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5 Best Preschools in Quebec 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Preschools in Quebec. To help you find the best Preschools located near you in Quebec, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Quebec’s Best Preschools:

The top rated Preschools in Quebec are:

  • Montessori Educatot – a Montessori approach adapted to today’s world
  • Montessori School of Quebec – a school at the service of child development
  • Montessori De La Colline – the development of your child is their daily work
  • La Villa Montessori – a multi-generational space that allows people to meet and forge links
  • Les Explorateurs Montessori – offers an educational program for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten

Montessori Educatot

montessori educatot preschool in quebec

Since choosing a daycare center one of the most important decision for the development of chilren, Montessori Educatot was built to meet your needs and expectations. This Montessori school has formulated an exceptional program for your child. They have put together language learning, Montessori activities, music and arts as well as physical activities that are suited to every child’s rhythm.

The school aims to provide superior quality service by through excellence, highly diversified program options, quality staff, as well as communication with parents. Early childhood education harmonizes with outlook of a child interested in exploring, learning, and experiencing new things through interacting with people surrounding them.


Nursery, Preschool, Summer Program


Address: 825 Boulevard des Capucins, Québec, QC G1J 3S2
Phone: (418) 523 5555
Website: educatot.com


“Super daycare and pre-kindergarten.” – Paul Bourque

Montessori School of Quebec

montessori school of quebec preschool in quebec

Montessori School of Quebec offers a preschool environment and program for 3 to 6- year-old children who are in search for mastery of the physical space they are moving in. They have designed classes that will bring out the explorer nature of a child. In here, children will be enabled to cultivate their motor development, and learn their language through letter, words and sounds. The school will also help them develop their mathematical mind.

This Montessori school has created a space filled with attractive and harmony of materials, colors and forms. The environment is adjusted to the size of children allowing them to handle and move every object even without the help of adults. This space is absolutely inviting to children that will will enable them to explore the environment in accordance with their personality, rhythm, interest and taste. Hence, the Montessori class will allow children to slowly go through a conscious mastery of themselves and amazingly discover all aspects of learning.


Toddlers, Preschool, Primary


Address: 1265 Avenue du Buisson, Québec, QC G1T 2C4
Phone: (418) 688 7646
Website: montessori-qc.com


“The Montessori School in Quebec City is an excellent school for elementary school: teachers are very committed to learning children. The staff, classrooms, materials and activities are fantastic. A very nice environment to grow.” – Karine P.

Montessori De La Colline

montessori de la colline preschool in quebec

Montessori De La Colline is a space for toddlers, and for parents as well who daily accompany their child to monitor their progress. The school has an environment adapted to each type of child to stimulate their autonomy and creativity everyday. This Montessori school has passionate management and staff that offers their soul and heart in their daily duties. They commit themselves to constantly push their services for parents and children, to provide the best support possible.

The mission of this school is to learn new approaches in pedagogy and discover the world, while providing services that addresses the needs of today’s families. The schools aims to make children autonomous, awake, responsible, and develop their concentration in learning which will help them discover their full capabilities in social and academic aspects.




Address: 850 Avenue de Vimy, Québec, QC G1S 0B7
Phone: (418) 657 4141
Website: montessoridelacolline.com


“Excellent school and daycare at a time.” – Nick Lamoureux

La Villa Montessori

la villa montessori preschool in quebec

La Villa Montessori is a result of the common aspirations of the owners and management of this school, that is to build a space intended for multi-generation individuals that will allow them to interact and establish links, while giving respect to the needs of each other. Villa Montessori wants enrich children with their talents, and allow them to discover the world with people of different vulnerabilities and history. They believe that it is ideal to breed children at their early childhood, to transmit the values of compassion and respect to them. Above all, the school have chosen to provide Montessori pedagogy to children because they believe in a child-centered support service that will completely respect their individuality while aiming to develop children’s personality.


Day Care, Preschool


Address: 1045 Boulevard René-Lévesque O, Québec, QC G1S 1V3
Phone: (418) 476 8133
Website: lavillamontessori-quebec.ca


“Exceptional setting in which my 2 children evolve incredibly well! The team is very competent, attentive and concerned about the well-being of my little ones! I could not be more satisfied with their offer of service and I’m sure of the benefits that my children will get, all their lives! Thank you!” – Candice D.

Les Explorateurs Montessori

les explorateurs montessori preschool in quebec

Les Explorateurs Montessori offers classes for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten. Their teachers are qualified Montessori teachers providing teaching language in French, and English as well to offer maximum value in their educational program. The school’s Montessori pedagogy approach will help children develop their full potential within an environment specifically designed for such purpose. The environment that they have prepared allows children to develop at their own timing, personality, and character, to achieve their greatest potential. With this school, parents and students can be guaranteed that their team will work in close collaboration to provide your child a quality and enriching educational experience.


Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten


Address: 4640 Wilfrid-Hamel Blvd, Quebec City, Quebec G1P 2J9
Phone: (418) 871 9999
Website: explorateursmontessoriquebec.com


“It’s been almost 6 years (actually since their opening) that my children have attended this daycare and we have always had very good service and support. My 3 children attended or still attend this daycare and it is much more than educators, it is a dedicated director and a second family for the coconuts !! I recommend!! X 1000” – Sandy B.









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