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5 Best Pilates Studio in Toronto 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Pilates Studio in Toronto. To help you find the best Pilates Studio located near you in Toronto, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Toronto’s Best Pilates Studio:

The top rated Pilates Studio in Toronto are:

  • Core Studio Pilates – has experienced and knowledgeable instructors that deliver quality programs.
  • Imprint Pilates – Toronto’s leading private pilates studio established in 2008.
  • Articulate Bodies – a movement, Pilates, and bodywork studio dedicated to creating a positive, calm, and joyful space.
  • Body Harmonics – features progressive pilates, movement methods, and integrated health therapies.
  • MuseMovement – every class is challenging, works one’s whole body, and leaves one feeling strong, flexible, and balanced.

Core Studio Pilates

Core Studio Pilates Website

Core Studio Pilates offers classes for everyone, catering to complete beginners and experienced clients. They provide challenging classes incorporating the classical approach of Pilates. Their Reformer Sculpt is a total body workout designed to tone one’s body and become lean and sculpted.

They also have special classes that specifically target certain muscle groups like the Core Reformer, which is designed to develop, strengthen, and tone the core muscles. Other classes like Reformer Barre,  Reformer Jumpboard, and Reformer Precision add unique twists and challenges to the traditional Pilates exercise to provide costumers their optimal workout routine.


Group Reformer Classes, Reformer Sculpt, Reformer Barre, Athletic Reformer, Core Reformer, Reformer Jumpboard, Reformer Precision


Address: 553 Queen St W 4th Floor, Toronto, ON M5V 2B6
Phone: (416) 545 7743
Website: corestudio.ca


“I have been doing Pilates at Core for over a year now. I love this place!!! All of the teachers are amazing, each offering different experiences. They offer a lot of different classes at different times. Pilates has made me stronger, more flexible, relived neck, and back pain and strengthened my core. Cannot recommend them enough. Love everyone at Core!” – Crista Hay

Imprint Pilates

Imprint Pilates Website

Imprint Pilates focuses on one-on-one private or semi-private training to guarantee reach one’s individual fitness goals and ensures that the exercise regime is maximized. Their highly trained instructor will be there to modify, tailor, and advance the workout to meet the costumer’s changing needs. Imprint Pilates is focused on restoring efficient movement patterns and improving overall function, through balancing strengths and weaknesses to help with optimal fitness and posture re-education in their fully equipped studio.


Pilates, Yoga, Total Body Resistance Exercise, Massage Therapy, Pre & Post Natal Services, Acupuncture


Address: 101 Spadina Ave #103, Toronto, ON M5V 2K2
Phone: (416) 939 9545
Website: imprintpilates.com


“I started private sessions at Imprint Pilates almost a year ago to help me deal with back pain and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Pilates has made me stronger and I don’t suffer the pain I used to with running, weight lifting, and cycling. I was only going to do a few private lessons but now I can’t see myself ever stopping, Pilates is now part of my life. All instructors at imprint are amazing, the studio has a great feel, everyone is so positive and supportive. Thank you imprint for showing me how amazing Pilates is!” – Kirsten Kochel

Articulate Bodies

Articulate Bodies Website

Articulate Bodies have a fearless and non-judgmental approach in private, semi-private sessions and classes encourage independence and empower their clients to take charge of their movement practice. Their goal is to facilitate a positive transformation of their clients’ quality of life through movement.

Articulate Bodies’ beginner programs allow clients to fully grasp the basics and fundamentals of Pilates as well as be familiar with the forms, and equipment necessary to attain one’s fitness goals. Their equipment classes cater to varying difficulties that allow progressive development and cater to both beginners and advanced levels.


Movement Classes, Equipment Classes, Private Pilates Sessions, Private Movement & Bodywork, Thai Massage


Address: 1920 Yonge Street Suite 100C Lower Level, Toronto, ON M4S 3E2
Phone: (647) 519 0395
Website: torontopilatesstudio.com


“I’ve had a number of private sessions with Tomoe, focused on helping me to prevent injury during ballet class (I am 65 years old), and have found them to be very helpful. We worked to improve my ballet technique and to strengthen and stretch certain muscle groups to stabilize my ankles and knees. And she makes it all very pleasant and enjoyable!” – Diane Morgan

Body Harmonics

Body Harmonics Website

Body Harmonics offers a vast array of services that extends well beyond Pilates and offers up to 120 classes a week. They showcase clinical services for delicate clients and provide fitness programs to take account of acute and on-going health issues. Some of their health services are Registered Massage Therapy (RMT), Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, and Naturopathy. Then they also have Pilates Education offered gives an opportunity to people to master and be able to teach Pilates as well.


Pilates Workshop, Pilates Education, Health Clinic Services, Private Training, Group Classes


Address: 672 Dupont St #406, Toronto, ON M6G 1Z4
Phone: (416) 537 0714
Website: bodyharmonics.com


“I just successfully completed my instructor training as a Body Harmonics Pilates Mat Teacher. The course was incredibly comprehensive, interesting, and fun. I would highly recommend this training to anyone interested in furthering their practice. Andrea was an exceptional course leader. Kudos!” – Shelagh Stoneham


Muse Movement Website

MuseMovement has an amazing crew of energetic, passionate, and quality teachers committed to giving their clients the best movement experience.  They are all friendly and approachable and eager to share their experience. Their signature is the Pilates Flow which is designed to keep someone pumped and energized with dynamic high-rep exercises accompanied with graceful and fluid transitions. They also offer Pilates Strength and Pilates Deep, which are designed to enhance one’s muscular strength and endurance and also improve muscle stability and control, and breathing. 


Group Classes, Pilates Flow, Pilates Strength, Pilates Deep, Teacher Training


Address: 180 Shaw St #204, Toronto, ON M6J 2W5
Phone: (416) 564 3186
Website: musemovement.ca


“MuseMovement is my favorite studio in Toronto. I see amazing results from their classes so when they started offering online classes I was relieved and excited. The classes are the same quality – fun and a great workout. The ability to watch the YouTube classes any time of day is really convenient to work around your schedule but I do try to hop onto the live streams when I can because I enjoy laughing along with the instructors in real-time.” – Jessica Ruby

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