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5 Best Occupational Therapy Services in CanadašŸ„‡

There are many people out there who will require some form of occupational therapy in order to help them live their daily lives and perform the daily functions needed to live. Many people will have disabilities of some form which can make it difficult for them to perform certain functions in their life.

These functions could be essential to living, such as making food, washing themselves, going to the toilet and other essential functions which people must perform in everyday life. If you cannot perform these functions, your quality of life will be greatly diminished, and in many cases, it can be unhealthy or harmful.

This is where occupational therapy comes in, as it will be able to help those affected by disabilities to live their lives.

There are many occupational therapists out there, but which place provides the best ones in Canada?

5 top occupational therapy services in Canada:

1. Swift Health Canada

Swift Health Canada

Swift Health Canada offers a large variety of different forms of occupational therapy, including work site and ergonomic assessments, as well as advice for those looking to return to work after injuries or something similar. They also offer occupational therapy for those being discharged from hospital and want to return to their normal daily lives and functions. They also offer pediatrics occupational therapy. Swift health has it all, ready for you.

2. Spot Services

Spot Services

Spot Services is located in Scarborough and offers occupational therapy services. The main practitioner is Kala Subramaniam, who has over 25 years of experiencing working with children as an occupational therapist. She has experience in treating patients with a huge range of disorders and ailments, and will be able to help you and your family.

3. Willow Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Willow Occupational Therapy offers occupational therapy for kids and young adults. They will use a collaborative approach to occupational therapy which will help to develop skills for the client to help them gain independence in their life. Definitely worth a look into.

4. Aquilla OT Services

Aquilla OT Services

Aquilla OT Services offers occupational therapy for kids, and has done so professionally for some time now. They believe in taking an approach with activities involved in order to help kids to live independently. They help to support gross and fine motor development, self regulation, social and friendship development, sensory processing and much more. Great for any kids who need help with these issues and others.

5. Discovering Abilities

Discovering Abilities

Discovering Abilities offers a wide range of different forms of occupational therapies, including sensory processing assessments, gross motor assessments, self care assessments and fine motor assessments, as well as many more. They have everything you could ever need from an OT provider.

These are the 5 best occupational therapy services providers in Canada, based onĀ this rating points list, and any one of these will help you and/or your family to get to the level of functioning they need to live their lives unburdened and independently.

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