5 Best Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Vancouver

Below is a list of the top and leading Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Vancouver. To help you find the best Medical Malpractice Lawyers located near you in Vancouver we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Vancouver’s Best Medical Malpractice Lawyers:

The top rated Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Vancouver are:

  • Murphy Battista LLP – work hard to recover the greatest amount possible for you on personal injury, professional negligence (medical malpractice), wrongful death, and insurance claims
  • Holness and Small Law Group – passionately dedicated since being established in 1999 to improving the lives of the injured and protecting their rights against ICBC and other insurance companies
  • Stephens & Holman – dedicated to providing legal services to individuals who need it most
  • Klein Lawyers LLP – respected nationwide and employs over 50 staff with offices in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada
  • Slater Vecchio LLP – a team of legal professionals who are driven by principals who put their client’s needs first

Murphy Battista LLP

Murphy Battista LLP offers legal assistance to clients from around the province, country, and globe. Many of our clients are from outside of Vancouver but have chosen them because of their legal expertise. They solely represent victims and plaintiffs in motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, and insurance law claims at Murphy Battista LLP.

They are committed to providing outstanding, compassionate service to their customers and their families in order to assist them in regaining control of their life. They have a high percentage of referrals from customers who are sufficiently impressed with their work to recommend that others employ them using this easy technique.


Accident & Negligence Claims, Class Action Lawsuits, Injury Claims, Insurance Disputes


Address: 233 Ottawa St N, Hamilton, ON L8H 3Z4
Phone: (905) 547 7000


“Scott Stanley, of Murphy Battista in Vancouver, is an excellent lawyer! Not only did he and his amazing team work diligently on my ICBC case, they were empathetic, kind and compassionate along the way. I highly recommend this firm and Scott specifically” – Mer MacIntosh

Holness and Small Law Group

Holness and Small Law Group have been devoted to improving the lives of the wounded and defending their rights against ICBC and other insurance corporations. They are proud of their accomplishments and their established track record of success in representing thousands of accident victims across British Columbia and providing them with comprehensive medical-legal care for over 20 years.

They make certain that the insurance company (ICBC or an out-of-province insurer) is supplying the money necessary for rehabilitation and that the appropriate medical team is in place to understand the nature and extent of the injury, functional impairments, and future treatment needs from a medical-legal standpoint.


Medical Malpractice, ICBC Injury Claims, Occupiers Liability, Wrongful Death, Sporting & Recreational Accidents


Address: 808 Nelson St #507, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H2
Phone: (604) 633 4878


“High praise for Jackie Small. She was all that I wanted in a lawyer. Professional, honest, compassionate and tough when needed. She is certainly one of the best in her field. This was very apparent at our first meeting after I had met with several other lawyers in town. No hesitation to recommend her.” – Jason Fromm

Stephens & Holman

Stephens & Holman is committed to providing legal services to those who need them the most, particularly those who have had little or no access to attorneys in the past. Their business has helped thousands of people and families safeguard their legal rights since it first opened its doors in 1983.

When you or a loved one is hurt in an accident, you need a lawyer who will devote their whole attention to your case and put their years of expertise to work for you. Stephens & Holman has been helping clients all throughout British Columbia for over 35 years. They are accessible for appointments in your home, at the hospital, in the evenings, and on weekends.


Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Dismissal, Motorcycle Vehicle Accidents


Address: 1200 West 73rd Avenue Suite 500, Airport Square, Vancouver, BC V6P 6Z6
Phone: (604) 730 4120


“Stephens and Holman were fantastic. they lived up to all my expectations and got me a fair settlement. Larry Trach was the lawyer who handled my case and I think he is amazing at his job. I totally recommend Stephens and Holman who were very professional, forthright and honest. Cheri Martin did such an awesome job of communicating with me and keeping things organized and answering all my questions. thanks Cheri.” – Lois Adee

Klein Lawyers LLP

Klein Lawyers LLP has a national reputation and employs over 50 people. With more than 22 years of expertise in class action lawsuits in Canada, Klein Lawyers is a pioneer in this field. Many of the firm’s attorneys have been admitted to practice in British Columbia, Ontario, and Washington State.

Klein Lawyers’ founder and partner David Klein is a leading class action lawyer in Canada. He has been named one of the most often recommended attorneys in class action litigation by Lexpert and as a top counsel in class action litigation by Best Lawyers in Canada. Klein Lawyers was also named Class Action Law Firm of the Year in Canada by Global Law Experts.


Medical Malpractice, Car Accident, Surgical Errors, Birth Injury


Address: 1385 W 8th Ave #400, Vancouver, BC V6H 3V9
Phone: (604) 706 1218


“The minute I walked in Klein Lawyers office they made me feel comfortable and welcomed. They let me know exactly how they were going to represent me. In return, they asked that I just focus on my physio, health and well-being. They kept in touch regularly every step of the way. My experience with Klein Lawyers has been 100% recovery. I would recommend Klein Lawyers to family, friends. Thank you Klein Lawyers for a job well done!” – Debbie Jimmy

Slater Vecchio LLP

Slater Vecchio LLP is a group of legal experts that are guided by principles that prioritize their clients’ interests. Since their founding in 1998, they have evolved to become one of the province’s leading personal injury and class action law companies, representing thousands of victims. Their objective is to surpass every client’s expectations not just with the finest possible outcomes, but also throughout the course of their collaboration. Together, they’re forming bonds and working toward a common goal.


Personal Injury, Class Action, Consumer Law


Address: 777 Dunsmuir St 18th Floor, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1K4
Phone: (604) 682 5111


“I had the pleasure of working with James Richards, David McCormick, Reece Miles and their team at Slater Vecchio over the span of 3.5 years, for an automobile injury case. From the beginning, it was clear that they all had my best interests at heart. I was treated with the utmost care, respect, compassion and understanding, and this never wavered as we navigated my case together over the years. I am so happy with the way that everything was handled, as well as the level of communication and reassurance that the team provided me with each step of the way.” – Zakiya Lalani

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