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5 Best Osteopaths in Hamilton🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading osteopaths in Hamilton. To help you find the osteopaths located near you in Hamilton, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Hamilton’s Best Osteopaths:

The top-rated osteopaths in Hamilton:

  • Osteopathy – Hamilton Mountain – has worked with a wide demographic of patients including newborns and post-surgical patients.
  • Ancaster Osteopathic Clinic – a team of professional Osteopaths that specializes in providing personalized health care.
  • Bannock’s Body Mechanics – designated with an M.OMSc which is highly regarded and supported by most major insurance plans.
  • Grimsby Osteopathy – put patient’s healing needs first.
  • Ancaster Osteopathy and Wellness – a team of highly trained professionals.

Osteopathy – Hamilton Mountain

osteopaths in hamilton

First on the list is Osteopathy – Hamilton Mountain. The team uses osteopathic manual therapy which is a gentle hands-on therapy that uses a hands-on approach to assess and treat structural and postural dysfunctions. It can be helpful for patients experiencing a number of issues including low back pain, joint pain or stiffness, neck pain or range of motion issues, TMJ, headaches, and migraines. Ashley Jasinski M.OMSc of Hamilton Mountain is an OOA (Ontario Osteopathic Association) member and is covered by all major insurance companies. Ashley has worked with a wide demographic of patients including newborns and post-surgical patients.

Products/ Services:  

Osteopathic Manual Therapy


Address: 883 Upper Wentworth St Suit 303, Hamilton, ON L9A 4Y6

Phone: 905 389 8772

Website: osteopathy-hamilton-ashley-jasinski.business.site/


“After regularly seeing an osteopath for a few years, I started receiving treatment from Ashley. By far the best and most effective treatment I’ve ever had. Many of my back, neck and foot issues have been completely resolved after years of discomfort.” – Gillian Dewar

Ancaster Osteopathic Clinic

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Ancaster Osteopathic Clinic is second on the list and is proud to offer osteopathic services to adults, seniors, and pediatric patients. Their team of professional Osteopaths specializes in providing personalized health care. The Ancaster Osteopathic Clinic is situated in a newly renovated, clean, comfortable space. They can treat many conditions and serve all ages from newborn to seniors.

Their Osteopaths are held to the high standards set forth by the Ontario Federation of Osteopathic Professionals and have the latest in ongoing education in the field of Osteopathy. Positive patient outcomes are their major goal, to that end, their education in their profession never ends. They are constantly improving and learning the latest science-based modalities in treatment.

Products/ Services:  

Osteopathy, Nutrition Consulting, Sports Injury, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)


Address: 1175 Wilson St E unit 5, Hamilton, ON L8S 4K6

Phone: 289 239 9115

Website: ancasterosteo.ca/


“I would highly recommend Ancaster Osteopathic Clinic. I hurt my back and Dwayne helped me immensely. He provided professional and compassionate service. He made me feel comfortable and I walked away feeling much better.” – Jennifer Dunlop

Bannock’s Body Mechanics

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Third on the list opened in 2014, Bannock’s Body Mechanics. The clinic helps each individual patient to achieve a more pain-free future and to help them maintain a more positive state of health. This is achieved by first working to balance and integrate their physical structure and by helping guide them towards the principles of natural health passed down through the Osteopathic teachings.

Jeremy Bannock of Bannock’s Body Mechanics graduated from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy with top honours in his class, which is an intensive 4 year full time program located in Hamilton. They are also proud professionals members of the Ontario Osteopathic Association. He is designated with a M.OMSc which is highly regarded and supported by most major insurance plans with appropriated osteopathic coverage in Ontario.

Products/ Services:  

Osteopathic Manual Therapy


Address: 189 Hess St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 2T1

Phone: 905 730 8675

Website: bannocksbodymechanics.com/


“Even after one session I notice a huge improvement. Thanks Jeremy!” – Sprockets Moore

Grimsby Osteopathy

top osteopaths in hamilton

Grimsby Osteopathy has experienced Osteopathic Practitioners that put patient’s healing needs first. They are proud to provide a high quality level of customer service, experience, and commitment to health and wellness to all their patients. Grimsby’s Osteopathic team will assess the patient and create a custom recovery plan that’s right for them.

Their osteopathic practitioner will first speak with the patient about their health history and any current conditions they have. They will then proceed with a hands-on assessment to begin to understand how the body is moving and how they can help. They will render an individualized treatment that may involve the gentle manipulation of the fascia, muscles, and joints of the body. They will then discuss an individualized treatment plan for their specific case and will continue to re-evaluate these goals at all of their following appointments to ensure their health and progress is at the forefront.

Products/ Services:  

Osteopathic Manual Therapy


Address: 581 Main St E Suite 1A, Hamilton, ON L8M 1H9

Phone: 905 966 3006

Website: grimsbyosteopathy.ca/


“I met with Michael this week and I’m very happy with the knowledge Michael provided me. Michael really listened to my concerns and was able to provide the correct treatment and proper exercises so I was able to continue at home. I will always continue to refer my friends and family to Michael due to my experience.” – Victoria Desiree

Ancaster Osteopathy and Wellness

best osteopaths in hamilton

Ancaster Osteopathy and Wellness is last on the list and is committed to giving the highest level of care possible. Their team of highly trained professionals use their expertise to help restore patients to pain-free health. They thoroughly evaluate and treat all of the contributing root factors related to the issue. They have experience and education in Athletic therapy, Massage therapy, Kinesiology and Osteopathy.

They also have over 15 years of experience in over the counter (OTC) orthopaedic bracing as well as custom bracing. They are a patient focused clinic, who uses their expertise in osteopathy, massage therapy and athletic therapy to provide each patient with an individual treatment plan. They can provide hands-on treatment and education that patients can take home with them, enabling them to become an active participant in their recovery and health.

Products/ Services:  

Osteopathy, Athletic, and Massage Therapy Services


Address: 581 Main St E Suite 1A, Hamilton, ON L8M 1H9

Phone: 905 966 3006

Website: ancasterosteopathy.ca/


“Matt is really good and knowledgeable. His explanations makes sense. The treatments help my backpain issues. Backpain is very tricky not sure if I ever get cured but I noticed the difference I feel so much better. Highly recommended.” – Susana Stamenkovic

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