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5 Best Personal Trainer in Toronto 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Personal Trainer in Toronto. To help you find the best Personal Trainer located near you in Toronto, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Toronto’s Best Personal Trainer:

The top rated Personal Trainer in Toronto are:

  • Build My Body Beautiful – specializes in body development, physique, and fitness training for women.
  • Your House Fitness – personal trainers who come directly to their clients’ home or condominium and get them into the best shape.
  • Fit Squad Training – delivers results-based personal training scheduled at the client’s convenience and hosted in their fully-equipped premium training facility.
  • Busy Bee Fitness Experts – the leading fitness professionals in Toronto for in-home personal training.
  • Personal Trainer Toronto – is a private personal training company since 2009.

Build My Body Beautiful

Build My Body Beautiful Website

Build My Body Beautiful brings together the disciplines of sports psychology, fitness training, and nutrition to enable women to look and feel their absolute best, from inside and out. Their unique range of services achieves an understanding of the psychology of motivation and success. Especially for weight control and attaining the highest level of fitness and sports performance.

Their services also highlight exploring the emotions, needs, and obstacles that a woman faces such as finding time for self, balancing friends, family and work-life, and overcoming fears of getting started. With these in mind, Build My Body beautiful (BMBB) develops individualized programs to build a beautiful body and positive self-image.


Personal Training, Fitness Coaching, Boot Camps, Nutrition Coaching, Diet Plans, Virtual Fitness Classes, Online Coaching & Personal Training


Address: 266 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1H8
Phone: (416) 996 2664
Website: buildmybodybeautiful.com


“Transformation and change can be difficult; not with BMBB. From my first discussion with Ana to my training sessions with Raya, I have been encouraged and challenged to work toward and achieve my personal goals. The combination of the BMBB diet, training, and self-accountability is perfect with visible results almost immediately. I highly recommend BMBB for anyone looking for a healthy diet and a physically fit lifestyle.” – Debbi Walsh

Your House Fitness

Your House Fitness Website

Your House Fitness caters very well to busy people who have no time to go to the gym or visit fitness studios. They provide high quality in-home personal training that gives clients the maximum choice of comfort and convenience. Home work out spares clients the distractions that are present in the gym.

Their trainers and management have decades of experience and knowledge within the fitness industry. All Your House Fitness training staff are certified across Canada and possess a variety of academic backgrounds including Fitness and Health Promotion and Kinesiology. Mixing experience, knowledge, and passion for convenience and results, they guarantee that the client’s time with their trainers will be the most enjoyable and rewarding they’ve ever had with fitness. Their practitioners work closely together to ensure good functional health and maintain their longevity.


In-Home Personal Training, Personal Training Studio, Isophit, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Nutrition and Meal Planning, Kinesiology, Yoga and Pilates, Boot Camps


Address: 250 Wellington St W #129, Toronto, ON M5V 3P6
Phone: (905) 808 6533
Website: yourhousefitness.com


“I am so grateful to have Gina assigned to me as my trainer, she is an amazing trainer, easy-going, and a very respectful person. She focuses on teaching the accurate technique in performing all exercises. She follows up with me, and adopts a customized strategy in training based on my requirements.” – Diana Saleh

Fit Squad Training

Fit Squad Training Website

Fit Squad Training offers movement screening to their clients that takes an initial look at the client’s posture, movement patterns, and joint mobility which gives them an understanding of their midline, hip, and shoulder stability. This ensures that they provide high-quality services that best fit their client’s needs. In addition to targeted workouts, their personal training program includes individualized nutrition, progress monitoring, and access to their online training platform. They give the client all the tools, guidance and support that are needed to achieve their goals.


Personal Training, Group Training, Strength Training, Online Coaching, Workshops & Certifications, 


Address: 111 Peter St Unit 102, Toronto, ON M5V 2H1
Phone: (647) 689 7562
Website: fitsquad.ca


“This was my first time working with a personal trainer and I met with a lot of trainers before deciding to join Fit Squad. It was most definitely the best decision for me. I worked with Vanessa for several months and she was very thorough with her training and a lot of fun! If I decide to come back to personal training and fitness, I would definitely return to Fit Squad. Highly recommended!” – Anmol Dhaliwal

Busy Bee Fitness Experts

Busy Bee Fitness Experts Website

Busy Bee Fitness Experts have experienced in-home personal trainers take a highly personalized and holistic approach to help the client become successful in reaching their goals. Each personal trainer is certified, many with diverse academic backgrounds including Kinesiology and Fitness and Health Promotion.

Personal training packages include working one-on-one with their registered Nutritionist, plans for exercises and recovery on their own time, and full support outside of your sessions. Their services are offered at an affordable cost for everyone with simple and flexible packages.


Personal Training, Customized Meal Planning, Partner Training, Corporate Training, Speciality Training, Postnatal & Prenatal Fitness


Address: 319 Merton St, Toronto, ON M4S 1A5
Phone: (647) 403 5222
Website: busybeefitness.ca


“I will be forever grateful for my Busy Bee trainer, Samantha Lynch! She taught me how to apply proper techniques to my workouts so I can achieve better results from them. She also kept me laughing through our workout sessions to distract me from the pain, haha! I highly recommend her as a personal trainer, you won’t regret it.” – Tonya Archer

Personal Trainer Toronto

Personal Trainer Toronto Website

Personal Trainer Toronto is a private personal training company. Since 2009, Personal Trainer Toronto has been providing in-home personal training services. Their trainers have been providing personalized workout plans and fitness training to clients. The personal trainers are experienced and professional in helping clients achieve fitness goals and help them to lead healthy and active lives by providing consultation on gradual lifestyle changes and providing tips on sound diet and nutritional strategies. 


In-Home Personal Training, Fat Burner Training Program, Obstacle Race, Kick Boxing Group Classes


Address: 141 Spadina Ave #205, Toronto, ON M5V 2K8
Phone: (416) 412 3930
Website: personaltrainertoronto.com


“I have been with Kin Sze for about two months now and I have to say that it’s been great. As a personal trainer, Kin managed to identify my weaknesses and develop a training schedule to reinforce my base fitness level, flexibility, and endurance. He is very knowledgeable and I always learn something new at the end of my session. This is the first time I have hired a personal trainer and it’s been worth it. Even after a short amount of time, Kin’s training combined with good eating habits have given me great results that I can apply to other sports and martial arts that I practice. My wife is quite happy with the results as well. I highly recommend him.” – Daniel T.

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