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5 Best Criminal Attorneys in Quebec🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading criminal attorneys in Quebec. To help you find the criminal attorneys located near you in Quebec, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Quebec’s Best Criminal Attorneys:

The top-rated child in Quebec:

  • Beaudry Roussin lawyers – one of the most eminent criminalists in Quebec.
  • Andrew Barbacki – has over 30 years of experience as a criminal lawyer.
  • Doyon Avocats – provides criminal and penal law services in Quebec City and the Montreal area.
  • Ginzburg Legal – handles a wide array of criminal cases, ranging from drug-related offenses, assault charges, and more.
  • S. Zalman Haouzi Avocat – provides affordable legal representation.

Beaudry Roussin Lawyers

criminal attorneys in quebec

First on the list was founded by experienced lawyers, Beaudry Roussin Lawyers. The firm’s fees can be adapted to the particular situation of each client and each file and that the packages are preferred in several circumstances. They use a creative and innovative approach that will represent clients mainly in criminal and penal law, youth protection law, and mental health law.

Renald Beaudry of Beaudry Roussin Lawyers has 33 years of experience in criminal and penal law. He has knowledge in these fields and is involved a professor at the École du Barreau de Québec for 19 years now. He also has practiced not only as a public prosecutor but also as a provincial and federal crown attorney. Rénald Beaudry is one of the most eminent criminalists in Quebec.

Products/ Services:  

Criminal Law, Penal Law, Prison Law, Youth Law, Mental Health Law, etc.


Address: 555 Rue du Prince-Édouard, Québec, QC G1K 2M9

Phone: 581 318 2848

Website: beaudryroussin.ca/


“I have referred several clients to this firm and they have all been 100% satisfied with the professional services received and the competence of the lawyers who work there. Their fees are realistic, and the thoroughness they put in preparing their cases is exemplary.” – Catherine Leblanc

Andrew Barbacki

criminal atorneys quebec

Second on the list is a highly experienced and recommended lawyer who fully understands criminal law and offers you 24/7 assistance in case of emergency, Andrew Barbacki. Andrew Barbacki has over 30 years of experience as a criminal lawyer, representing clients in hundreds of trials, with over 40 by judge and jury. He can represent clients in Municipal Court, Court of Quebec, Superior Court, and Court of Appeal.

Andrew Barbacki is a former Crown Prosecutor who holds Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Law degrees from McGill University. He has 30+ years of experience, hundreds of criminal trials, and over 40 trials by judge and jury. He also has extensive experience prosecuting and defending white collar criminal cases such as theft and fraud, as well as a large number of successful defenses of drug trafficking and possession charges.

Products/ Services:  

Impaired Driving, Drug Offences, Domestic Violence, Sexual Offence, Theft and Fraud, etc.


Address: 500 Place d’Armes #1800, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2W2

Phone: 514 397 1751

Website: barbacki.com/


“Mr Barbacki is a skilled and experienced lawyer. He got me the verdict I was looking for and his prices are extremely reasonable for the great service he provides.” – James

Doyon Avocats

quebec criminal lawyers

Doyon Advocats is a law firm that provides criminal and penal law services in Quebec City and the Montreal area. Their team is comprised of diligent litigators who will defend clients unwaveringly. Doyon Avocats specializes in criminal law and is characterized by its competent and human-oriented team of lawyers.

The team defends people who were accused of a criminal offense as well as victims of crimes. Their lawyers dedicate their time to complex cases and are devoted to helping clients who face critical situations. Their services are regularly retained by people who are accused of various types of criminal offenses.

Products/ Services:  

Immigration, Sexual Assault Charges, Discharge, Tickets, Domestic Violence, Impaired Driving, etc.


Address: 400 Boulevard Jean Lesage Suite 115, Québec, QC G1K 8W1

Phone: 418 809 1527

Website: doyonavocats.ca/


“Me Doyon is one of the most professional lawyers who provide the most judicious and relevant legal advice to your situation.
Thank you very much for your services rendered.” – Vallée Suzanne

Ginzburg Legal

top criminal attorneys in quebec

Ginzburg Legal handles a wide array of criminal cases, ranging from drug-related offenses, assault charges, cybercrime complex fraud, and impaired driving. Ginzburg regularly proceeds in trials and does not shy away from the rigors of litigation. Over the years, he has developed significant experience with first-time offenders.

Throughout his career and his studies, Me Ginzburg has gone on to win a number of awards for exceptional oral argumentation, most notably winning the International Oratory Competition of the American Bar Association, in Louisville, Kentucky. He also won 2nd overall place at the George A. Gale Cup moot in Toronto, Canada’s foremost national mooting competition.

Products/ Services:  

Driving Infractions, Violent Infractions, Drug Infractions, Cybercrime, Weapons Infractions, etc.


Address: 405 Rue Marie-Morin, Montréal, QC H2Y 2Y1

Phone: 514 710 6749

Website: ginzburglegal.com/


“5 stars for the service. Mr. Ginzburg is super reliable and very knowledgeable in their profession. They take care of their clients well and sort their matters efficiently and perfectly. Highly recommended if you want to take off load from your mind.” – Kartik

S. Zalman Haouzi Avocat

best criminal attorneys in quebec

Last on the list is a Montreal-based law office, S. Zalman Haouzi Advocat. They provide affordable legal representation in the areas of Criminal Law, Penal Law, Family Law, and cases involving the Quebec Rental Board. Atty. Zalman called to the Quebec Bar in 2011 and began practicing law in the offices of a well-known Montreal lawyer, specializing in Criminal and Family Law. Zalman strives to ensure that each client has a fundamental understanding of the law, the options, and the most likely outcome of the case. Maximize the chances of the best possible outcome while minimizing stress, time, and financial output.

Products/ Services:  

Drug Offences, Drinking and Driving Offences, Domestic Violence, Crimes of Violence, etc.


Address: 84 Notre-Dame St W #200, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1S6

Phone: 514 562 4236

Website: solutionlegale.com/


“It is hard for a person from Ontario to deal with issues in Quebec -different regulations and French language complicate the situation for sure. I appreciate the help that Mr. Zalman Haouzi provided to me. Highly recommended.” – Olga K

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