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Top 3 Places In Toronto To Secure A PCR Test

While the world is opening up once again, the dangers of sickness still hang in the air. As such, quick, efficient and reliable testing facilities and providers will still be a regular part of our everyday life going forth.

The following is a list of the best places in the city to secure a reliable service.

Top 3 Places In Toronto To Secure A PCR Test

1) Swift Clinics

Swift Clinics is undoubtedly the most reliable location to secure a quick and reliable PCR test. They certainly live up to the name as results are delivered succinctly and effortlessly. They have an in-built QR protocol built into their service which makes it infinitely easier for those requiring proof-of-testing for travel or movement purposes.

Mobile-friendly as well, with email results as well as SMS delivery options available for patients who require them.

Their pricing is much fairer compared to other competitors as well – this added affordability assists greatly in making the right decision.

2) FH Health

FH Health operates under the notion that efficiency is key in dealing with the subsequent infection waves of COVID-19. This is certainly a laudable motivator for any clinic offering PCR testing facilities as time is of the essence in detection and treatment.

For FH health, their approach is two pronged, with state-of-the-art in-house clinical services as well as home-testing kits available for purchase.

They are a little pricier across the board, but still offer quick and professional service.

3) City Pharmacy

City Pharmacy is the final entry for our top 3 picks for Toronto. The provider has been an independent staple in the local community for over 30 years and adapted to the changing circumstances of COVID-19 with the efficiency of a conglomerate partner.

They offer the full gamut of testing capabilities as well as vaccination services for those who require it.

Their pricing is fairly standard for what you receive, but there is still credence in supporting the locals.

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