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5 Best Virtual Phone System Providers in Canada

Communication is one of the most important factors for a business. For essentially all businesses in Canada, an effective method of communicating is essential. Virtual phone systems are an efficient and convenient way of contacting clients or colleagues from anywhere and with any device. Various providers offer different and unique features to their users and it is important to consider which features are necessary for your business. These 5 virtual system providers are some of the best in Canada and deliver outstanding results for their users and their communication endeavors.

#1 Talkroute

Virtual System Providers in Canada

Talkroute is one of Canada’s best virtual phone systems. Its motto is that it is built to do business anywhere. If you are someone who is frequently on the go and can’t be in your office at all times, a virtual provider such as this is essential for maintaining your client relationships. Talkroute was developed by CEO Paul Howey after he became dissatisfied with the quality of other virtual phone systems that he was using for his business. In 2011, he enlisted the help of co-founder Eric to develop a solution for the problems that he was facing when using other system providers.

The two then created Talkroute with an emphasis on clear, easy to use features that were 100% necessary for seamless business operation. Instead of crowding users with expensive and unnecessary features, the goal of the company is to provide only what is needed and simplify the process of using a virtual phone system while still allowing employees to expertly handle calls remotely. The system can be implemented using a desktop, web browser, or mobile device and has remained consistent in charging affordable prices for business.

As small businesses are often the ones that can benefit most from systems such as this, the affordable price is essential for allowing them to implement the system into their business operations. The team at Talkroute are friendly and reliable and are available to answer any questions you may have24/7. No contract is required to use the service and there is also no need to purchase or install additional equipment. With no contracts, no extra taxes or fees, and no need to pay for unnecessary features, Talkroute is one of the most effective and affordable virtual phone systems in Canada for any business, big or small.

#2 RingCentral

Best Virtual Phone System Providers in Canada

RingCentral is, according to their motto, a complete global cloud communications and collaboration solution. The platform is an all in one system that incorporates voice and video meetings, team messaging, and contact center. These must-have digital tools are essential for any growing business as they can improve the level of communication both internally within teams in the company and externally when dealing with customers or business partners. RingCentral is available to be used globally and can improve the reach and reputation that your business has across the world.

Instead of being limited to who you can partner with in your immediate area, RingCentral can allow you to quickly and easily further your business by creating connections around the world. The service is an easy and effective way to meet these connections and undergo any necessary communications with them. Should any issues arise in your experience with RingCentral, you will also have a dedicated Technical Account Manager and Customer Success Manager.

They will help in the initial stages of implementation and will continue to provide you with 24/7 support as you progress in your journey with RingCentral. The extensive security systems in place will also ensure that all of your business communications are protected and will not be accessed by unauthorized parties. If your Canadian business is in need of reliable and accessible digital communication tools such as this, RingCentral is a great solution to try.

#3 Net2phone

Best Virtual Phone System in Canada

Net2phone prides itself on helping Canadian organizations and businesses connect, thrive, and communicate. Available through your browser, mobile device, and desk phone, Net2phone is an easily accessible solution for any business. The most unique part of Net2phone as a business is their attitude towards evolution.

At Net2phone, they believe that there are always improvements that can be made to the technology that they supply. Their solutions are constantly evolving to address more issues and gaps in the markets for businesses of all industries. The unique and high-quality features, integrations, and hardware all come together to unify the business communications of your company in one easy to use platform. Video conferencing, auto attendant, and mobile apps are just some of the innovative features that you can expect from Net2phone.

The virtual phone system is highly popular as it allows a business to take advantage of a variety of features that aren’t typically available with traditional phone lines. The flexibility and functionality that virtual phone systems provide allow business owners and employees to more effectively handle calls, especially if they are often on the go.

Net2phone provides access to this modern voice technology and ensures that the information you exchange is stored securely in the cloud with their hosted system. Whether you use it for improving internal communications or for creating a better relationship with your customers, a virtual phone system from Net2phone will greatly improve your business. With access to analytics and an affordable pricing plan, Net2phone is a great choice of provider in Canada.

#4 MightyCall

Best Virtual Phone System

MightyCall are considered to be one of the most reliable virtual phone system providers in Canada. If you have never used a virtual phone system before, you will be astounded at how effective it is and how easy it is to set up and integrate into your business. MightyCall has a focus on small businesses and is dedicated to helping them grow through improving their methods of communication and boosting both their internal and external reputation.

With MightyCall, you will be able to work from absolutely everywhere. Being out of the office won’t impact the level of communication you have with your team or with your customers, as MightyCall can be implemented on the personal device of your choice. The system is incredibly secure and utilizes state of the art security measures to encrypt and protect all of the information that you share on the platform.

Your data will never be found in the hands of an unauthorized party with MightyCall’s airtight security systems. Unlike other providers, MightyCall’s biggest benefit is the range of features that are paired with affordable pricing. MightyCall’s pricing is a flat rate that is charged each month to your business. While other providers typically charge per user, this provider has a more affordable solution for your small business. Although it is affordable, the range of features is still equally, if not more, impressive than other providers. An unlimited number of users will have access to calls, texts, voice-to-text, voicemail, and many more features. MightyCall is one of Canada’s best providers of virtual phone systems, particularly for small businesses.

#5 VoIP Much

Best Virtual Phone System

VoIP Much is known throughout Canada for its premium home and business internet phone services. If you didn’t know, VoIP stands for “voice over internet protocol” and refers to the virtual phone technology that allows calls and texts to take place over the internet as opposed to traditional landlines. For people that are on the go, this service is ideal as it allows communication to be undertaken from anywhere and everywhere.

With VoIP Much, you can easily begin exploring this process and can even keep your existing phone number if you want to do so. You will then be able to begin calling customers or business partners from Canada and around the world, including in the US, France, Poland and the UK. With no contracts and over 30 free features, VoIP Much is one of the most trusted virtual phone call providers in Canada. Their services include, but are not limited to, voicemail, conference calling, call forwarding and much much more.

VoIP Much use their own infrastructure to implement these features, but also partner with several highly regarded carriers from around the world to continue delivering the most effective communication solutions to you and your business. For a Canadian business that you can trust to streamline your business’ methods of communication and improve your reputation with your customers, VoIP Much is an excellent option to consider. They are also available for home and residential phone services and may be a good company to choose if you are looking for well-rounded and all-encompassing phone call solutions in your life.


With no shortage of innovative and unique features available from each company, these top 5 virtual phone system providers are truly the best of the best in Canada. When your Canadian business is ready to take itself to the next level and become an organized, responsive and efficient company, try one of these services and start seeing results. As a business owner, or as an employee, optimal communication internally and externally is highly necessary to grow and run a successful business. Virtual phone system providers can help and should be taken advantage of.


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