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5 Best Physiotherapists in Edmonton 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Physiotherapists in Edmonton. To help you find the best Physiotherapists located near you in Edmonton, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Edmonton’s Best Physiotherapists:

The top rated Physiotherapists in Edmonton are:

  • Whiplash Injury Clinic – over 25 years of experience providing physiotherapy services
  • TAWA Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic – helps make the best recovery possible
  • South Edmonton Physical Therapy & Sport Rehab – promotes health and well-being of Albertans
  • PhysioMira –  experts in pain and injury solutions
  • Optimize Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic – focuses on optimizing human physical potential

Whiplash Injury Clinic

whiplash physiotherapist in edmonton

Whiplash Injury Clinic has been in the physiotherapy service for more than 25 years. Their clinic conducts in-depth evaluation of physical and medical problem of the patient and then formulates treatment program to aid ease the discomfort. They have experienced physiotherapists who are specialists to diagnose and recognize any body dysfunction problem. The clinic use physical modalities and mechanical analysis in the assessment and treatment process to return your body to its normal function. They provide treatment to weakness and pain that affect arms, feet, legs, hips, back, shoulders, neck, as well as other discomforts.


Physiotherapy and Injury Clinic


Address: 1508 91 St SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 1M5, Canada
Phone: +1 780-244-9447
Website: whiplashinjuryclinic.ca


“Honestly this is the only physiotherapy clinic that is truly helping me with my injuries.
Mr. Arun Mehta & his staff (Kiran, Radhika) are very friendly, professional and incredibly knowledgeable. Awesome location. I highly recommend this clinic!” – Jatinder Grewal

TAWA Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic

tawa physiotherapists in edmonton

TAWA Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic was originally known as Millwoods Physiotherapy. Over the years, they have grown and transformed to its current name. Their team of dedicated and caring professionals uses their extensive experience and training to put your life back to normal in an affordable, quick and painless manner.

The clinic is newly renovated with an area of 3000 sq. ft. that provides different types of physical rehabilitation services. Their team is composed of surgeons, physicians and healthcare professionals is the reason of success in providing quality and optimum care. Hence, the clinic provides a broad array of skills that can resolve even the most challenging injuries and conditions.


Physical Therapy, Tele-Rehabilitation Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Shockwave Therapy, Custom Foot Orthotics, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy


Address: 6203 28 Ave NW #220, Edmonton, AB T6L 6K3
Phone: (587) 813 0183
Website: tawaphysio.com


“Amazing, caring, respectful and also very entertaining group of workers. Physio therapist is one of the best I’ve ever had and I really like how she doesn’t force anything also she’s very caring. She’s helped me the most with my shoulder and all the info included really helps to understand what’s going on. Would recommend to anyone.” – Travis Bochon

South Edmonton Physical Therapy & Sport Rehab

south edmonton physiotherapist in edmonton

South Edmonton Physical Therapy & Sport Rehab was built to serve the physical therapy needs of Edmonton residents and surrounding areas. They provide treatment of several different conditions which include neck and back pain, sports, motor vehicle and workplace-related injuries, post surgical recovery, and even chronic conditions. This clinic uses a team approach to cure your condition. While you see only one physiotherapist during the appointment, you will benefit from the knowledge of the whole team of practitioners during the treatment process. They have a team of experienced Physical Therapy staffs who are graduates of renowned university program and members of the College of Physical Therapists of Alberta. They continuously work hard to extend their training and acquire new certifications for the betterment of service to offer to patients.


Tele-Rehab Online Physio, Massage Therapy, Intramuscular Stimulation, Spinal Manipulation, Acupuncture


Address: 3010 106 St, Edmonton, AB T6J 5M5
Phone: (780) 438 0001
Website: southedmontonphysio.ca


“Henry and Burton are a dream team these two are incredibly knowledgeable at what they do… after my accident I never thought I would bounce back so fast but with these two supporting me I am doing even better the before. Receptionist are kind and helpful. Even when my treatment is done I will continue to stay with SEP. If you want a deep tissue massage that gets to point of your problem Burton is so very good at his craft, deep tissue rehabilitation is this guys thing for sure. Thank you SEP. Extremely happy customer.” – Sam Conley


physiomira physiotherapist in edmonton

PhysioMira consists of registered Physiotherapists in Edmonton specializing in the treatment and rehabilitation of conditions and injuries which affect nervous tissue, ligaments, joints and muscles. The clinic has already aided several individuals from young to the elderly, to move and feel better about their body. They have the experience to make your body pain-free and get back to normal movement again. Their team are graduates of the University of Alberta, and took post-graduate programs to keep up-to-date of the ever-changing science of physiotherapy. They will never stop acquiring new learning to deliver more effective treatments and the best level of care possible.


Virtual Care Physiotherapy, Sports Injury Physiotherapy, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, Pediatric Physiotherapy, Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy


Address: 8130 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6C 0Y4
Phone: (780) 306 0808
Website: physiomira.com


“I came across Mira through a random google search, based mostly on location and it was one of the luckiest google search results I have ever had. Mira managed not only to help me resolve a chronic and entrenched issue, but she also gave me the tools to monitor and manage it effectively when I was no longer able to see her. Mira was comfortable raising sensitive issues and addressed my issue holistically, fully appreciating the impact of this issue on other areas of my life and vice versa. With Mira, not only do you get her skilled physio expertise, but it is delivered by a genuinely kind, caring, warm, and generous person.” – Rebecca Cabell

Optimize Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

optimize physiotherapist in edmonton

Optimize Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic is a dedicated team to provide rehabilitation services in Edmonton. They take pride of creating a professional, yet positive environment to ensure strong relationship with patients and provide the best care.

The clinic’s goal is to optimize the lifestyle of patients by providing them the necessary tools for improving the capabilities of their bodies. Their physical therapy experts offers various treatment services. To name a few, they provide treatment for work-related injuries, sports injuries, motor vehicle accident related injuries as well as neck and low back pain. If you are experiencing body pains or injuries, do not hesitate to call their team at Optimize Physiotherapy.


Motor Vehicle Accident Injury, Sports Injury, Work Related Injury, Neck and Low Back Pain, Sciatic Pain, Vertigo and Dizziness, Rotator Cuff Injuries, Joint Sprains and Strains, Tendonitis, Arthritis, Musculoskeletal Pain


Address: 17317 105 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 1H2
Phone: (780) 455 5068
Website: optimizephysio.com


“We have used Optimize Physio for about 4 years. Our daughter had lots of success after her car accident. My husband and I are currently undergoing treatment there. Ari is amazing, he is very friendly and professional. If he isn’t available we have seen the other physio therapists there. They are all good and friendly. They all work together to provide the best treatment. The receptionists are easy going and professional on the phone. I would recommend any of the physio therapists.” – Kerri Demetrioff











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