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5 Best Second Hand Stores in Calgary 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Second Hand Stores in Calgary. To help you find the best Second-Hand Stores located near you in Calgary, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Calgary’s Best Second-Hand Stores:

The top rated Second-Hand Stores in Calgary are:

  • WorldServe Thrift Store – provides great products and quality customer service at great prices.
  • Urban Thrift – focuses on providing a selection of high-quality second-hand goods for their customers. 
  • Junk In The Trunk – has a brick and mortar thrift store as well as an online thrift store.
  • Mission Thrift Store – provide customers used goods in a department store-like experience.
  • The Salvation Army – guarantees savings by following standardized price points for their items.

WorldServe Thrift Store

WorldServe Thrift Store Website

WorldServe Thrift Store is a genuine non-profit store that provides great products at great prices and great customer service. The net proceeds from their thrift stores help support humanitarian and mission endeavors worldwide. They partner with local organizations to provide quality products and services as well as make a difference in the community. They are involved with orphanages, children’s work, micro-business projects, church planting, leadership training, and humanitarian relief.


Furniture, Clothes, Books, Accessories, Home Decors, Electronics, Tools


Address: 105 58 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0A4
Phone: (403) 474 4766
Website: worldservethriftstore.ca


“Excellent selection. Well organized and very friendly staff. Just picked up a really nice drill set for 18 bucks! Can’t go wrong with these kinds of finds.” – Allister MacNeil

Urban Thrift

Urban Thrift Website

Urban Thrift offers quality gently used items from leading designers and brands. The clothing and accessories they select for consignment can be trendy, traditional, vintage, or unique in character. Customers can rely on the fact that each item is meticulously inspected, clean, and in nearly new condition. They provide a broad selection of fashions and accessories for women and men of all shapes and ages at a range of price points.


Second-Hand Goods, Vintage Items, Collectibles, Clothes, Accessories


Address: 906 Centre St N, Calgary, AB T2E 2P7
Phone: (403) 769 1934
Website: urbanthrift.ca


“Highly recommend this consignment clothing store for both women and men!. Great quality clothing at an even better price. The store is well decorated and organized with an old school look with a modern twist. Might I add that the owner is extremely professional and attentive, this is a must-see for any person looking to upgrade their wardrobe!.” – Kelso Pitcaithly

Junk In The Trunk

Junk In The Trunk Website

Junk In The Trunk is a Calgary based business dedicated to the principle of reusing and recycling to keep as much waste as they can out of the landfill. They offer a brick and mortar thrift store, online thrift store, cleanout of homes and estates, and junk removal services. They have over three thousand square feet of shopping space that includes a large collectibles section as well as clothes, toys, tools, furniture, home decor, and more.


Second-Hand Goods, Recycled Items, Home Decors, Clothes, Toys, Furniture, Tools


Address: 2808 Ogden Rd SE Bay 11, Calgary, AB T2G 4R7
Phone: (587) 223 5865
Website: junkintrunk.ca


“Love this thrift shop. We went for the first time today and it was great. We found some unexpected treasures and some classic records. The guy who runs it was so amazing in terms of service. He went out of his way to make me more comfortable as I browsed records on a low shelf and gave me hints on how he organized things ….. all this even though we walked in just before they closed. (We did not know… we were supposed to go next door for wings.” – Jeff Kahane

Mission Thrift Store

Mission Thrift Store Website

Mission Thrift Store is a volunteer-driven and a non-denominational Christian organization that currently operates more than fifty thrift stores across Canada for over thirty years. They provide used goods in a department store-like experience for value-conscious shoppers, who can find deals they can feel good about. Their stores convert donated goods into cash, and the net revenue is devoted to supporting leadership and literacy programs around the world. 


Second-hand Goods, Clothes, Furniture, Accessories, Books, Office Supplies


Address: 3423 26 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 0N3
Phone: (403) 246 7298
Website: missionthriftstore.com


“Good little shop. Quality items, lots of variety. Left with nice items each time I went.” – Drew Riley

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Website

The Salvation Army sells gently-used clothing, housewares, furniture, and other items generously donated by the public. They also receive donations of brand new products including clothing, toys, furniture, and other items from local businesses. They provide valuable savings by following standardized price points. Their pricing standards take into account factors such as quality and condition, seasonality, brand name, uniqueness, and rarity. 


Clothing, Textiles, Housewares, Furniture, Electronics, Toys, Books, Accessories, Antiques, Collectibles


Address: 3508 32 Ave NE #461, Calgary, AB T1Y 6J2
Phone: (403) 250 2110
Website: thriftstore.ca


“The staff are so friendly, always clean and the music is really nice. I enjoy shopping here.” – Donna Biswanger

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