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5 Best Drunk Driving Attorneys in Vancouver 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Drunk Driving Attorneys in Vancouver. To help you find the best Drunk Driving Attorneys located near you in Vancouver, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Vancouver’s Best Drunk Driving Attorneys:

The top rated Drunk Driving Attorneys in Vancouver are:

    • Filkow Law – has a track record for resolving cases positively, discreetly, and successfully.
    • Mickelson and Whysall Law Corporation – represents clients accused of a wide range of criminal charges.
    • Acumen Law Corporation – helps people who are facing criminal charges, DUI, or driving prohibitions.
    • BC Driving Lawyers – defend traffic tickets and all driving offenses in Vancouver.
    • Jonathan J. Israels Law Corp. –  analyzes each client’s situation with a unique insight and perspective from both sides of the law.

Filkow Law

Filkow Law Website

Filkow Law is a first-class criminal defense counsel known for achieving exceptional results for their clients’ accused of a criminal or driving offense. They have over 25 years of track record in resolving cases positively, discretely, and successfully, allowing clients to get on with their lives. Mr. Filkow’s highly regarded strategic mind and incisive knowledge of the criminal justice system will ensure the best possible defense for their client’s criminal or driving case.


Drinking and Driving, Serious Driving Offense, Driving Prohibitions


Address: 450 SW Marine Dr #510, Vancouver, BC V5X 0C3
Phone: (604) 558 8778
Website: filkowlaw.com


“I could not recommend the lawyers at Filkow Law enough! The entire team is highly professional and knowledgeable. They answered all of my questions honestly and were always quick to respond. I always knew what to expect. They were upfront and honest about their fees and they stuck to their word. As with anything, there are no guarantees but I felt as though they worked hard for me and did everything they could to get me the best possible result. I am very satisfied with the service that I received and would not hesitate to refer my friends and family to Filkow Law for assistance.” – Ashley Blyth

Mickelson and Whysall Law Corporation

Mickelson and Whysall Law Corporation Website

Mickelson and Whysall Law Corporation is a team of criminal lawyers who represent clients accused of a wide range of criminal charges. Their lawyers are experienced in defending driving offenses, impaired driving, and other criminal charges. They also have an extensive understanding of civil forfeiture, customs and border seizures, and record suspensions. Their wide-range of practice and knowledge makes the lawyers at Mickelson & Whysall well suited to defend any issue clients may have.


Driving Offenses, Roadside Prohibitions, Impaired Driving, Traffic Violations


Address: 128 W Pender St #1005, Vancouver, BC V6B 1R8
Phone: (604) 688 8588
Website: criminallawyervancouver.com


“Joel is a very reputable and knowledgeable attorney. He’s very good at handling my case. Joel is also very understanding of my financial situation and gave me payment plan options. I would definitely recommend him to everyone.” – Andre Jester Ricamonte

Acumen Law Corporation

Acumen Law Corporation Website

Acumen Law Corporation provides all of the services to successfully defend the client’s criminal charge. They deal with all criminal charges except murder. Their clients are good people who usually have only one incident with the police in their lifetime. Their Criminal Law Firm represents individuals from the investigation stage onward. They represent their clients throughout the court process. In many cases, they make all of the appearances in court for their clients so they never need to appear before a judge.

They also provide a free initial consultation in all criminal cases, an assessment of the prospective case and they explain the options to their clients all free of charge. As the case progresses, they provide an updated assessment so that their clients know what to expect. In the vast majority of cases, their clients do not get a criminal record.


Drunk Driving, Roadside Prohibitions, Hit and Run


Address: 837 Beatty St #210, Vancouver, BC V6B 2M6
Phone: (604) 685 8889
Website: vancouvercriminallaw.com


“My experience with this Firm, specifically Kyla and her associates, was of such distinct quality and worth that I can’t say I’ll be going to any other lawyers anytime soon. Kyla worked diligently and was very responsive to any questions about proceedings or updates on the process of my case. The professionalism yet the clear language used in our emails were much appreciated and allowed me to know exactly where I stood with all the details. Kyla was able to get a speeding ticket of mine not only effectively disputed but completely revoked without the need for my appearance in court or any legal proceedings. I was very satisfied with the help I received at Acumen and would recommend anyone to go to them before anyone else.” – Angelina S.

BC Driving Lawyers

BC Driving Lawyers Website

BC Driving Lawyers have successfully defended thousands of driving cases so they know the law and techniques to get the right results in driving cases. They understand how important the client’s license is for them so they do what is necessary to succeed in defending their client’s driving matter. The BC Driving Lawyers defend traffic tickets and all driving offenses in Vancouver. They maintain a library of precedents, volumes of police training manuals, and a collection of secret police documents that they use to defend their clients. 


Traffic Tickets, Impaired Driving, Driving Prohibitions


Address: 837 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1C1
Phone: (604) 608 1200
Website: bcdrivinglawyers.com


“4 Stars” – Joey Meier

Jonathan J. Israels Law Corp.

Jonathan J. Israels Law Corp. Website

Jonathan J. Israels Law Corp. has accumulated over twenty years of legal knowledge and courtroom experience, practicing exclusively in criminal law. This potent background provides Mr. Israels with the ability to analyze each client’s situation with a unique insight and perspective from both sides of the law. Mr. Israels puts the entirety of that legal prowess to use when defending his client and their case.

Mr. Israels is known to be hard-working and dedicated to achieving impressive results for all of his clients. He prides himself on providing his clients with high-quality representation and brings over two decades of experience to each case working effectively and efficiently to achieve the best possible outcome within the framework of the law.


Driving Suspensions, DUIs, IRP, Violence, Harassment, Threats, Investigations


Address: 475 W Georgia St #760, Vancouver, BC V6B 4M9
Phone: (604) 488 1313
Website: criminallawyervancouver.ca


Jonathan is a great lawyer who knows exactly what he is doing. He is assertive, assuring, and no BS. He knows both sides of the law very well and he is very knowledgeable about the entire process. It’s quite daunting to navigate the justice system. Jonathan did everything he can to answer all my questions responsively and clearly. It was very comforting to have Jonathan on my side throughout the process. I would recommend everyone I know to Jonathan should they require a great lawyer who can get things done.” – Patrick Chi

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