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What Makes Champs Detailing Stand Out from the Competition?

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Website: www.champsdetailing.com
Address: 16706 110 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5P 1G9, Canada
Phone: +17808037173

If you’re in Edmonton, and you’ve even remotely looked into getting a vehicle detailed to bring back its just-like-new appearance, you have probably seen an ad or two or even heard the word-of-mouth hype, for Champs Detailing.

There’s a reason for that. The company has set itself apart from practically every other service in the area with competitive advantages you just can’t get anywhere else.

Today, we’re going to go over what those advantages are, why they’re important, and why you need to give Champs Detailing a try the next time you need a vehicle touched up.

1: Champ’s is the Only Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer

Technology is constantly evolving in every aspect of life, and that’s no different for the car industry. Protective coatings have come a long way in the last few years, and one of the major advancements has been the advent of Ceramic Pro Elite ceramic coatings.

These hard, durable, and effective coatings are the best on the market, and they’re in demand for obvious reasons. However, they’re also difficult to come by.

In Edmonton, the only place you’re going to find a certified Ceramic Pro Elite dealer is Champs Detailing. If you want the best, Champ’s is the only place offering it.

2: Any Vehicle is Covered

If you’ve ever dealt with other detailing services, you’re probably used to having to get a different service for each of the different types of vehicles you own. Maybe you have a boat and a car, or if you’re really lucky, maybe you even have a civilian plane that you like to keep up to spec before you hit the skies. Finding competent detailers who can handle all of those different vehicles in the same shop is difficult.

Champs Detailing can do it, though. Whether you want a motorcycle, boat, car, truck, plane, or even a helicopter detailed, Champs Detailing have you covered.

3: Extensive Service List

When you’re willing to shell out to get a vehicle detailed, you shouldn’t have to settle for whatever limited services a detailing company is willing to offer. You should be able to make a fully customized order to receive the exact services you want with the best products and materials used.

Champs Detailing knows this, and it offers a massive list of cleaning, coating, and touch-up services to ensure your car leaves the Champs Detailing lot looking better than it did when you picked it up from the dealership.

When you go to Champ’s, you get the service you want; settling for subpar services isn’t a problem.

4: Customer-First Mentality

Finally, everyone knows what it’s like to go to a mechanic or any third-party after-market car service and get nickel and dimed with very little regard for their satisfaction. It’s an industry stereotype at this point.

This is what sets Champs Detailing apart the most.

Not only does Champ’s provide the best quality services and a tremendous service list, but it also puts every customer first.

Prices are transparent and set appropriately so you get what you pay for, and the staff is trained to ensure that every visit to Champ’s is a good one.

Champs Detailing – Google Reviews

“Myles and the team at Champs did a phenomenal job on my boat. Not only was the end product great, but they were on time and very professional. I went with the 2 step exterior restoration with full interior detail, and I was very happy with the end result. Amazing job, thanks Champs! I will definitely be back” – David

“Couldn’t be happier. The whole process is just fantastic and car looks cleaner than when we actually purchased it. I highly recommend Champs for all your needs whether its detailing, window tinting, paint protection, film or ceramic coating they are your people for it.” – Venkee

“Great job! My boat came out looking like it just left the showroom! Workmanship was great and very timely. Recommend Champs Detailing for your boat or RV. You won’t be disappointed!” – Terry

“Miles and his team did an exceptional job detailing our car. We availed the diamond package and we don’t regret it!! Champs made our 2004 Outlander like brand new! 🔥The interior is spotless and it smells great! It’s really worth the price ☺️ Don’t even think about it, just book them! …” – Mara

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