.

They provided me with my diet, workout routine, and posing lessons and I took home trophies after my first year with them.

You get what you pay for, and these trainers don’t disappoint. They are professional and fair and firm!” Geordie Cheeseman

Everlasting Health & Weight Loss

weight loss centre edmonton

Everlasting Health & Weight loss offers a medically developed weight loss protocol that will help their clients reach their dieting goal and teach them how to maintain a stable weight. This protocol and smarter lifestyle choices education offer dieters what they really want a structured program that can put an end to constant dieting. The clients’ personal weight loss coach will empower them with the knowledge they’ll need to develop better living habits and smarter eating choices after the program ends. The team primarily promotes fat loss while supporting muscle mass. They believe that living at a healthy weight may provide health benefits for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and type 2 diabetics. The team also guides their clients on what food combinations to steer clear of and how to avoid weight gain while still enjoying the foods they love.

Products/ Services: 

Ideal protein, Meal plans, Workshops, etc.


Address: 1 Hebert Rd, St. Albert, AB T8N 2E7

Phone: 780 459 6382

Website: stalberteverlastingweightloss.com/


“Perfect and professional costumer service. There you can find all the Ideal Protein products in stock. highly recommended!!!” Miguel Sarvin

Revive Wellness Inc.

top weight loss centres in edmonton

Fourth on the Revive Wellness is a passionate team of Registered Dietitians and Psychologists. The team is ready to help clients take control of their health. They believe in evidence-based nutrition, providing customized nutrition and wellness coaching that empowers Canadians to live with energy, health, and vitality. They specialize in nutrition coaching, sports nutrition, weight management, mental health therapy, and corporate wellness, to name a few. Long-term weight loss is a journey they know that can be a struggle. The service Revive wellness gives goes beyond a quick-fix solution. They are here to help their clients develop lifelong healthy habits, positive relationship with themselves, and the food they eat. They offer a unique and personalized approach that uses one-on-one nutrition counseling, meal planning, and body composition analysis that starts with an initial assessment. This way, it allows them to better understand where the clients are and where they want to be.

Products/ Services: 

Weight management, Sports nutrition, Prenatal and postnatal, etc.


Address: 3728 91 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5M3

Phone: 780 450 2027

Website: revivewellness.ca/


“have been working with Heather Reid for almost a year now and have had huge lifestyle changes. She has given me the tools to meet my goals and maintain them. She asks the right questions and guided me to fuel my body in easy and manageable ways. I was able to lose weight, body fat and significant inches. I enjoy long distance running and by incorporating her knowledge, I have been able to achieve my race goals. I was apprehensive signing up for nutritional guidance, but she has allowed me to reach my goals ways that were never overwhelming. I am grateful for her and how she looks at all aspects of your life to keep you healthy. I never felt alone. HIGHLY recommend!” Krystle Kreway

Health Works Nutrition Centre

best weight loss center edmonton

Healthworks Nutrition Centre is dedicated to giving its clients the solutions that is necessary to help them take control of their health. Whether you are looking to combat fatigue or digestive problems, excess weight, or even something as serious as cancer they are here to help. They provide the answers the clients need to help them reach and maintain their health goals. By using the latest advances in natural health care, they strive to give clients the information necessary to get a complete view of their body’s internal health and to pick up health problems at their earliest stages. Understanding how unhealthy situations begin is important for learning about their reversal and prevention. While conventional medicine treats the symptoms, they work with you to correct the problems behind the symptoms. They believe that, if given the proper tools, the body is able to heal itself naturally.

Products/ Services: 

Weight loss, PH testing, Live cell analysis, etc.


Address: 2693 Broadmoor Blvd #164, Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0G1

Phone:  780 417 1799

Website: healthworksnutrition.ca/


“Truly happy with my first time visit !!!
Grant is not only professional and very knowledgeable but I felt
very strongly that Grant is going to help me deal with my health issues and then hopefully not see me again. (Except for a check up in a few years) And I personally love this motto, I want my health back, get to the root of the problem and fix it for good.
Allie the receptionist was most kind and also very helpful.” Jo Ann Schnell

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