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5 Best Flu Shots Services in Calgary🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading flu shots services in Calgary. To help you find the flu shots services located near you in Calgary, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Calgary’s Best Flu Shots Services:

The top-rated flu shots services in Calgary:

  • PharmaChoice – has more than 800 locations across the country.
  • Passport Health – the largest and leading provider of travel medicine and immunization services in North America.
  • MyHealthcare Pharmacy – a neighborhood pharmacy with a dedicated team of pharmacists.
  • Market Mall Pharmacy and Compounding – has been in operation for over 30 years.
  • Co-op Pharmacy – offers in-store complimentary flu shot immunizations.


flu shot services in calgary

First on the list has more than 800 locations across the country, Pharma Choice. Each location is unique and tailored to the community it serves. The pharmacists at each local PharmaChoice pharmacy understand how important it can be to find a solution quickly and efficiently. That’s why the pharmacists at your local PharmaChoice pharmacy are available to help. One of the pharmacists at PharmaChoice can help to ensure that clients are up-to-date on all of their vaccinations. Depending on the province they reside in, they may also be able to provide immunizations if needed.

Products/ Services:  

Immunization, Pharmacy Services, Health Services, Home Care Solutions, etc.


Address: 3735 Rundlehorn Dr NE #11, Calgary, AB T1Y 2K1

Phone: 403 798 9280

Website: pharmachoice.com/


“I’ve dealt with Ahmed and his staff for the past 4 years. My family & I have always been treated extremely well. This Pharmacy is extremely proactive & professional. Ihighly recommend them.” – Mike Duggan

Passport Health

flu shot services calgary

Passport Health is second on the list being the largest and leading provider of travel medicine and immunization services in North America. They have 270+ travel clinic locations and have a commitment to first-class medical care. They also have rigorously trained medical staff that sets the immunization industry standard. Passport Health’s deep vaccine inventory and vast clinic network provide clients with what they need when they need it.

Passport Health offers vaccinations specialize in hard-to-find travel vaccines and their clinicians are highly trained in their proper administration, all at a competitive price. Passport Health is committed to ensuring maximum immunization coverage in all populations from children, to members of the workforce, to the elderly, to international travelers via their nationwide clinic network.

Products/ Services:  

Travel Medicine and Vaccinations


Address: 790 Unit 2, Coventry Dr NE, Calgary, AB T3K 4K4

Phone: 403 453 9194

Website: passporthealthglobal.com/


“Great service , knowledgeable staff, friendly , always a wonderful experience to deal with” – Kim Pilson

MyHealthcare Pharmacy

calgary flu shot services

MyHealthcare Pharmacy is a neighborhood pharmacy with a dedicated team of pharmacists with prescribing authority and certifications for providing exceptional care to serve the entire family for all their medical needs in all stages of life. They offer a variety of services ranging from travel and flu vaccinations and immunization, including compounding services, medication review, and expertise in areas of managing diabetes and much more. Clients can get their flu shot here and they can provide annual flu shots for all eligible Albertans.

Products/ Services:  

Flu Shots, Travel Clinic, Vaccinations, Blister Packs, Medication Reviews, Diabetes Supplies and Education, etc.


Address: 101-3223 5 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2A 6E9

Phone: 403 455 1505

Website: myhealthcarepharmacy.ca/


“Pharmacists are super nice here! They truly care about patients needs.” – Jing L

Market Mall Pharmacy and Compounding

top flu shot services in calgary

At Market Mall Pharmacy and Compounding has been in operation for over 30 years and continues to strive to be a leader in providing top-quality customer service and patient care. They have a knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art equipment for compounding. Market Mall Pharmacy and Compounding has several pharmacists certified by the Alberta College of Pharmacists to administer vaccines and injections. The pharmacy can also provide the following injections with a Doctor’s prescription: Zostavax (shingles), Twinrix, Gardasil, Havrix, Vitamin B12, Prolia, and many others. They offer injections by drop-in as well or by scheduled appointment.

Products/ Services:  

Compounding, Breast Pump Rentals, Flu Vaccines, Injections, Pharmacist Consultations, etc.


Address: 4935 40 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T3A 2N1

Phone: 403 286 3120

Website: marketmallpharmacy.com/


“Just spoke with John and he was unbelieveably kind and helpful! I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with everyone at this pharmacy, highly recommend. I will go out of my way to support these guys as they do for me.” – Marly M

Co-op Pharmacy

best flu shots services in calgary

Co-op Pharmacy opened its first store in Calgary over 60 years ago. They offer all the health and wellness services the community needs, all in one place. From a one-time travel vaccine to ongoing medication management, their pharmacists are there to help. All of their Calgary Co-op pharmacists are certified to inject. All Co-op pharmacies are offering in-store complimentary flu shot immunizations.

Products/ Services:  

COVID-19 Vaccinations, Injections & Vaccinations, Prescribing Pharmacists, Tobacco Reduction, etc.


Address: 6520 Falconridge Blvd NE Unit #525, Calgary, AB T3J 3W6

Phone: 587 349 4250

Website: calgarycoop.com/


“Helpful and you can call ahead to pick up prescriptions. Also will do flu shots here.” – Amber M.

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