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5 Best Workout Clothes Stores in Canada

Having workout clothes that support you, are comfortable to wear, and that look great is essential for the modern athlete. Exercising shouldn’t be something to dread, and having workout clothes that you feel good in can help motivate you to continue your fitness journey.

It is important to invest in high quality clothing that will last and will help you to enjoy your workouts. These are the 5 best workout clothes stores in Canada that supply this high quality, fashionable clothing.

5 Best Workout Clothes Stores in Canada

#1 Jed North

Jed North - Best Workout Clothes Store

Website: jednorth.com

Jed North has been supplying Canadian fitness enthusiasts with stylish and durable workout clothes for years. Selling a high quality range of both men and women’s workout clothes, Jed North has become one of the most in demand workout clothes stores in Canada.

The women’s sets at Jed North are colorful and supportive, and are even available to mix and match. With this workout clothes store in Canada, you can truly express your style even at the gym. The material they use is flexible and stretchy, designed to be moved in. With simple yet intricate designs, the workout sets are supportive and will make anyone look great while crushing your workout.

The men’s range features everything from t-shirts, to joggers, to shorts, to muscle tees for showing off those guns. All material is incredibly soft and comfortable and designed to give you the freedom of movement that you need to complete your workout. Simple yet eye catching designs feature with Jed North and will ensure that you’re the most fashionable person at the gym.

Jed North is one of the best workout clothes stores in Canada due to the range of fashionable yet high quality clothing and accessories.

#2 TMPL Sportswear

TMPL Sportswear - Best Workout Clothes Store

TMPL Sportswear is a workout clothes store in Canada that has a focus on sustainability. Their mission is to create ethically sourced and environmentally friendly workout clothing that is also highly supportive for athletes.

The brand uses unique fabrics known as Bluesign & Oeko-Tex Certified performance Pur-Tec fabrics. These fabrics are produced in an advanced fabric mill, using innovative materials to create durable and environmentally friendly workout clothes. They are also constructed locally so that the company can ensure that workers have adequate working conditions and can be paid a fair living wage.

The brand pillars at TMPL Sportswear are “clean”, “conscious”, and “performance”. The workout clothes are “clean” meaning that they are made in good conditions and that the dyes and fabrics are free from toxins and safe for your body. They are “conscious”, meaning that they are made locally and with fair labor practices. The final pillar “performance” means that the clothing is made for optimal performance. The clothing is moisture wicking, stretchy, anti-odor, UV protective and most of all comfortable.

With TMPL Sportswear you can look and feel your best by knowing that you are wearing workout clothes that are sustainable and ethically sourced, as well as functional.

#3 Titika

Titika - Best Workout Clothes Store

Titika have a mission of creating pieces of clothing that can be worn for any occasion. Their clothing is made with fabric that is comfortable, functional, and suitable for any style of physical activity. Even if you prefer to lounge around in comfort, Titika’s clothing is a great option.

This workout clothes store in Canada specializes in comfortable design that can transition from gym wear to a night out look. They believe that items such as leggings should not be restricted to yoga studios, and can be made stylish enough to create an effortlessly chic going out look.

Titika continue to conduct research and work with leading fabric companies to make the material of their clothing as comfortable and functional as possible. Their partners include INVISTA, whose renowned SUPPLEX fabric is both durable and breathable. It offers four-way stretch while also holdings its shape and allowing you freedom of movement.

This blend of luxury fabric with stylish design is part of what makes Titika one of the best workout clothes stores in Canada.

#4 Gorilla Wear Canada

Gorilla Wear Canada - Best Workout Clothes Store

Gorilla Wear Canada offers high quality active wear for any occasion, from stretching to sparring in a boxing match. No matter the intensity of your workout, these clothes will be there to support you. The large range of styles and colors is an added bonus of this workout clothes store in Canada.

Gorilla Wear Canada design all of their clothing with athletes in mind. They are optimized to allow for freedom of movement during training. Whether you need tank tops, sweatpants, hoodies, accessories, or more, the range at Gorilla Wear Canada will have something ideal for you.

The store also aims to accommodate for all shapes and sizes, so that everyone has the chance to feel comfortable and look stylish on their fitness journey. With over 40 years of experience in designing the best workout clothes in Canada, Gorilla Wear Canada are a great choice of store.

#5 Public Myth

Public Myth - Best Workout Clothes Store

Public Myth are another ethically source workout clothes store in Canada. All of their clothing is made in Vancouver only a few blocks away from their headquarters. This allows them to monitor every step of the process in creating their clothing and ensure that it is done correctly and in a fair environment.

The brand began back in 2007 and developed their mission to make sustainable workout clothing more accessible to the Canadian public. With ethically designed and fully recyclable packaging, every aspect of Public Myth’s products is environmentally conscious.

The fabrics of the clothing are made from natural fibers like bamboo and organic cotton. These materials are both good for the planet and good for supporting your workout. They are flexible and breathable and will allow you to look and feel great during your training session.

Public Myth are sure not to sacrifice style or quality with their products, and are dedicated to creating workout clothing that looks and feels amazing. With this store, you will feel confident that you look great and are doing something great for the planet.

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