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5 Best Parks in Montreal 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Parks in Montreal. To help you find the best Parks located near you in Montreal, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Montreal’s Best Parks:

The top rated Parks in Montreal are:

  • Angrignon Park – a large park that features lush greenery and diverse flora.
  • Mount Royal Park – home to exceptional flora and fauna.
  • Des Rapides Park – is a thirty-hectare urban park in Montreal known for its migratory bird sanctuary.
  • Dorschester Square – a local heritage site known for its urban landscape.
  • La Fontaine Park – a great place for hiking and biking with lots of greenery.

Angrignon Park

Angrignon Park Website

Angrignon Park is a large park that covers nearly 100 hectares of land. The part is inspired by nineteenth-century gardens that feature lush greenery and diverse flora with over thousands of tree and plant species. The park’s large area is a perfect place for children and pets to run around and enjoy the park’s open fields and fresh air. They also have a field for baseball and a place for cycling and roller skating.


Hiking Trail, Skating Area, Baseball Field, Dog Area, Children’s Play Area


Address: 3400 Trinitaires Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H4E 4J3
Phone: (514) 872 0311
Website: ville.montreal.qc.ca


“Large beautiful outdoor area, a huge park with enough room for social distancing while either taking a walk, having a picnic, enjoying the scenery, or having a barbecue. They do have barbecues on sight but you can also bring your own if you’re worried about sanitation. Multiple parking lots, free parking, easily accessible. Great place. Lots of natural beauty like trees, small man-made ponds which usually have ducks in them and trails all throughout it.” – Amanda Ducross

Mount Royal Park

Mount Royal Park Website

Mount Royal Park is home to exceptional flora and fauna to be discovered on foot or by bike. Visitors can discover the interesting history of Mount Royal at the Smith house and admire the stunning views of the downtown core and the Monteregie from the Kondiaronk Lookout. In winter, visitors can enjoy sledding on a refrigerated skating rink and cross country ski trails. Locker and equipment rentals are available for the visitors as well as ski courses for beginning skiers.


Hike Trail, Bike Trail, Skating Rink, Ski Trails


Address: 1260 Remembrance Rd, Montreal, Quebec H3H 1A2
Phone: (514) 843 8240
Website: montreal.ca/en/places/parc-du-mont-royal


“Huge park right in the heart of Montreal. There are lots of trails, bike paths, and even cross country skiing in the winter. The pond in the south of the mountain is really nice if you want to have a picnic or just enjoy the nice weather. The chalet can get a little crowded but the view at the top is very nice. You see the Downtown Montreal skyline, the water, and bridges. This park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted (who also co-designed New York City’s Central Park) and the park is just beautiful.” – Annie Yang

Des Rapides Park

Des Rapides Park Website

Des Rapides Park is a thirty-hectare urban park in Montreal known for its migratory bird sanctuary. Bird watchers have found over two hundred species including the largest colony of great blue herons in Quebec and duck lovers will rejoice at the thousands that migrate during winter. As visitors walk around, they can admire majestic views of the St. Lawrence River and the Lachine Rapids. Visitors can choose from many activities that vary with the seasons such as hiking, water sports, cross-country skiing, trails, and cycling.


Bird Watching, Hiking Trails, Cycling Activities, Skiing Activities, Water Sports


Address: Boulevard LaSalle, Montréal, QC H8P 1X6
Phone: (514) 367 1000
Website: montreal.ca/en/places/parc-des-rapides


“Another gem in this wonderful city. Nice place for bird watching, picnicking, jogging, etc. Love going there early in the morning to watch the ducks swimming in the cool and calm waters. The Rapids are also awesome to watch.” – Jemal M. Yesuf

Dorschester Square

Dorschester Square Website

Dorschester Square is a local heritage sire known for its architectural and urban landscape. The square is surrounded by an architectural ensemble of exceptional quality that testifies to the various periods of development of the downtown area. It remains today as one of the most prestigious spaces in Montreal which have been established, often for a long time, important civil and religious institutions.


Statues, Monuments, Pedestrian Space


Address: 2903 Peel St, Montreal, Quebec H3B 4J5
Phone: (514) 872 0311
Website: ville.montreal.qc.ca


“I love this place. I go there with my wife. A good place to have some quality time with near ones. A good number of birds and small animals play there. If you live in Montreal, this is must go place” – Sakib Faruk

La Fontaine Park

La Fontaine Park Website

La Fontaine Park is an urban park that is a great place for hiking and biking in the summer and for skating and sledding in the winter. The park boasts forty hectares of greenery and as visitors walk around, they will discover many cultural exhibitions presented in different areas of the park all year long. The park also features a local bird which is the common starling which is a sociable bird with black-brown plumage and known for its ability to imitate other birds’ songs.


Skating Rink, Dog Park, Ski Slope, Tennis Court, Volleyball Court


Address: 3819 Avenue Calixa-Lavallée, Montréal, QC H2L 3A7
Phone: (514) 872 2644
Website: montreal.ca/en/places/parc-la-fontaine


“Great park. Really big with lots of space and a nice water feature. Places are close to getting food and drinks also. For sure a good place to bike to and hang out.” – Nic Cumby

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