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5 Best Phone Repair in Calgary 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Phone Repair in Calgary. To help you find the best Phone Repair located near you in Calgary, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Calgary’s Best Phone Repair:

The top rated Phone Repair in Calgary are:

  • Alberta Cell Phone Repair – offers a low price guarantee on all local competitors’ regular advertised pricing.
  • iBroken – provides effective, professional, and affordable cell phone repair services.
  • iPhix – offers comprehensive repair services across different brands and generations of mobile phones.
  • YCC Repairs – specializes in repairing Apple’s iPhone, Samsung Devices, and LG Phones.
  • TechBrotherz – takes care of phones to their fullest repair procedures for the best result.

Alberta Cell Phone Repair

Alberta Cell Phone Repair Website

Alberta Cell Phone Repair specializes in smartphone and tablet repair. From water damages to broken screens and everything in between, they fix it all. Customers will be given a free diagnosis and quotation for their damaged device. They offer a low price guarantee on all local competitors’ regular advertised pricing. All parts and labor that they provide are covered by a 90-day warranty. 


Screen Repair, Cellphone Parts, iPhone Repair, Android Phone Repair, Old Phones, Phone Accessories


Address: 4851 Westwinds Dr NE #137, Calgary, AB T3J 4L4
Phone: (403) 612 3735
Website: albertacellphonerepair.ca


“Quick fast and Efficient also good prices was done my phone screen is less than 20 mins. The PREVIOUS place I went to was a few dollars cheaper but the quality was not there and took over an hour and a half when he quoted me a half hour. AZ is very friendly and treats you with respect. ” – Cody Robertson


iBroken Website

iBroken has experienced staff and a massive inventory waiting to be of service to clients and fulfill their repair needs. They offer effective and professional cell phone repair services such as screen repairs, battery replacements, front and rear camera, charging port, WI-FI, water damaged assessments, and speaker repairs. Their services are guaranteed to be fast, high-quality, affordable, and protected with warranty.


Screen Repair, Motherboard Assessment and Repair, Phone Unlocking, Data Recovery


Address: 6230 Centre St S #103, Calgary, AB T2H 0C6
Phone: (403) 613 3342
Website: ibroken.ca


“Knowledgeable, fast, and great service. Honest. Made sure my apple care was expired before they confirmed pricing, etc. The phone works awesome now. Would recommend.” – Dave Choi


iPhix Website

iPhix offers comprehensive repair services across different brands and generations of mobile phones. Their technical knowledge and available parts allows them to repair both the old and new, and even the latest models of smartphones. They offer data recovery services to save any important files and pictures that the customer needs or cherish. They also buy and sell preloved cell phones at a reasonable price.


Phone Repair, Phone Unlocking, Data Recovery, Preloved Phones


Address: 200 Barclay Parade SW B02, Calgary, AB T2P 4R4
Phone: (403) 452 7449
Website: iphix.ca


“I was having touch screen problems with my phone. I couldn’t get into my phone, even with my password. The talkback was making it impossible for me to unlock my phone. I was lucky that Iphix was accessible closed to where I lived near Eau Claire. The Rylea and Rhod were now only extremely generous knowledgeable in terms of fixing my phone. But knowledgeable in terms of fixing and give me future advice of preventing the same issues from happening.” – Joseph Mann

YCC Repairs

YCC Repairs Website

YCC Repairs is a professional cell phone repair shop in specializing in Apple’s iPhone, Samsung Devices, and LG Phones. Their sharp focus on these brands allows them to offer the highest quality repairs. Customers will be taken care of in a timely manner with an incredibly quick turnaround time whether they walk-in or have booked an appointment.

They have one of the largest selection of cell phone repair parts in Canada so customers can get the part itself or drop by for repair and they will have the device back in business in no time. Their experienced repair technicians at YYC Repairs are highly trained and experienced in providing all different types of repairs. Furthermore, their technical knowledge and extensive experience allow them to analyze the situation quickly and let you know if your device is worth being repaired.


iPhone Repair, Samsung Phone Repair, LG Phone Repair, Phone Parts


Address: 1514 16 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2M 0R6
Phone: (403) 606 4480
Website: yycrepairs.com


“I’ve been bringing my gadgets to Ben for so long now. I know without any hesitation that he’ll give me the best price. The very fair fella that doesn’t up the price to make a large margin. Most times he’ll repair or sell parts at cost. Will definitely continue to always depend on YYC Repairs.” – Salma H.


TechBrotherz Website

TechBrotherz is a professional repair shop specializing in immediate repairs of smartphones, tablets, and computers. They repair all major brands of mobiles and deliver to customers a swift, quality, and standardized service. Their technicians are highly experienced and ready to assist with all cellphone needs and repair.

They take care of phones to their fullest repair procedures for the best result. they are happy to assist their customers to answer all their questions about their device to the best of our ability. They have a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and they help out customers to meet their needs and satisfaction.


Cell Phone Repair, Cell Phone Parts, Cell Phone Accessories


Address: 9250 Macleod Trail Unit 6A, Calgary, AB T2J 0P5
Phone: (403) 460 1022
Website: techbrotherz-macleod.business.site


“I went with concerns about my iPhone 6 discharging rapidly. The technician checked the phone and said the battery was okay. He made an adjustment and gave me instructions as to what to do the next day. I followed these and the phone is working normally. There was no charge. I appreciate this assistance very much and especially not paying for something I did not require.” – Beryl Maguire

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