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MindStir Media Review – Coupon for $200 Off Publishing

If you are a Canadian author, you have probably heard of self publishing company MindStir Media. You may be wondering if they are a reputable company to use, as your book is understandably something that is very near and dear to you. This review will allow you to find out a bit more about MindStir Media and the services that they offer in Canada.

MindStir Media is known as a hybrid publishing company, meaning that they combine the most beneficial elements of traditional publishing methods and self publishing methods. Their comprehensive solutions ensure that your book reaches its full potential while also ensuring that it stays in alignment with your vision for it. With MindStir Media’s publishing packages, Canadian authors retain creative control and also up to 100% of the royalties that their book generates.

The services that authors get from MindStir Media publishing packages include necessary procedures such as book design, editing, printing, and distribution. The biggest benefits that MindStir Media offer Canadian authors, however, are the additional services that are the key to book success. The mentorship offered by founder J.J. Hebert and the expert marketing and PR services that stem from an in-depth knowledge of the Canadian market are some of the most unique aspects of what MindStir Media provides. The company secure spots on Canada’s major news websites and with major retailers to ensure that your book gains visibility from a Canadian audience.

While self publishing is the preferred method for many authors, it is still necessary to have someone working to secure these promotional necessities. MindStir Media is a company that can take care of these logistical aspects of publishing while still keeping the author’s best interests at the forefront of everything they do. Promoting your book using the guidance of some of the world’s best authors, such as J.J. Hebert, is an opportunity that you cannot miss if you are an author looking to find success with your treasured manuscript.

Self publishing is a possibility for Canadian authors with MindStir Media. The extensive list of services on offer and the ability to customize these to suit your needs and budget is part of what has made them such a successful company globally and in Canada. When looking to secure a spot on a best seller list with a book that you are proud of, MindStir Media is the company to go to.

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