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5 Best Physiotherapist in Calgary 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Physiotherapist in Calgary. To help you find the best Physiotherapist located near you in Calgary, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Calgary’s Best Physiotherapist:

The top rated Physiotherapist in Calgary are:

  • Calgary Core Physiotherapy – provides superior physiotherapy services with the utmost competency, integrity, and personalized care.
  • Brentwood Physiotherapy – gives treatments tailored to the patient’s needs with the assurance of experienced staff and comprehensive follow-ups.
  • The Downtown Sports Clinics – performs a thorough analysis of the patient’s medical needs and provides optimal treatment. 
  • Bonavista Physical Therapy – continually pushing the physiotherapy industry with better measurement and more effective treatments for injuries and chronic pain.
  • Lifemark Physiotherapy Village Square – offer multi-disciplinary services to meet patient’s needs.

Calgary Core Physiotherapy

Calgary Core Website

Calgary Core Physiotherapy brings together a group of physiotherapists who are highly-skilled, respected in the medical community, and who know how to really care and have compassion for their patients. Their personalized treatment approach involves attentively listening to the patient regarding their pain and problems, performing a thorough evaluation of the injury, gathering all pertinent information and providing the patient with a diagnosis, teaching the patient about their injury and answering any questions they may have, and choosing and combining the most effective treatments to help patients get better and faster.


Physiotherapy Consultation, Joint Manipulation and Mobilization, Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), Exercise Prescription, Shockwave Therapy, Soft Tissue Therapy, Sport-Specific and Post-Operative Rehabilitation, X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI Referral, Better Back Pain Program


Address: 605 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0A4
Phone: (403) 455 4010
Website: calgarycorephysio.ca


“I have been going to Core Physio for about 5 years now. I was getting no relief for my lower back from anyone else until I was treated by Tim. Within a few visits I was feeling more like myself and able to get back to regular activities. Elliot has also helped over the years with many of my sports-related ailments. They are both professional, very knowledgeable and I would recommend their expertise to anyone. ” – Nicky Amirault

Brentwood Physiotherapy

Brentwood Physiotherapy Clinic Website

Brentwood Physiotherapy provides professional, friendly experience to anyone that requires treatment. Their team of highly qualified physiotherapists and sports therapists have on average more than 25 years of experience. Through one-on-one sessions with their physiotherapists, their goal is to locate the core cause of the patient’s pain and create a personalized plan to get them back to feeling their best. With continual support, on-going treatment, and a targeted physiotherapy approach, patients can enjoy a fuller, more active lifestyle.


Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Intramuscular Stimulation, Massage Therapy, Injury Treatment


Address: 1632 14 Ave NW #258, Calgary, AB T2N 1M7
Phone: (403) 282 8050
Website: brentwoodphysio.ca


“Brentwood Physiotherapy Clinic is absolutely one of the best I have ever been too. With that being said, I will also mention that I am an athlete and have visited many different Physiotherapy clinics over the years for different injuries. The staff is all very professional, and friendly. Lalitha, the physiotherapist that has been treating me is incredibly knowledgeable and extraordinary at what she does. She has been a huge part of my recovery following surgery at the beginning of March. Lalitha also provides wonderful motivation, I have seen improvement with every single visit. You can tell she really cares about getting her patients back to the best version of themselves. I Would recommend this clinic to anyone. Thank you Brentwood Physiotherapy for all that your team does!” – Julianne Engelhardt

The Downtown Sports Clinics

The Downtown Sports Clinics Website

The Downtown Sports Clinics highlights its four-step method in holistic treatment and services. The Downtown Sports Clinics will first give the right and diagnosis and leaving no stones unturned to ensure thorough and complete treatment. Then they provide education to their parents ensuring full-awareness of their health condition and provide them viable and customized options for treatment. Once the optimal treatment is determined, patients then receive only the best quality treatment they offer. The patient’s recovery and progress are monitored to guarantee and continue improving the treatment until the root of the problem is resolved.


Physiotherapy, Virtual Care, Massage Therapy, Nutrition Consulting, Sports Medicine, Orthotics, Custom Bracing, Occupational Therapy


Address: 205 5 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2P 2V7
Phone: (403) 234 7557
Website: thedowntownsportsclinics.com


“I have been seeing Caroline for the past four months for the whiplash treatment from my vehicle accident back in July. The experience is amazing. She is personal, knowledgeable, and good to talk with. I would highly recommend her as one of the best physiotherapists in town. Also, I got a referral from her to see Selena, the massage therapist in the same clinic, who is friendly, helpful, and great as well. Also, the reception staff is friendly and nice to coordinate and solve my issues as well. A BIG thank you, ladies.” – Joseph Ju

Bonavista Physical Therapy

Bonavista Physical Therapy Website

Bonavista Physical Therapy focuses on results and pushes the physiotherapy industry with the McKenzie method. Their team of licensed physiotherapists employs the McKenzie method to create programs that speed up recovery and reduce the risk of re-injury. They also track the patient’s progress against national averages and can see when they’re on-track or when additional help may be needed. Their work is based on practical, manageable exercises and lasting results.


Physical Therapy, Sports Physiotherapy, Back Pain Treatment, Massage Therapy, Orthotics


Address: 739 Lake Bonavista Dr SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0N2
Phone: (403) 278 0705
Website: bonavistaphysio.ca


“Kari was an amazing physiotherapist. She showed care and compassion as well as providing me with effective exercises and knowledge for my short and long term treatment. Having virtual sessions was extremely convenient and easy especially during these unprecedented times. Thank you for all your help!” – Ali Mcivor

Lifemark Physiotherapy Village Square

Lifemark Website

Lifemark Physiotherapy Village Square is the rehabilitation division of Lifemark Health Group, and while physiotherapy remains a core service, they have expanded to meet patient needs and now offer multi-disciplinary services including massage therapy, occupational therapy, kinesiology, chiropractic, and sports therapy. 


Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Kinesiology, Chiropractic Treatment, Sports Medicine


Address: 2640 52 St NE #131, Calgary, AB T1Y 3R6
Phone: (403) 280 9728
Website: lifemark.ca


“After my car accident, I have been going to this location for physiotherapy. Sachin my physiotherapist has been helping me recover and so far it been a pleasant experience. He is very kind and understanding and makes me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend him!” – Jenny Hoang

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