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5 Best Sandwich Shops in Montreal🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading sandwich shops in Montreal. To help you find the sandwich shops located near you in Montreal, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Montreal’s Best Sandwich Shops:

The top-rated sandwich shops in Montreal:

  • Sandwicherie Sue – inspired by the Vietnamese traditional bánh mì.
  • Wilensky Snack – the sandwich is made of all-beef salami and all-beef bologna grilled just right.
  • Sak’s Sandwicherie – merge of authentic Cambodian quality cuisine.
  • Sandwich DaMarco – offers food made with the highest quality fresh ingredients at an affordable price.
  • Snowdon Deli – was founded in 1946.

Sandwicherie Sue

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First on the list is inspired by the Vietnamese traditional bánh mì, Sandwicherie Sue. It was established in 2015 and offers gourmet Asian sandwiches made with fresh, generous, and tasty ingredients. Each sandwich or bánh mì is prepared on-site and with love. Whether it is meat or vegetables, the freshness will be there. Guests will also find Asian-inspired spring rolls, salads, and their famous freshly squeezed lemonade and pearl teas.

Since 2019, the Sandwich Shop has become much more than a sandwich shop. La Sandwicherie Sue is diversifying by offering much more than a take-out menu. Guest will now find imported Asian products and homemade products. They even have their famous vacuum-packed meats and vegetables available so guests can create their own meal at home including sauces, dips, dressings, noodles, and more.

Products/ Services:  

Asian Sandwiches, Products, Meats, Vegetables, etc.


Address: 2524 Rue Beaubien E, Montréal, QC H1Y 1G2

Phone: 514 629 8783

Website: sandwicheriesue.com/


“Just tried this place. Friendly staff and a nice little spot. I tried the beef sandwich with some spiciness – very fresh and refreshing. Bread is pretty hard by design, but it works with this type of sandwich. Around $12 for the sandwich which is about what I’d expect in this area for this quality. Will come back to try the pork!” – Matt

Wilensky Snack

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The Wilensky Snack has not changed much since it opened in 1932. Wilensky family, the owners, has kept pretty much the same decor and their “Special Wilensky ” sandwich. This sandwich is made of all-beef salami and all-beef bologna grilled just right and served in a round bun, with a touch of mustard. They serve it hot, in two stages, three movements.  These are all-beef sausages served on half of a round onion bread: either the top, which has the onions, or the bottom, which does not. They also have chopped egg or cheese sandwiches.

Products/ Services:  

Wilensky Special, Diet Beverages, Milkshakes and Shakes, Chocolate Bars, Mousse, etc.


Address: 34 Avenue Fairmount O, Montréal, QC H2T 2M1

Phone: 514 271 0247

Website: top2000.ca/


I was so pleasantly surprised to discover this place. There’s a reason it has over 4 stars with only a few items on the menu. It’s so simple and good! The special doesn’t look like much but it’s so tasty, salty and tangy with the mustard. The hot dog was so good on the onion top bun. I loved it! The service was beyond fast. The place has this rustic, original look like it hasn’t changed since it opened in 1932.” – Tammy Stennett

Sak’s Sandwicherie

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Ranking third on the list is Sak’s Sandwicherie. Sak’s is a project imagined with the desire to merge authentic Cambodian quality cuisine and an imperative to serve customers in an inviting and current environment. All designed for fast service and a healthy and affordable offer.

Their gourmet sandwich is a pretext for guests to discover their cuisine. Sak’s put forward the traditional side of their flavors while keeping a creative side. Guests can choose from their choice of meals at their express counter to eat in their boutique area or to take out. Sak’s also offer a variety of fresh ready-to-eat meals.

Products/ Services:  

Sandwiches, Rice, Noodles, Vegetable Roll, Shrimp Roll, etc.


Address: 7387 Boulevard Saint-Michel, Montréal, QC H2A 3A1

Phone: 514 374 2777

Website: sakssandwicherie.com/


“The staff is really nice and their sandwiches are really good. You can tell it’s made with fresh ingredients. The soup is really good as well. I have been there a several times and the food has never disappointed so far!” – Néhémie Pierre-Louis

Sandwich DaMarco

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Fourth on the list is Sandwich DaMarco. They are a local sandwich shop that was founded in Montreal in 2005. At DaMarco, they only offer food made with the highest quality fresh ingredients at an affordable price and an efficient delivery service within the city of Montreal. Guests can count that they are getting the highest quality products delivered with the best service. Their mayo and hot sauce dip in every panini is homemade. All of their dressings are also made in-house, whether it’s the Balsamic Vinegar, Homemade Vinaigrette, or the sundried tomato pesto.

Products/ Services:  

Sandwich, Salads, Coffee, Desserts, etc.


Address: 8758 Boul Langelier, Saint-Léonard, QC H1P 3C6

Phone: 514 323 2994

Website: damarco.ca/


“Always need to stop there when I go to mtl best sandwich around !!!” – Gabriel Dupuis

Snowdon Deli

best sandwich shops in montreal

Last on the list was founded in 1946 by the owner upon returning from the war, Abe and Joe Morantz started a Deli. Snowdon Deli prides itself on being not only a tradition but a tradition for generations to come. They are open for take-out and delivery same as we have been doing for almost 75 years. They are a casual dining restaurant serving charcuterie, smoked meat, Jewish food, breakfast, burgers, comfort food, desserts, and other healthy cuisines. They can also host events or do catering.

Products/ Services:  

Deli, Charcuterie, Smoked Meat, Jewish, Breakfast, Burgers, etc.


Address: 5265 Decarie Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H3W 3C2

Phone: 514 488 9129

Website: We are open for take out and delivery same as we have been doing for almost 75 years.snowdondeli.com/


“Always delicious. They know how to make a smoked meat sandwich.” – Life in the Beer League

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