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5 Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Quebec

Below is a list of the top and leading Personal Injury Attorneys in Quebec. To help you find the best Personal Injury Attorneys located near you in Quebec, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Quebec’s Best Personal Injury Attorneys:

The top rated Personal Injury Attorneys in Quebec are:

  • Verreau Dufresne Avocats appointed lawyers represent you in negotiations and in court
  • Siskinds Desmeules  more than 230 lawyers and support personnel
  • Beaudry Roussin Avocats cutting-edge firm that puts its clients first
  • Cote Carrier Avocats
     provide legal services that are both accessible and affordable
  • Sarailis Avocat services are also tailored to the specific needs of each client

Verreau Dufresne Avocats

Verreau Dufresne AvocatsVerreau Dufresne Avocats is a firm that can assist you in appointing lawyers to represent you in negotiations and in court. Their attorneys will handle your entire case. This is a standard turnkey mandate, but with an emphasis on a peaceful resolution of your dispute. They provide you with “a la carte” help. This is an option to representing yourself or hiring a lawyer to handle a turnkey case. When it’s time to defend your legal health, instruct their lawyers. When it’s time to understand your rights, get into a contract, or implement your business and negotiation strategy, their lawyers advise and represent you.


Lawsuit for damages

Address: 5300 Bd des Galeries bureau 210, Québec, QC G2K 2A2
Phone: (418) 476 2884
Website: verreaudufresneavocats.com


“With them we are never disappointed. Speed ​​of execution and very good work! Problem solved quickly. Very professional and attentive. I recommend without hesitation!” – Keven Hudon

Siskinds Desmeules

Siskinds DesmeulesSiskinds Desmeules is a law firm that can assist you in navigating the complexities of the legal system. They are a group of more than 230 lawyers and support personnel. Over 25 specialist practice areas are available at the firm. They are dedicated to assisting you in making the best legal decisions possible. They make life a little easier by making the expertise you require more accessible and usable. Choose a firm of specialists that will consider the overlaps and complications for you in a coordinated, expert manner. They can assist you in a single issue or several demands when life becomes difficult.


Consult for car accidents

Address: 43 Rue De Buade #320, Quebec City, Quebec G1R 4A2
Phone: (418) 694 2009
Website: siskinds.com


“It’s a good service for people who are always in the right place” – Richard Premont

Beaudry Roussin Avocats

Beaudry Roussin AvocatsBeaudry Roussin Avocats was founded with the goal of exceeding theirr clients’ expectations, not just meeting them. They will mostly represent you in criminal due to their inventive and innovative strategy. They also provide legal assistance in the areas of criminal law, youth protection law, and mental health law. This firm was vetted by seasoned attorneys. They want to be a cutting-edge firm that puts its clients first. They will be able to apply strategies that are distinct from those used by traditional businesses and will address problems in a different way. They are available to answer the demands of their consumers in a careful and efficient manner, combining dynamism and experience in perfect harmony.


criminal law, youth protection law, and mental health law

Address: 555 Rue du Prince-Édouard, Québec, QC G1K 2M9
Phone: (581) 318 2848
Website: beaudryroussin.ca


“I have referred several clients to this firm and they have all been 100% satisfied with the professional services received and the competence of the lawyers who work there. Their fees are realistic, and the thoroughness they put in preparing their cases is exemplary.” – Catherine Leblanc

Cote Carrier Avocats

Cote Carrier AvocatsCote Carrier Avocats is a Quebec-based firm that has been in operation since 1994. The firm brings together lawyers who practice in a variety of fields. Their attorneys provide legal services that are both accessible and affordable. They cover a wide range of practice areas. The client’s trust connection is a top priority for them. They work hard to facilitate the formation of a long-term partnership. They are able to provide a full range of expert services at cheap pricing to their clients. Their accommodating attitude, combined with our different prices, allows us to adjust to their customers’ needs and provide them with invoicing flexibility.


Criminal law

Address: 2336 Ch Ste-Foy #4100, Quebec City, Quebec G1V 1S5
Phone: (418) 650 2285
Website: cotecarrieravocats.com


“ I used the services of Me Vallée for a ticket. The speed of execution was very efficient. I am very satisfied with the services to which I was entitled and with the communication made with him. I highly recommend it 👌” – Nathalie Landry

Sarailis Avocat

Sarailis AvocatSarailis Avocat is a law firm that takes a different approach to the lawyer-client interaction than most. They want to keep the company growing and expand it. They also increase the likelihood of their clients’ projects succeeding. They are eager to help small and medium-sized businesses. They give legal services that are both affordable and professional. Their services are also tailored to the specific needs of each client. The company’s goals are to expand and defend their interests. Their employees have worked hard to establish an international reputation.



Address: 686 Grande Allée E Suite 301, Québec, QC G1R 2K5
Phone: (418) 780 3880
Website: sarailis.ca


“Very satisfied. Dynamic and competent. I highly recommend them!” – Marie Josee Hamel

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