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5 Best Water Purification Companies in Vancouver🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading water purification companies in Vancouver. To help you find the water purification companies located near you in Vancouver, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Vancouver’s Best Water Purification Companies:

The top-rated water purification companies in Vancouver:

  • Filterco Water Treatment LTD. – ensures that the community, business, worksite, or resort has access to fresh and high-quality water.
  • Think Water Filtration – has a 100% touch-less water dispenser in the works.
  • Acuva Technologies – world-class expertise invented cutting-edge UV-LED reactor design.
  • Coastal Water Store – designs and maintains filtration systems for properties with well water.
  • Element H2O – a premier bottled water delivery company that prides itself on its high-quality water products.

Filterco Water Treatment LTD.

water purification companies in vancouver

Filterco Water Treatment LTD. wants to ensure that the community, business, worksite, or resort has access to fresh and high-quality water at all times. They have over thirty years of experience in carbon treatment, water filtration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet disinfection, chlorination, and many other water processes. They carry a wide range of merchandise, including many types of filtration systems. They offer sediment, carbon, iron, and manganese, and cartridge and bag filters. They also offer water softening, ultraviolet disinfection, reverse osmosis, and deionization products.

Products/ Services:  

Filter Medias, Activated Carbon, Pumps, Valves, Conditioning Salt, and Chemicals


Address: 9016 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6B 4B9

Phone: 604 677 6777

Website: filterco.net/


“We purchased a dechlorination system for our aquatic facilities from Filterco. The installation process, communication and excellent service throughout the process has been outstanding. We had a very specific deadline to adhere to and Filterco came through for us, with excellence! I really need to voice my commendations for their hard work, dedication and knowledge for the whole team but especially for Rob. I would without hesitations recommend their services and equipment. Thank you again to all of you” – Nicole Belanger

Think Water Filtration

water purification companies vancouver

Second on the list has been providing premium water filtration systems to the Lower Mainland since 1990, Think Water Filtration. Product quality and their commitment to delivering a great customer experience made them successful. With over 20 years in the industry, and with thousands of systems in service, they can help clients in their decision-making process to purchase or rent a quality drinking water system at the best possible price. They offer water treatment solutions to both commercial and residential customers.

Products/ Services:  

Water Filtration Solutions and Maintenance Plans


Address: N/A

Phone: 604 986 3942

Website: thinkwaterfiltration.ca/


“I had such a great experience with their team and highly recommend them. Their water taste amazing and it’s good for you.
Their technicians are very friendly and always do a great job in servicing our equipment. Since I have been working from home more I have really missed the water from the office and will be adding a home system after the holidays.” – Pegah Noshad

Acuva Technologies

vancouver water purification companies

Founded in 2014, Acuva is driven by passion, innovation, and excellence. They believe that everyone should have access to safe drinking water. Acuva’s world-class expertise invented cutting-edge UV-LED reactor design. They strive to make a positive social impact with their technology, especially in these unprecedented times where safety from microbiological contamination has never been more important. Their Eco NX-Silver and Arrow 5 UV-LED Water Purification Systems can be installed into homes, RVs, boats, and offices. These systems kill up to 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses.

Products/ Services:  

OEM Application Integrations & UV-LED Water Purifiers


Address: 3771 N Fraser Way #1, Burnaby, BC V5J 5G5

Phone: 800 980 8810

Website: acuvatech.com/


“Ordered a water purifier with SmartFaucet and accidentally threw away a small bag with a tiny yet important plastic part. Contacted them and next day got a tracking# for the part I was missing. I was told this is a common mistake so perhaps the bag could have been identified better. I am still thankful of their great customer service and that they sent me a replacement part free of charge.” – Sebastian Erb

Coastal Water Store

top water purification companies in vancouver

Fourth on the list is Coastal Water Store. They incorporated as a Purified Water Store in 2002 and is located in Nanaimo. They are a privately owned and operated family business that specializes in providing the best-purified drinking water. They provide service to offices, hospitals, hospitality industries, small businesses, agricultural sectors, and homes.

They have been installing and servicing various purifying and water filter systems to include under the counter or sink or for the whole house. They design and maintain filtration systems for properties with well water as their main source of water for drinking, irrigation, and household tasks. They can deliver superior water filtration, water purification systems, and services to provide clients with the best water available.

Products/ Services:  

Water Filtration, Water Purification Systems, and Services


Address: 6359 Hammond Bay Rd, Nanaimo, British Columbia V9T 5Y1, Canada

Phone: 250 390 3012

Website: coastalwaterstore.com/


“Nicest staff ever.” – Katelan Paine

Element H2O

best water purification companies in vancouver

Element H2O is a premier bottled water delivery company that prides itself on its high-quality water products. They have and offer high-quality purified water, alkaline water, spring water, and distilled water. They have a wide range of refreshing beverages, dispensers, and accessories. Clients can select when they would like to receive their order. They can also choose from a one-time delivery, or on a monthly or weekly recurring basis – cancel at any time.

Products/ Services:  

Natural Spring Water, Demineralised Water, Alkaline Water, and Distilled Water


Address: 418 East Kent Ave S #119A, Vancouver, BC V5X 2X7

Phone: 604 301 9240

Website: elementh2o.ca/


“Best purified water in town ❤️” – Shah Akash

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