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5 Best Chiropractors in Hamilton🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading chiropractors in Hamilton. To help you find the best chiropractors located near you in Hamilton, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Hamilton’s Best Chiropractors:

The top-rated chiropractors in Hamilton:

  • Heal Health & Performance – a team that helps you even after your visit
  • Hamilton Chiropractic – a team of registered professionals diagnosing their patients to give the correct course of action
  • Family Chiropractic Clinic – chiropractic care for the family
  • East Stoney Creek Chiropractic & Wellness Centre – a well-trained team driven by their dedication and passion
  • Paramount Family Chiropractic – provides quality chiropractic care in Hamilton

Heal Health & Performance

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Heal & Health Performance team is composed of a chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, and osteopathic manual practitioner that’s ready to diagnose and recommend the best options for your needs. Their doctors are experts even with complex issues and developing effective plans to get you back to good health. They also do offer a vast range of massage therapy for you to choose from done by their own massage therapists. After your visit, the team makes sure that you will leave educated on how to continue the treatment at home and prevent further injuries.

Products/ Services: 

Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy


Address: 560 Highland Rd W Unit 2, Hamilton, ON L8W 0C4

Phone: 905 574 6262

Website: healclinic.ca/


”I’ve been to Heal for Massage, physio and chiropractor and everyone has been amazing to work with! Every issue with my body I have gone in for has become better and stronger and because they give at home exercises to do, I can always continue to work on them at home if I ever start to feel any pain coming back(which I haven’t). Amazing kind and hard working team and a great atmosphere, what more could you ask for!! I would definitely recommend Heal Health and Performance to anyone who is looking for physio, chiro or massage!!”  – Catherine Harnett

Hamilton Chiropractic

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Hamilton Chiropractic’s Chiropractor graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, one of the top Chiropractic schools in the world. With this, you can be sure that Hamilton Chiropractic can develop and carry out a comprehensive treatment/management plan, recommend therapeutic exercise and other non-invasive therapies, and provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counselling that’s best for you. They also have in house registered massage therapist (RMT) and registered physiotherapist that will tailor a treatment plan right for your needs.

Products/ Services: 

Chiropractic, Massage therapy, Physiotherapy


Address: 838 Fennell Ave E Unit 202, Hamilton, ON L8V 1V6

Phone: 905 389 6336

Website: drashor.com/


”I had a car accident and got minor injuries in my back and neck. So I did some research and after all option I choose Hamilton Chiropractic.

{Earlier I tried peso-therapy at a different clinic and it did not worked out well for me. }

Staff is really helpful and kind. Dr Ashor is really good at what he do and helped me throughout my recovery from Pain. Initially, I had a pain at 8 on scale of 10. After 8-9 regular session I am feeling much better and would rate my pain at 4 that’s a good progress.

So if anyone have similar situations please do contact them. They will help you out.” – Suraj Rana

Family Chiropractic Clinic

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Family Chiropractic Centre aims to promote health and wellness without the help and use of drugs and surgery to people of all ages. The team makes sure to provide quality, conscientious, natural health care. This way they are able to help their patients reduce pain, improve mobility and health, optimize strength and performances. In Family Chiropractic Centre, chiropractic treatment is extremely safe and effective.

Products/ Services: 

Chiropractic, Cold Laser Therapy, Chiropody, Massage therapy, Custom orthotics


Address: 136 Young St, Hamilton, ON L8N 1V6

Phone: 905 528 6426

Website: familychiropracticcentre.ca/


”The best Chiropractic service and two of the best doctors Dr.Mike,and Dr Greg.” – Rik Saunders

East Stoney Creek Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

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East Stoney Creek Chiropractic & Wellness Centre believes that you and your family deserves to live life to the fullest by having a properly functioning musculoskeletal and nervous system. Their doctors in the centre make sure to provide the most appropriate treatment program to restore their client’s body to its fullest level of health. They can cater to various health conditions like; back pain, neck pain, headaches, vehicle accidents, work and sports injuries, and a lot more.

Products/ Services: 

Shockwave therapy, Ultrasound, Return to work evaluations, Fitness consulting, Acupuncture


Address: 360 Hamilton Regional Rd 8, Stoney Creek, ON L8G 1E8

Phone: 905 662 5604

Website: https://www.eaststoneycreekchiropractic.com/chiropractic–rehab


”I’ve been a patient for 10 yrs and the service I received is exceptional. They have healing hands. Within a few treatments I’m feeling better. Thank you Paul” – Annalisa P

Paramount Family Chiropractic

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Paramount Family Chiropractic has been providing quality chiropractic care in Hamilton while also teaching The 100 Year Lifestyle principles of optimum health, longevity and wellness. They ensure their clients to give relief and stability that they are looking for while also addressing the underlying cause of their problem. One of the services they provide is sigma instruments which combine traditional techniques with technology in order to analyze and treat the body in a way it had never before been possible.

Products/ Services: 

Chiropractic  Care, Lectures etc.


Address: 230 Anchor Rd, Hamilton, ON L8W 3R2

Phone: 905 573 6468

Website: paramountfamilychiropractic.com/


”Compassionate, quality care at Paramount Chiro. I feel like extended family having received care from these guys for many years now. So many problems solved by chiropractic care. Call them.!” – Deborah Dow


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