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5 Best Realtors in Toronto🥇

Toronto is a thriving city with a booming real estate industry. With the growth of the market, it’s no surprise that many investors are looking into the city for opportunities for growth and investment. Furthermore, being one of the best cities to live in, it has had a lot of immigration and migration from outside and within the country itself. With a large city life and opportunities for work and study, many people come to Toronto to explore its possibilities. That being said, a good real estate agent is needed to help achieve your real estate goals. With so many on the market, it can be difficult to choose one for your situation.

Here are the 5 best realtors in Toronto for your real estate needs, based on this rating points list.

Toronto’s 5 Top Rated Realtors:

1. Siavash Nomigolzar

Siavash Nomigolzar - real estate agents
Siavash Nomigolzar

Siavash Nomigolzar has many years of experience within the Toronto real estate industry, and has proven himself through his sales and customer service displays. He has a high standard of service and believes in helping his clients to achieve a positive real estate experience. Working within Century21, he is able to assist you in making educated decisions to do with your real estate goals.

2. Alejandro Baez

Alejandro Baez - real estate agents
Alejandro Baez

Alejandro Baez is a real estate agent who comes from tough beginnings and became passionate about real estate. He aims to bring the best experience for his clients to show he cares, as well as bringing results for them. He helps to create a marketing plan for his clients in order to bring them the best possible price for their property. He is definitely worth looking into.

3. Palwinder Bains

Palwinder Bains - real estate agents
Palwinder Bains

Originally a lawyer from India, Palwinder Bains became a realtor in Canada and his ambition is to help families to achieve their dream property and their real estate goals. He prides himself on his passionate and energetic approach to real estate and hopes to further his client’s best interests. He hopes to provide a stress-free experience for his client’s when it comes to real estate, and he is dedicated to finding properties that suit their needs.

4. John Sawah

John Sawah - real estate agents
John Sawah

John Sawah is a real estate agent who covers the Greater Toronto area, and his team is accessible at over 10 different offices. He is able to provide services to do with all real estate needs, including mortgaging, home staging, credit issues, minor repairs or renovations and market analysis. His team has the ability to help you with all aspects of real estate.

5. Hussain Al Hasani

Hussain Al Hasani - real estate agents
Hussain Al Hasani

Hussain Al Hasani is a real estate consultant and full time agent who specializes in residential property sales. He has the expertise to guide his clients through the real estate market, in order to determine the best opportunities as well as ensuring that they make the right investment(s).

Hussain Al Hasani also has the proficiency to ensure that his clients make the best possible sale. He is worth looking into for your real estate needs.


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