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5 Best Solar Panel Distributors in Winnipeg🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading solar panel distributors in Winnipeg. To help you find the solar panel distributors located near you in Winnipeg, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Winnipeg’s Best Solar Panel Distributors:

The top-rated solar panel distributors in Winnipeg:

  • Powertec Solar – provides high-quality solar panels and services to their clients at affordable prices.
  • Solar Solutions – central North America’s largest manufacturer and distributor of renewable energy systems.
  • Raysolar – works hard to deliver it with quality workmanship.
  • K and C Solar – has Grid-Tie systems to meet the needs of their customers.
  • 123 Zero Energy – the leading supplier of DIY Green Energy Systems.

Powertec Solar

solar panels in winnipeg

Powertec Solar provides high-quality solar panels and services to their clients at affordable prices. Powertec Solar Inc. is a division of Powertec Electric Inc., which means, they are an electrical company that does solar, not a solar company trying to do electrical-based work. Work is done by trained electricians educated in professional aspects of great service and dependable work. They are an award-winning install company and stand proudly behind every install with a solid warranty program.

They make sure to do a full feasibility analysis for all potential clients before moving forward with a job. Not only does this help determine whether a client will see a positive return on investment from a solar system install, but it also helps identify what type of products they need. Powertec Solar Inc. is the first choice for grid-tied solar systems, grid-tied with battery, off-grid solar, micro-grid community scale as well as commercial and institutional projects.

Products/ Services:  

Grid-tie Solar, Industrial Solar, Off-Grid Solar, Residential Solar, etc.


Address: 1433-B Erin St, Winnipeg, MB R3E 2S9

Phone: 204 809 8703

Website: powertecsolar.ca/


“Powertec did a great job installing our solar panels. They also managed the project and dealt directly with MB Hydro on our behalf for their incentive program. It was a great experience and we LOVE our solar. With the sunny days in Winnipeg, we are feeding the grid!” – Loreen Buss

Solar Solutions

solar panels winnipeg

Solar Solutions Inc. is central North America’s largest manufacturer and distributor of renewable energy systems. Solar Solutions services clients throughout the country, the USA, and around the world through its Winnipeg locations. Solar Solutions specializes in renewable energy system design, engineering, and distribution. Solar Solutions Inc. manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of renewable energy systems and products along with energy conservation devices to minimize total project capital costs and maximize technological and systemic efficiencies. Their expertise in photovoltaics and power conversion devices, coupled with their comprehensive line of conservation devices ensures that you receive the greatest value possible from your system purchase.

Products/ Services:  

Renewable Energy Systems


Address: 130 Midland St #6, Winnipeg, MB R3E 3R3

Phone: 204 632 5554

Website: solarsolutions.ca/


“Went today looking to buy some items for my DIY solar system for my trailer. The staff there was very helpful, friendly and steered me in the right direction. Lots of excellent products and advice! Very impressed with their all in one charge controller and battery box. Definitely going back to upgrade my off road system!” – Trevor Bragnalo


winnipeg solar panels

Whether it’s a small system for lighting your greenhouse or a more ambitious project for powering a company, Raysolar makes it possible with renewable energy. With knowledgeable people that are ready for any questions as they want to make sure that clients will make the right decisions when it comes to renewable energy. They work hard to deliver it with quality workmanship through their partner network. They only sell high-quality products that have a warranty policy, include excellent technical support, are easy to install, and most importantly are safe. The team is trained with all products they represent to ensure they know exactly what clients are receiving.

Products/ Services:  

Solar Energy Equipment Supplier


Address: 850 Marion St Unit 1, Winnipeg, MB R2J 0K4

Phone: 204 414 7297

Website: raysolar.ca/


“Just upgraded our system and they were super helpful to get us set up.” – Joel Wiebe

K and C Solar

top solar providers in winnipeg

K and C Solar is a growing company based in Winnipeg Manitoba. They have Grid-Tie systems to meet the needs of their customers and also have off-grid solar power applications and everything a client needs to begin generating their own power for various applications at home, cottage, or RV. Their off-grid systems have been installed as far away as Rankin Inlet. They can also do custom designs for a client’s needs by putting together a system to suit their power needs.

Products/ Services:  

Solar Power System Products


Address: 710 Buckingham Rd, Winnipeg, MB R3R 1C2

Phone: 204 782 1734

Website: kandcsolar.ca/


“Kandcsolar made sure the affordable system they supplied provided options for future expansion as our needs change. Friendly, informative and willing to work with you to build the system right for you.” – Jerrold Wiebe

123 Zero Energy

best solar equipments in winnipeg

Last on the list is 123 Zero Energy. They are the leading supplier of DIY Green Energy Systems for home owners and contractors. Their pre-engineered solar and geothermal solutions take the guesswork and expense out of sizing and design. They believe that a zero-energy home is a concept that can be applied by any homeowners without having to custom design from the ground up. Zero Energy homes were a concept built around airtightness and high R values resulting in a concept that was financially out of reach for the average Canadian homeowners.

Products/ Services:  

Solar Air Heating, Solar Thermal, Geothermal, Air Source Heat Pump, etc.


Address: 835 Kapelus Dr, West Saint Paul, MB R4A 5A4

Phone: 204 977 3111

Website: 123zeroenergy.com/


“Recently, I approached 123 Zero Energy while my wife and I were researching solar information in Manitoba. The technicians were very friendly to talk with, so we decided to apply to Manitoba Hydro through them. Every step of the process went well, and we are now just waiting for a good weekend to install our system.” – Jullian Smith

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