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5 Best Septic Tank Services in Quebec 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Septic Tank Services in Quebec. To help you find the best Septic Tank Services located near you in Quebec, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Quebec’s Best Septic Tank Services:

The top rated Septic Tank Services in Quebec are:

  • Excavation JS Lauzon – founded in 1992 by Mr. Jean-Sebastien Lauzon
  • JF Caron Excavation – leader in drainage in Quebec since 1999.
  • Sani Orleans – positioned among the leaders in emptying of septic tanks
  • Excavation DF – started mini excavations in 2003
  • GLP Excavation – carries out all your excavation and septic tank installation work in Quebec

Excavation JS Lauzon

js lauzon septic tank service in quebec

Excavation JS Lauzon was established by Mr. Jean-Sebastian Lauzon in 1992. The company has been incorporated in 1999 since it has grown rapidly because of quality service. They specialize in earthworks and excavation. Acquiring their contractor’s license widen its scope of activity and enable them to work on construction sites which are governed by Régie du bâtiment du Québec and Commission de la Construction.

This company offer a complete array of services. They can help you with your needs from septic tanks, sewers, foundations, driveway or your land. When it comes to septic tank services, they offer septic tank installation. They also provide Percolation Test to determine the depth of water table and rock as well as soil permeability. When you encounter broken, interrupted or clogged septic tank, the company also specialize in Septic Field Replacement. Installation of septic tank is also offered. They have Enviro-Septique and Eco-Flo accredited installers.


Septic Tank Pumping Station, Septic Tank Percolation Test, Septic Field Replacement, Septic Tank Installation


Address: 515 Rue du Platine, Québec, QC G2N 2E4
Phone: (418) 849 1601


“Outstanding service and listening to our needs in terms of excavation and snow removal.” – Martin Boissonneault

Excavation JF Caron Inc.

jf caron septic tank service in quebec

Excavation JF Caron Inc. is a leading company when it comes to drainage. Their service is proven and reliable. When servicing their clients, they ensure to explain to them what they do and why they perform something. No trouble surprises them anymore because they know almost all drainage related problems.

They also provide septic tank and septic field installation. This provider will help you with your septic tank needs if you are not yet connected to the municipal sewer system. They are an authorized installer of EnviroSeptic, Bionest and Ecoflo products. In case the water is no longer flushing in your toilet, then you will need leach field and septic tank replacement before it creates damage that will cost you a lot.


Septic Tank & Septic Field Installation, Water Inlet & Sanitary Drain, Foundation Drain, General Excavation, Crack Repair, Foundation Waterproofing, Unclogging Drains, Earthworks, Test Sealing, Coping Drain, Storm Drain


Address: 1565 Avenue des Affaires, Québec, QC G3J 1Y7
Phone: (418) 840 1329


Excellent experience with Excavation JF Caron for the replacement of my foundation drain. The evaluator prepared and handed me the submission at the end of his visit taking care to explain to me the proposed work and options for my problem. The technicians showed up on the planned date and did the work in a very professional way by minimizing the impacts on my land. They were very friendly and attentive to my expectations. Invoice in any respect compliant with the bid, no extra. I am very satisfied with the work done and warmly recommend this company. – Laurent Bentz

Sani Orleans

sani orleans septic tank service in quebec

Sani Orleans is one of the leading companies in terms of septic tank emptying. They have been in the service for almost 25 years. The company have been long-standing in the industry because they are passionate in what they do and always put the best interest of their clients. Apart from customer-focused service, they also keep in mind  to take care the environment, so they work using environment-friendly methods. Sani Orleans always work to provide the best service, whether they are working with a prevention solution or a remedy to an emergency situation.

In emptying septic tanks, they use trucks equipped with “JUGGLER” technology to maximize performance. The technology allows to empty septic tanks in a selective way, meaning, solids are separate to liquids. This in turn results to 98% of filtered liquid goes back to the pit.


Septic Tank Emptying, Pumping, Cleaning & Unblocking, Pool Filling, Water Transport


Address: 4504 Boulevard Sainte-Anne, Québec, QC G1C 2H9
Phone: (418) 829 2545


“Quick service thank you !!” – Annie Laventure

Excavation DF

excavation df septic tank service in quebec

Excavation DF was established in 2003 and is an essential resource when you require services for septic tanks, sewer or water inlet, foundation crack repair, snow removal, demolition and excavation. They cater both to residential and commercial market. Their team consists of qualified staff that possess the required skills and knowledge to provide service with great professionalism and perfectionism. They also put great concern to the environment, so they use eco-friendly methods to protect the natural surroundings.

In terms of septic tank installations, when they already have the soil analysis report, they will take care of building the proper septic system. Whether you require aerated system, sand filter, peat-based biofiltration system, or a modified purifying element, this septic tank service provider will guarantee a high quality installation.


Septic Tank Installation, Repair of Foundation Cracks, All Kinds of Excavation, Drainage and Camera Inspection, Demolition, Aggregate Transport, Earthworks, Home Inspection, Iron Ocher, Snow Removal


Address: 1048 Rte 169, Albanel, Quebec G8M 3P3
Phone: (418) 515 0589


“Excellent service!!” – stjocelyn

GLP Excavation

glp excavation septic tank service in quebec

GLP Excavation is a dependable team whether in a small or big projects. You can leave to them your needs about installation of septic tank, repair of agricultural drain and excavation of foundation. Their team is knowledgeable and will guide you in every aspect of the project. GLP has the necessary skills as well as knowledge of health and regulatory requirements.

To give you an overview of what their technicians do in the field, first, they figure out the correct dimensions for the installation. Then do the excavation and formwork of the pit. Next, soil decontamination is performed, and lastly, they proceed to septic field installation or preparation of foundation.


Excavation, Septic Tank and Purification Fields


Address: 326 Chemin Wexford, Shannon, QC G3S 0Z8
Phone: (418) 844 1149


“Professional services, quality work. I highly recommend.” – Remy Bernard



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