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5 Best Landscapers in Quebec 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Landscapers in Quebec. To help you find the best Landscapers located near you in Quebec, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Quebec’s Best Landscapers:

The top rated Landscapers in Quebec are:

  • Groupe EXT – landscaping company in Quebec City
  • R & G Terrassement & Paysages – ideal partner for your exterior beautification projects
  • Amenagements Paysagistes Quebec Inc. – outdoor landscaping specialist in Quebec
  • Paysages Genest – creates innovative ideas and design
  • Xavier Paysagiste Inc. – benchmark for landscaping in Quebec

Groupe EXT

groupe ext lanscaper in quebec

Groupe EXT has been in landscaping business for more than 10 years doing commercial and residential projects. They are customer-focused in which they are committed to making small and large projects of clients to materialize and meet customer satisfaction. This landscaper respect the deadlines and budget of clients, so they ensure to provide quick service to be able for clients to view and enjoy their layout as quick as possible.

They offer a variety of services to meet the landscaping requirements of clients. These services include leveling of land, earthworks, construction of retaining walls, as well as uni-stone and paving projects to name a few.


Eearthmoving and Leveling, Residential and Commercial, Small & Large Excavation, Paving & Uni-stone, Retaining Wall, Peat Laying, Laying a Cedar Hedge, Spring Cleaning, Delivery of Soil, Gravel & Asphalt


Address: 7620 Rue Léo Lessard local A, Quebec, QC G2K 1V8
Phone: (418) 929 6733
Website: amenagementpaysager.ca


“I recommend!” – Alexandre Nadeau

R & G Terrassement & Paysages

r&g terrassement landscaper in quebec


R & G Terrassement & Paysages has earned more than 10 years of experience in the industry. This makes them to be your ideal partner to work on your beautification projects in exteriors of your homes or businesses. They have a team creative landscapers who will understand your requirements and create results that meet your expectations. Any landscaping and earthwork project is a rigorous task from selection of materials to preparation. Starting from the meeting and preliminaries of your project up to its realization, their team is dedicated to meeting your deadlines while delivering quality work.


Flower Bed Design, Plantations, Outdoor Kitchen Layout, Backyard Landscaping, Entrance Landscaping, Swimming Pool Landscaping, Entrances and Patios in Uni-stone, Parking Lots, Low Walls & Retaining Walls, Rockery, Paving Stone, Mosaic, Pavements


Address: 1412 Rue Lucien, Quebec City, Quebec G2E 2Z9
Phone: (418) 953 5456
Website: rgpaysagistes.ca


“Competent company, respectful to listen to its customers. Really extremely satisfied with this company and I recommend it. Thank you Louis-Philippe Roy.” – Martine Huot

Amenagements Paysagistes Quebec Inc.

amenagements paysagistes landscaper in quebec

Amenagements Paysagistes Quebec Inc. has over 30 years experience carrying out small and large landscaping projects. They are specialists who can design personalized decorations to improve your homes and buildings. You will enjoy every moment spent with family and loved ones in the spaces that they can create.

Whether you require installation of pergolas, arbors, Japanese steps, flower beds, or laying of paving stones or lawns, or any type of landscaping project, their landscapers will use their expertise to serve you at the best. They will work towards the realization of your dream spaces while respecting your budget and preferences.


Landscaping, Lawn Laying, Paving, Mini Excavation, Walls


Address: 1665 Avenue de la Capricieuse, Québec, QC G1J 3W2
Phone: (418) 524 4271
Website: amenagementspaysagistesquebec.com


“We are really satisfied with the work done at home (filling the ground, laying peat, excavating, paving and much more). Competitive price, fine meticulous work, no price surprises, good after-sales service and respect for guarantees. Thanks to Julio and his team !! We will do business with him without hesitation.” – Amelie Fournier

Paysages Genest

paysages genest landscaper in quebec

Paysages Genest has more than 37 years experience in personalizing and designing your dream garden. They continuously innovate with unique ideas and utilization of a variety of materials, minerals and plants to create modern and timeless gardens. They believe in the principle of uniqueness, passion and quality.

They consist of a multi-disciplinary team that works together to accomplish landscaping projects like patios, terraces and gardens. Their team work hand-in-hand with clients to deliver a garden that suits their needs and desires.


Landscaping Consultations & Plans


Address: 7823 Le Trait Carré E, Québec, QC G1H 2Z1
Phone: (418) 626 9928
Website: http://paysagesgenest.com/index.html


“The best designers in Quebec! What good advice, very professional service and custom layout! I loved my experience!” – Ju Nadeau

Xavier Paysagiste Inc.

xavier landscper in quebec

Xavier Paysagiste Inc. is a family-owned business which was founded in 1992. Over the years, they have built their business as a benchmark when it comes to landscaping. What makes them outstanding is their professionalism, attention to detail, personalized customer services and experienced workforce. Their reputation spreads throughout the community because of satisfied clients telling the story about their excellent service. Xavier Paysagiste will design and execute the landscaping work of your dream backyard to improve your home or entrance that is complementary to the facade of the building. They can be your best choice for the realization of all your landscaping projects.


Walls, Sidewalks, Patio, Pavers, Peat Laying, Excavation


Address: 560 Rue du Méandre, Quebec, QC G1C 1H2
Phone: (418) 667 2836
Website: xavierpaysagiste.com


“Super professional work nice result. Well cleaned after departure.” – Jonathan Grenier












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