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5 Best Branding Specialists in Vancouver 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Branding Specialists in Vancouver. To help you find the best Branding Specialists located near you in Vancouver, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Vancouver’s Best Branding Specialists:

The top rated Branding Specialists in Vancouver are:

  • Red Rocket Creative Strategies – a service-oriented design group since 2003
  • Curve Communications – your go-to outbound and inbound marketing agency
  • Evolve Branding – a top ranked collective specializing in brand propulsion
  • Cosette – a strategic partner, gathering experts across all disciplines to offer integrated brand experiences
  • Major Tom – serving partners from offices in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver since 2000

Red Rocket Creative Strategies

red rocket branding specialist in vancouver

Red Rocket Creative Strategies has been a service-oriented design group since 2003. It is composed of a multi-disciplinary and highly diversified team of brand strategists, designers, marketers and web developers. Red Rocket understands the significance of a strong brand. You brand represents your organization’s personality and culture. In brand development, they apply proven principles, as well as logical and careful processes.

Since branding represents identity, their branding design package incorporates an extensive identity system of tone, typography, colors and visual imagery that showcase your brand’s essence. In here, they apply creative brand name development. Their team of brand designers can come up with effective names that drive recognition of your brand. Red Rocket ensures that appropriate research is done to identify the culture and personality of the brand. Then, they proceed to developing a brand design strategy that will surely endure and succeed.


Branding, Inbound Marketing, Website Development, Corporate Communications, Packaging Design


Address: 789 W Pender St #1588, Vancouver, BC V6C 2X1
Phone: (604) 688 4321
Website: redrocketcreative.com


“Red Rocket Creative has supplied the companies I represent fantastic service! They are able to interpret and represent what we are looking for with more depth and scope than we could articulate. Service is personal, responsive and they always understand that there are often may factors to satisfy in building a brand. They do work with large and small companies, and treat every project with great attention and exemplary results!” – Faith Mellenger

Curve Communications

curve communications branding specialist in vancouver

Curve Communications is a full service traditional and digital marketing agency. They work closely with brands in healthcare, small business, education, tools and equipment, manufacturing, consumer goods and more. Their team of experts have the skills to build marketing campaigns on international, national and local markets.

In here, Curve thoroughly understands first the business even to the smallest details before ever starting to execute the branding and design process. They look closely to factors like the clientele you desire to attract, your present client base, your current reputation, they emotions you want to convey, as well as they products you market. Your inputs as the client plays a vital role in the creative branding process. They want to hear your ideas and turn them into significant and impeccable designs that will captivate that right customers.


Discovery, Customized Marketing Strategies, Branding & Design, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Automation Systems, Digital & Traditional Advertising, Email & SMS/Text Marketing & Automation, Video Production, Content Production, Public Relation, Media Relations, & Event Management


Address: 9 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1P1
Phone: (604) 684 3170
Website: https://curvecommunications.com/


“George is a down to earth, call it like it is individual, with a natural ability to tell stories. His vast industry knowledge comes from several years experience – coupled with the highly skilled team of media savvy individuals spouts success for projects ranging from small community marketing to national narratives. I would recommend the Curve team to anyone looking for any form of communication needs.” – Andrew Harvey

Evolve Branding

evolve branding specialist in vancouver

Evolve Branding keeps the top of top experts in various fields. This firm has combined experience in more than 125 countries, and with more than 85 types of industries. The combination of love for design, rich strategy, great experiences and beautiful settings is what sets them apart. This branding agency produces brand name selections based on an extensive research. One of their unique approach is etymology wherein they actively search for the root meaning of a terminology or word since it is key to discover fresh, new, and inspiring concepts that can capture your target market. In addition, they also search for alternative meanings which are significant in other cultures and languages which in turn is important to the brand target.


Branding, Web Development, Advertising, Marketing, Consultancy, Film Production, Photography, Finance & Capital, Technical Solutions


Address: 1090 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2W9
Phone: (604) 396 4166
Website: evolvebranding.ca


“They’re a forward-looking design team that wants products to not only look beautiful but also be functional.” – Ideal Matcher


cossette branding specialist in vancouver

Cossette is your strategic partner, collective specialists in diverse disciplines to provide a unique integrated brand experience. They work with high-potential, powerful brands that acts local, but with a global impact. With their obsession on experience and creativity, they have already served the Canadian marketplace for almost 50 years.

They have an in-depth experience and understanding, instinct, and creativity to build, refine or overhaul the brand of your organization. Through extensive research, comparative analysis, and interviews, they can evaluate all the relevant elements come up with brand identities with full of impact. Their team of experts collaborate closely to realize the brand’s goals, values and vision.


Design & Branding, Integrated Communications & Content, Media Planning, Buying & Programmatic, Multicultural & Regional Marketing, Production Services, Marketing & Business Strategy, Customer Experience, Innovation & Transformation, Digital Ecosystems & Marketing Tech, Data Science & AI, Consumer Insights


Address: 1085 Homer St Suite 400, Vancouver, BC V6B 2X5
Phone: (604) 669 2727
Website: cossette.com


“5 Stars” – Joseph Leon

Major Tom

major tom branding specialist in vancouver

Major Tom is team of specialists who are leaders in the industry gather from different regions of the world. This firm has been in the service since 2000, serving from their offices in Vancouver, Toronto and New York.

Their brand strategy starts with an extensive review of the present status of your brand that will provide them with an insight and understanding of your organization. Research for audience is a vital component of brand strategy. They seek on who you target customers are and how to convey to them in a resonating manner. Upon completion of competitive analysis and audience research, they can begin honing your place within the market. They will then arrive to effective and accurate brand personality, messaging and visuals. Their team in this agency can develop a strategy designed to assist you achieve your goals.


Digital Strategy, Brand Strategy, eCommerce Strategy, Research, Business Consulting, Brand Identity, Brand Storytelling, UI Design, UX Design, Creative Production, WordPress Development, Custom Web Development, eCommerce Development, Web Application Development, Marketing Services


Address: 548 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3
Phone: (604) 642 6765
Website: majortom.com


“I have really enjoyed working with Ben and the team at Major Tom over the last few years. They are professional, honest and fun too! I consider them a strategic partner and an important part of my efforts to deliver a positive brand experience.” – Kathy Fowler

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