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5 Best Pharmacy Shops in Montreal🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading pharmacy shops in Montreal. To help you find the pharmacy shop located near you in Montreal, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Montreal’s Best Pharmacy Shops:

The top-rated pharmacy shops in Montreal:

  • Pharmaprix – one of the largest pharmacies in the country.
  • Familiprix Clinique – Bach Heng Ta – committed as an eco-responsible pharmacy.
  • Uniprix clinic – one of the major players on the Quebec retail pharmacy scene.
  • Pharmacie Linda Frayne & John Genova – offers unique and innovative products that meet the strictest manufacturing standards and standards.
  • Proxim pharmacie affiliée – Sumbly et Melki– a major grouping of independent pharmacies steadfastly focused on professional practice.


Pharmacy shops in montreal

First on the list is one of the largest pharmacies in the country, Shoppers Drug Mart. The company has more than 1,300 pharmacist-owned stores across the country. It was first founded in 1962 by Murray Koffler, a pharmacist from Toronto. They have now located stores that are owned and operated by pharmacist-owners who have helped the company create an exceptional brand that is synonymous with service, value, and trust.

Under the company, they have licensed or owns 49 pharmacies affiliated with medical clinics operating under the name Shoppers Simply Pharmacy Shoppers Drug Mart. Pharmaprix has leveraged its leading pharmacy position and the convenience of its locations to capture a significant share of the front-of-store merchandise market, including over-the-counter drugs, health and beauty, cosmetics and perfumes, seasonal products, and household items of daily use.

Products/ Services: 

Pharmacy services, Health & Beauty, Electronics, etc.


Address: 5122 Côte-des-Neiges Rd, Montreal, Quebec H3T 1X8

Phone: 514 738 8469

Website: stores.pharmaprix.ca/


“They got you covered, they have everything, even if it is walking dead outside this pharmaprix will keep you alive. And i am not only talking about the 24h service, i am talking about the people who serve you there, they might not be the smallish ones, but you are 100% safe and covered. everyone in Montreal should have a file open there, you don’t know what could happened ! MERCI for saving my life after my doctor made a mistake that could kill me !” – Am Ine

Familiprix Clinique – Bach Heng Ta

pharmacy shops in montreal

Familiprix is ​​committed beyond consultation and support. The owner actively participates in the writing of health-related articles because his priority is also prevention. Familiprix supports the independence of owner pharmacists by putting the patient at the heart of care. The pharmacy was built and enriched by an offer of human and personalized health care and advice.

Since 2018, they have been committed to an eco-responsible shift.  Familiprix actions are based on a strategic plan developed around these four aspects of sustainable development, allowing them to direct their efforts for continuous improvement throughout the company. Their ethical beauty section is a dedicated space allowing customers to identify products that offer one or more characteristics such as eco-cert, vegan, natural, not tested on animals, and without GMOs.

Products/ Services: 

Pharmacy, Ethical beauty brands, Dermo cosmetic, etc.


Address: 750-A Côte de la Place d’Armes, Montréal, QC H2Y 2X8

Phone: 514 508 8860

Website: familiprix.com/


“Very good service. I needed a repair, with a prescription from another pharmacy. Everything was settled quickly and professionally.” – Philippe St-Germain

Uniprix clinic

montreal pharmacy shops

Third on the list is Unnniprix. Today under the Uniprix banner they have employed thousands of people in hundreds of pharmacies located across the four corners of Quebec. This makes them one of the major players on the Quebec retail pharmacy scene and the largest group of independent pharmacists in Quebec. They strive to give their best to improve the health care offered to Quebecers.

They only hire passionate, benevolent, and attentive staff for their patients. They are proud to say that the pharmacists affiliated with Uniprix have the well-being of people at heart. They have the will to go beyond simple medication, to play a concrete role with patients and to offer them comprehensive care for their health.

Products/ Services: 

Prescriptions, Personalized drugs, Vaccination, etc.


Address: 1875 Centre St, Montreal, Quebec H3K 1J1

Phone: 514 303 1870

Website: uniprix.com/


“Excellent services and superb pharmacy formula.” – Michel Langlois

Pharmacie Linda Frayne & John Genova

top pharmacy shops in montreal

The Frayne & Associates pharmacies specialize in sterile preparations and masterful since 1997. They have the expertise and advanced technologies to provide healthcare professionals and patients with unique and innovative products that meet the strictest manufacturing standards and standards from ANORP, OPQ, and USP.

Their experienced and certified staff complete rigorous assessments annually in order to prepare personalized prescription drugs. They are up to date and advanced when it comes to their facilities and equipment that are calibrated and certified bi-annually to guarantee constant and precise quality control. Each preparation is also based on master formulations whose data are supported by the literature or certified by qualified expert chemists.

Products/ Services: 

creates medication prescribed by your doctors


Address: 5858 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges #400, Montréal, QC H3S 1Z1

Phone: 514 42 8696

Website: pharmafrayne.com/


“Being a client for considerable time, the service provided to me is excellent. Even when there is an issue, they always solve it professionally. Kim who answers the calls is their asset. A welcoming voice with a positive attitude. Good luck to all.” – Wafa Al Hamed

Proxim pharmacie affiliée – Sumbly et Melki

best pharmacy shop in montreal

Proxim is a major grouping of independent pharmacies steadfastly focused on professional practice. They offer a wide range of flexible services adapted to the changing needs of the market in an effort to ensure that each can attain excellence in their respective community. They are in business for better health. They play an integral role in healthcare and have a unique vision for the future. They partner with insurers, hospitals, physicians’ offices, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and governments across the spectrum of care to build healthier organizations that deliver better care to patients in every setting.

Products/ Services: 

Prescriptions, Medication customization, Testing & monitoring, etc.


Address: 5881 Victoria Ave, Montreal, Quebec H3W 2R6

Phone: 514 737 1153

Website: groupeproxim.ca


“I am the customer for many, many years. The staff is professional, always ready to help, advice, besides its amicable attitude towards the customers, serving us, with courtesy. number one of none. I can recommend the Sumbly&Melki Pharmacy without any hesitation. Keep you quality of service and know-how for another 40 years! Congratulation” – Liba Proschek

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