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5 Best Italian Restaurants in Quebec 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Italian Restaurants in Quebec. To help you find the best Italian Restaurants located near you in Quebec, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Quebec’s Best Italian Restaurants:

The top rated Italian Restaurants in Quebec are:

  • Casa Calzone – good food in a friendly place where it is good to live
  • Les Sales Gosses – this hip, narrow bistro with a vibrant scene offers a classic menu, banquet seating and a full bar
  • Le Manoir – offers joy of eating and living
  • Montego Resto Club – a festive and warm atmosphere and a ideal place to enjoy inventive and vibrant cuisine
  • Restaurant Parmesan – a visit to Parmesan, for the meal and for the atmosphere

Casa Calzone

la casa calzone italian restaurant in quebec

Casa Calzone, formerly Pizza Pizz was established in 1999 from the passion of its founder Horst Gamper. Horst was originally from Austria. After he lived in Paris for some years, Horst moved to Quebec and opened bars and restaurant within the city. Every dish that he prepare and serve to his loyal customers reflects his love and passion for the profession. He was able to get the perfect harmony of dough, ingredients and his secret sauce making his Calzone among the most well-known globally. Casa Calzone is highly appreciated all throughout the globe as seen in the testimonials of customers.


Italian Restaurant


Address:  1298, rue de la Pointe-aux-Lièvres, Quebec, QC G1L 4L9
Phone: (418) 522 (3000)
Website: casacalzone.com


“Found myself at the Centre Videotron with a few minutes before a meeting. Found Casa Calzone on trip advisor and headed over for lunch. The restaurant is very small in space but huge in flavor and friendliness. Had my first ever calzone and loved every mouthful. The pastry was so light and the filling fresh and delicious. Sadly won’t be back in the area again but would love to try all 18 flavors.” – Stacey Young

Les Sales Gosses

les sales gosses italian restaurant in quebec

Jeff Pettigrew and Patrick Simon were the ones who launched Les Sales Gosses. After their extensive years of working in restaurants, then they decided to establish the said restaurant. Being influenced by Italy and France, they offer tasty and sophisticated dishes. The place is a long room that is decorated with black and white theme which helps in enhancing a variety of foods in the menu. The coverings, furniture as well as materials used are carefully selected to reflect comfort and simplicity of the restaurant. Hence, this place offers a clean look, as well as huge bar and banquette in the dining room which allows visitors to enjoy a night with family or friends.


Italian and French Cuisines


Address: 620 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Québec, QC G1K 3B8
Phone: (418) 522 5501
Website: lessalesgosses.ca


“The Best French restaurant in Quebec City. The Best. Everything tasted amazing. Loved their sweetbreads especially. Service was great, their atmosphere was great, and everything was perfect. The portions are small though and it was their last call so I left hungry. I wish I had ordered more because I am almost certain that everything else would have tasted just as amazing. I would definitely go back here.” – Y. Lee

Le Manoir

le manoir italian restaurant in quebec

Le Manoir is renowned by the name Le Manoir du Spaghetti until 2011. This restaurant has been a significant part of Quebec  for more than 40 years. People agrees that their menu truly unites foodies with establishments owned by the Ménard-Plante family. Even this restaurant is located in historic houses, its layout and design will bring you to a unique space that you cannot find anywhere else. They have become an essential part of people’s lives with their offerings such as unique menu, attentive service as well as festive and warm ambiance.


Lunch Menu, Kids Menu, Dessert Menu, Ice Bar


Address:  3077 Chemin Saint-Louis, Québec, QC G1W 1R6, Canada
Phone: (418) 659 5628
Website: restolemanoir.com


“Delicious food & great service! We came for lunch and tried some of the best pasta we’ve ever had before. Prices are reasonable, and the restaurant atmosphere is comfortable and cozy. Our server was very friendly. Good place for families. Thank you! 😋” – Anonymous Reviewer

Montego Resto Club

montego resto club italian restaurant in quebec

Montego Resto Club offers practical private lounges, as well as distinguished and welcoming dining room intended for all occasions. Book now if you are in search for one-of-a-kind food experience. Their place offers different captivating wine cellars, and outside the restaurant, you will enjoy a lively and colorful terrace. Having passionate and active staffs, as well as the cozy and trendy decorations, you will truly feel a festive and warm atmosphere when you have a visit.

Another plus at Montego is “The Loft Lounge”. This is their newest room offering a bright charming space. You can find here 3 televisions for projection when you want to hold meetings, birthdays, or even just a meal with colleagues. It also offers a private bathroom and bar area. Between 20 and 45 persons can be accommodated in this room.


Lunch Menu, Afternoon Menu, Evening Menu, A La Carte Menu, Sunday Morning Menu


Address: 1460, avenue Maguire, Quebec, QC, G1T 1Z4
Phone (418) 688 7991
Website: montegoclub.com


“Friendly and cosmo-mediterranean restaurant with a warm welcome, diversified menu, superb cuisine and professinal service. Great decor inside and an outside terrasse. Diversified wines list. Montego is a pleasure to revisit!” – Louise Fontaine

Restaurant Parmesan

restaurant parmesan italian restaurant in quebec

The vibrant colors of Restaurant Parmesan emphasizes the inviting decorations of the restaurant. If you have a visit, the place will transport you to the friendly Italy for a while where laughter and music prevails. Above all, the collection of over 4,000 bottles of a variety of sizes and shapes that came from all continents are the ones that truly fascinates the guests. In fact, being the largest globally, this collection was already featured on two TV programs which include the Radio-Canada, that broadcasts all throughout the country. With that all said, the great reputation of the restaurant is well established.


Entries, Pasta, Grill, Veal, Seafood, Desserts,


Address: 38 Rue St – Louis, Québec, QC G1R 3Z1
Phone: (418) 692 0341
Website: restaurantparmesan.com


“A great restaurant to visit! The French Onion Soup, Surf and Turf, and Veal Marsala are all delicious. The staff are very friendly and gives a lot of information about the place if you ask. I wish I took pictures of the inside, they have very nice collections of bottles molded into different figures – plus La Dolce Vita filmed here!” – Lyra Jade Gavino

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