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5 Best Software Retailers in Winnipeg🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading software retailers in Winnipeg. To help you find the software retailers located near you in Winnipeg, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Winnipeg’s Best Software Retailers:

The top-rated software retailers in Winnipeg:

  • Cybex Systems – provides technically superior enterprise retail solutions to medium-sized retailers.
  • Retail Management Systems – delivers solutions that power a wide variety of specialty retail and wholesale companies.
  • memoryexpress – 100% Canadian-owned and operated.
  • CDC Computers – can help with all service and technology needs.
  • Bold Commerce – named one of North America’s fastest-growing tech companies.

Cybex Systems

software retailers in winnipeg

Cybex Systems provides technically superior enterprise retail solutions to medium-sized retailers. Their primary business objective is to improve their client’s operations through the effective use of Cybex applications as their principal business information tools. Founded in 1986, Cybex Systems has demonstrated a proven track record to manage and install retail management systems in excess of 100 terminals.

Their clients include multi-million dollar companies with combined revenues exceeding $1 Billion. They are presently responsible for supporting more than 1000 workstations in almost every state and Province in North America. In 2007, they announced new installations in Europe and South America supporting the localized currency, language, and tax specifications.

Products/ Services:  

Store Systems


Address: 55 Rothwell Rd #205, Winnipeg, MB R3P 2M5

Phone: 204 953 0010

Website: cybexnet.com/


“POS software for all” – Ray Pattison

RMS – Retail Management Systems

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Retail Management Systems delivers solutions that power a wide variety of specialty retail and wholesale companies. They can help clients add to their bottom line by increasing sales and reducing costs. Their motivation is to increase the return on investment. Their comprehensive retail and wholesale systems solutions can help them execute transactions efficiently and securely while their back-office management tools give clients the ability to optimize operational performance. NCR has been the industry leader in providing powerful sales and management tools custom-designed for retailers and wholesalers for over 125 years.

Products/ Services:  

Retail Management Systems


Address: 1350 Main St, Winnipeg, MB R2W 3T6

Phone: 204 663 6240

Website: ncrsystems.ca/


“RMS is the fourth Counterpoint partner we have been with, and is by far the best! Extremely responsive and helpful staff. We highly recommend to anyone seeking Point of Sale Solutions!!” – Dan Miller


winnipeg software retailers

Third on the list has been servicing since 1996, memoryexpress. A 100% Canadian-owned and operated, their customer base has grown exponentially from year to year through referrals and word of mouth. They have established a leadership position as the premier destination for computer products and services. Starting from a humble beginning, they have grown into a multi-million dollar company with many retail locations across the country. Their success is a result of all the people who walk through their doors each and every day, their customers, their staff, and their vendor partners. During this time, they have also achieved premier partnership levels with key vendors such as Microsoft, Intel, and AMD.

Products/ Services:  

Computer Games, Operating Systems, Anti-Virus & Security, Office & Productivity, Graphics Software, etc.


Address: 730 Century St Unit A, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0M1

Phone: 204 772 6177

Website: memoryexpress.com/


“Perfect place for all computer hardware and software purchasing” – Khushwinder Sehmi

CDC Computers

top software retailers in winnipeg

CDC Computers can help with all service and technology needs. CDC Computers is a leader in IT and retail industry in Winnipeg for over 30 years. Responding to public and business needs for dependable, affordable, and friendly computer sales, service, and support. CDC Computers sales professionals are trained to create solutions that meet a client’s needs and budget. They design, implement, install, and configure all a client’s technology needs.

Products/ Services:  

Software & Gaming


Address: 620 King Edward St, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0P2

Phone: 204 788 0900

Website: cdccomputers.com/


“A very good private retailer for computers & accessories.” – Kenn Buchanan

Bold Commerce

best software retailers in winnipeg

Last on the list is Bold Commerce. They believe brands should have the ability to create and customize powerful commerce experiences, across all channels. They are named one of North America’s fastest-growing tech companies, Bold provides innovative e-commerce technology to 90,000+ brands in more than 170 countries around the world. They design their own solution with their APIs, seamlessly connecting and processing transaction data any way a client needs. Their APIs are fast, reliable, and powerful to help clients adapt quickly in a dynamic commerce landscape.

Products/ Services:  

Custom High-converting Transaction


Address: 50 Fultz Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 0L6

Phone: 204 808 8095

Website: boldcommerce.com/


“Use the app on two of my stores now and plan to use it on two more that I am working on. Always prompt, great, customer service. One of the reps, Raphael, solved my latest install request quickly and to my satisfaction. Great app with lots of customization.” – Houman Alaeddini

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