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5 Best Dry Cleaners in Quebec🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading dry cleaners in Quebec. To help you find the dry cleaners located near you in Quebec, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Quebec’s Best Dry Cleaners:

The top-rated dry cleaners in Quebec:

  • Cleaner Eclair Inc. – offers a personalized service in the field of dry cleaning.
  • Teinturerie Francaise – an expert in cleaning and altering clothes.
  • Nettoyeur Place Charny – offers a dry cleaning service as well as a clothing repair and alteration workshop.
  • Cleantitude – a pickup laundry service App based in Montreal.
  • Nettoyeur LaGreen – provides a green Eco-friendly dry cleaning service that is 100% safe for the environment.

Cleaner Eclair Inc.

dry cleaners in quebec

First on the list was founded in 1961 by Mr. Omer Duclos, Cleaner Eclair Inc. They have since offered a personalized service in the field of dry cleaning. They offer free pick-up and delivery service provided by the territory agents remains the trademark of Nettoyeur Éclair. Whether at home or in the office, their agents can come to clients to avoid unnecessary inconvenience. A garment picked up in the morning can be delivered on the same day at no additional cost.

Products/ Services:  

Shirt, Full Work, Suits, Leather and Suede, Comforter and Bedding, etc.


Address: 2520 Rue Évangéline, Québec, QC G1E 1M6

Phone: 418 661 6908

Website: nettoyeureclair.com/


“they did it so fast, my dress got a stain and they took it out in less than an hour
great service” – Charlotte Williams

Teinturerie Francaise

dry cleaners quebec

La Teinturerie Française is an expert in cleaning and altering clothes. With more than 80 years of experience, they are the most experienced and qualified in the Quebec region. They have a team of enthusiasts and their business partners offer superior service through a vast network of branches. La Teinturerie Française has been a family history since 1931 and has been offering a superior quality cleaning and alteration service. 

Products/ Services:  

Dry Cleaning, Leather and Suede Cleaning, Carpet and Rug Cleaning, Sewing Workshop, etc.


Address: 1092 Boulevard des Chutes, Québec, QC G1E 2G2,

Phone: 418 661 5358

Website: teinturerie-francaise.net/


“Courteous service, quality cleaning and fast!” – Jean-Sébastien Ferron

Nettoyeur Place Charny

quebec dry cleaners

Nettoyeur Place Charny established in “Place Charny” for more than 25 years and offers a dry cleaning service as well as a clothing repair and alteration workshop in one hour with 2 seamstresses on site. Mrs. Lyne B. Henry, the owner, and her professional team work with high-caliber equipment to obtain impeccable results at all times.

Products/ Services:  

Dry Cleaning and Cleaning Service


Address: 8032 Avenue des Églises, Charny, QC G6X 1X7

Website: accesgo.com/


“New local very beautiful. Always well received. Super nice staff. In short, I like going there.” – Natacha Fontaine


top quebec dry cleaners

Cleantitude is third on the list is a pickup laundry service App based in Montreal. Their customers can enjoy superior dry-cleaning service at their fingertips by their simple and user-friendly APP launched in App Store. Unlike traditional laundries in which clients have to drop off and pick up garments by themselves, Cleantitude assigns professionals to collect and deliver clothes to customers’ doorsteps and make dry cleaning as simple as doing laundry at home.

Products/ Services:  

Pickup Laundry


Address: Faubourg Tower, Montreal, Quebec H3H 2T4

Phone: 514 699 0788

Website: cleantitude.com/


“Very good service and app. I recommend and will use it again.” – Rodrigo C

Nettoyeur LaGreen

best quebec dry cleaners

Nettoyeur LaGreen ensures that each client’s garments are being processed directly under their supervision to provide the highest quality. They use the latest dry cleaning technology designed to provide the finest cleaning service in Montréal. They are a family-owned business that values the relationships they’ve built with their customers over the years. They provide a green Eco-friendly dry cleaning service that is 100% safe for the environment.

Products/ Services:  

Eco-friendly Cleaning, Wash & Fold, Tailoring and Alteration, Wedding Gowns Clown, etc.


Address: 6900 Decarie Blvd, Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec H3X 2T8

Phone: 514 739 2888

Website: lagreen.ca/


“I brought my suit there to adjust it to slim fit and it was done properly. They are VERY professional .. reasonable price and they can do all kind of alterations.” – Fadi Yaghmour

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