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5 Best World Piano Schools🥇

Learning piano is one of the hardest instruments, and it requires a lot of practice. Many students start while they are young, and they need professional instruction in order to learn rapidly.

Because of this, piano schools are an important way for students to get a structured education in the instrument and learn to excel. However, there are many choices for piano schools, so it can sometimes be difficult to know which is best. Here is our list based on this rating points list.

Merriam School of Music, Ontario, Canada

The Merriam School of Music’s piano classes seeks to teach piano in a ‘linguistic’ manner where the belief is that students who learn the language of music will have an easier time learning and practising how to perform it. It works to combine a number of different teaching methodologies to gives students practical skills that keep them engaged and flourishing with their piano lessons.

Oclef School, California, USA

Oclef School in the USA is a very unique piano school in the way it approaches piano classes. Their initial classes leverage the bond between parent and child to help them get comfortable with piano practice. As the child progresses, they get to participate in group classes that help make practise more engaging and allows them to interact with other piano students in a collaborative learning environment. Oclef School is all about making piano practise an everyday activity that kids enjoy, rather than the traditional ‘once-a-week’ system that causes a majority of students to drop out.

The Piano School, Coventry, UK 

The Piano School in Coventry is run by a team of vibrant piano teachers who have a firm belief that piano education should be a collaborative, inspirational, and enjoyable experience for everyone. It was founded in 2012 and is determined to switch things up by not focusing too much on classical music, and instead seeks more input from students. Teachers introduce students to a wide variety of styles and techniques. They also encourage students to write and perform their own music.

European Piano Academy, Sydney, Australia

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The European Piano Academy in Sydney is all about delivering Australian students with the best traditions of leading European piano schools. They make sure every student gets personalised attention and can have lessons at their facility, or they can travel to practise with the student at their home.

Eliette’s Music Academy, Auckland, New Zealand

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Eliette’s Music Academy, located in Auckland, is a dynamic music school and one of the most respected schools in New Zealand offering piano lessons. Tuition is tailored individually for each student, as they do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

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