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5 Best Supermarkets in Quebec🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading supermarkets in Quebec. To help you find the supermarkets located near you in Quebec, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Quebec’s Best Supermarkets:

The top-rated supermarkets in Quebec:

  • Bidon Rempli – offers simple and concrete alternatives, quality, and ecological products.
  • Quebec City Proximity Market – offers direct access to locally produced food.
  • La Récolte – a local initiative aimed at reducing food waste and the amount of waste produced.
  • Provigo – a food company that is both modern and local that would meet the needs of consumers.
  • Super C – a leader in Quebec’s discount supermarket division.

Bidon Rempli

grocery stores in quebec

When shopping in Full Container, customers can contribute to the reduction of packaging and single-use products. It means opting for a healthy and minimally processed diet and promoting organic and natural products for the respect of the planet and the body. It also means supporting local producers, processors and distributors,  participating in reducing food waste and overconsumption, and choosing to be part of the solution for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Full Container offers simple and concrete alternatives, quality, and ecological products for a sustainable lifestyle. They are a bulk and zero-waste grocery store where products come from local, organic and fair-trade producers, processors and distributors, in addition to being a communication engine that helps raise awareness in the community.

Products/ Services:  

Zero-waste Grocery Store


Address: 5731 Rue Saint-Louis suite 100, Levis, Quebec G6V 4E2

Phone: 418 476 2445

Website: aubidonrempli.com/


“Very good variety and quality of products, with an offer which is renewed and which is always improving. The service is also excellent!” – Vanessa Trépanier

Quebec City Proximity Market

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The Quebec City Proximity Market (MPQ) is an NPO that offers direct access to locally produced food. They connect producers and eaters in the region via a WEB ordering platform and weekly drop-off points. They are open year-round and their offerings according to seasonal changes. They have a wide variety of fresh, quality products, grown ecologically, and locally at a fair price for all.

Products/ Services:  

Locally Produced Food


Address: 870 Avenue de Salaberry, Québec, QC G1R 1Y1

Phone: 418 780 4355

Website: marchequebec.org/


“Fabulous project that gives access to a wide variety of fresh, organic and local products. Impeccable and efficient service from friendly volunteers. Easy access because free landing at the entrance. Internet order platform that allows to adjust the order to our tastes and needs. To try it is to adopt it! Thank you!!” – Catherine Laughrea

La Récolte

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La Récolte is presented as a local initiative aimed at reducing food waste and the amount of waste produced in the world by offering bulk in a minimalist context and with a zero-waste tendency. They promote a thoughtful and responsible lifestyle, but above all, they search for sustainability.

Customers can bring their empty and clean containers from home or get reusable jars and bags in store. Weigh their empty containers and enter the weight of them in their mobile phone. After, they can fill their containers in La Récolte’s self-service selection and let them fill those in the service section before paying.

Products/ Services:  

Bulk & Eco-responsible Grocery


Address: 885 3e Ave, Quebec City, Quebec G1L 2W8

Phone: 418 523 1616

Website: larecolteenvrac.com/


“One of the best grocery stores in Quebec. Bring your own containers!” – Marc-Andre Frenette


top grocery stores in quebec

For more than forty years, Provigo has proudly served Quebecers and shared their passion for food. Provigo was founded in 1969 by four business partners to create a food company that is both modern and local that would meet the needs of consumers. Their commitment to the communities they serve continues. Provigo works closely with local food banks so that everyone can enjoy healthy communities where life is good.

Products/ Services:  

Food, Babies, Home and Lifestyle, Health and Beauty, Pet Items, etc.


Address: 4545 Boulevard Henri-Bourassa, Québec, QC G1H 7L9

Phone: 418 622 7070

Website: provigo.ca/


“What an excellent store! They even carry Halo Top ice cream!” – Michelle Lupien

Super C

best grocery stores in quebec

Last on the list is Super C. They are a leader in Quebec’s discount supermarket division, Super C oversees a network of 98 stores and employs more than 6,000 people. Super C is part of the large METRO family, founded in 1947. With annual sales of more than $16 billion, they are a leader in the food and pharmacy sectors in Quebec and Ontario.

As a retailer, franchisor, distributor, and manufacturer, the company operate or services a network of approximately 950 food stores under several banners including Metro, Metro Plus, Super C, and Food Basics, as well as around 650 drugstores primarily under the Jean Coutu, Brunet, Metro Pharmacy, and Food Basics Pharmacy banners. METRO INC. employs nearly 90,000 people.

Products/ Services:  

Grocery Store Chain


Address: 1480 Avenue Jules-Verne, Québec, QC G2G 2R5

Phone: 418-864-7171

Website: superc.ca/


“Great place to shop” – Suzanne Grenon

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