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5 Best Plumbers in Quebec 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Plumbers in Quebec. To help you find the best Plumbers located near you in Quebec, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Quebec’s Best Plumbers:

The top rated Plumbers in Quebec are:

  • Plomberie Orleans Inc. – your team of plumbers of choice in Quebec City
  • Plomberie Ghislain Gagne Inc. – specialized in residential plumbing and water heaters for over 30 years
  • Quebec Plumber – a talented team for all your needs
  • Entreprise Plourde & Fils Inc. –  expertise for the installation of your residential, commercial and industrial plumbing
  • Plomberie C. Lyonnais Inc. – trusted service since 1984


Plomberie Orleans Inc.

plomberie orleans plumber in quebec

Plomberie Orleans Inc. has been recommended by CAA Quebec. This means that the company has undergone assessment in accordance with rigorous criteria. Hence, whatever is you plumbing concern, you can always depend on Plomberie Orleans. While others fail in this aspect, they find the source of the problem. Their plumbers travel across Quebec to provide service that meet clients’ requirements and expectations. The services they offer is backed by a solid experience in plumbing that have distinguished themselves by efficiency in plumbing problem solving, courteous service, as well as quality of installations and products.

You can always rely on their certified plumbing experts whether it is a bathroom renovation project, frozen pipe or even clogged toilet. All of their master plumbers have familiarity on the plumbing regulations and they work on project according to the rules and standards established by Quebec building code.


Sale & Installation of Water Heaters, Renovation of Bathroom, Camera Inspection, Unclogging Drains & Sewers


Address: 3 Rue de Moncel, Quebec City, Quebec G1E 5M8
Phone: (418) 666 4444
Website: plomberieorleans.com


“Extraordinary, professional and dedicated work. To recommend!” – Henri Martineau

Plomberie Ghislain Gagne Inc.

plomberie ghislain gagne plumber in quebec

If you are in search for an experienced plumber in Quebec, then Plomberie Ghislain Gagne Inc. comes to you with more than 30 years of experience. They have the commitment to providing you with courteous, polite, and personalized service in installing and repairing faucets, unblocking of drains, camera inspections and home renovations. In addition, they also have great expertise in selling, installing and repairing the largest brands of electric water heaters. Whether it is only a replacement, or even a large or small project, you can rely on Plomberie Ghislain Gagne.


Residential Plumbing, Repair & Installation of Faucets, Drain Unclogging, Renovation, Camera Inspection, Electric Water Heater


Address: 5237 Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel suite 260, Québec, QC G2E 2H2
Phone: (418) 653 3138
Website: plomberiegagne.com


“Excellent experience. During my first call, the person took the time to answer my questions. They responded quickly when I had an additional question on a subsequent call. On the day of installation, the two technicians were very cordial and professional. In short, I recommend without hesitation!” – Pierre-Alexandre Veilleux

Quebec Plumber

quebec plumber in quebec

Quebec Plumber is part of the Corporation of Master Pipe-Mechanics of Quebec (CMMTQ). Here, all plumbing safety and technical standards a complied during their works. Their plumbers are thorough, experienced and versatile. They quickly arrive at the site, and fast in assessing the situation and placing emergency measures. You will be informed regarding the repairs to be done as well as the budgetary and logistical implications. Their plumbers work on repairs efficiently and methodically whether it is a rain drainage and sanitary system, water supply system, or even the components and devices connected to the plumbing.

This plumbing service is a benchmark in Montreal and Quebec because of their hundreds of accomplishments. With the courteous service, quick intervention, targeted repairs and given information, you will learn the problem and understand how to fix the problem, and see the results.


Installation of Water Heaters, Non-return Valves, Unclogging Drain & Pipes, Unclogging of Sink, Bath & Toilet, Baths & Showers, Pipe Thaw, Water Inlet & Foundation Drain, Pipe Inspection by Camera, Emergency Plumbing, Renovation of Bathrooms, Water Heater Repair, Faucets & Sinks, Toilets & Water Pumps


Address: 8080 Rue de Burgos, Québec, QC G2C 0H4
Phone: (418) 800 7555
Website: quebecplombier.ca


“Today, we experienced a water damage. Quebec Plumber was the first on the scene of the disaster. Efficiency and reasonable price. Thanks to the whole team.” – Martine Lacasse

Entreprise Plourde & Fils Inc.

plourde & fils plumber in quebec

Entreprise Plourde & Fils Inc. is a specialist in commercial and residential plumbing, as well as plumbing emergencies. Their team of qualified plumbers will help you remedy the situation in a quick manner. No matter what your plumbing needs are, they will send an experienced team to the site to handle and resolve your problem.

In terms of residential plumbing, their expertise is something you can rely on. They will help you select the most appropriate plumbing system suitable to the plans of your new house. When you hire their service, you will be equipped with efficient, functional and clean plumbing compliant to the standards in the residential plumbing field. Furthermore, Plourde  & Fils also have years of experience in industrial and commercial plumbing. They have already work with projects for workshops, dealerships, garages, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets and more.


Residential, Commercial & Industrial Plumbing, Sale & Repair of Pumps & Heating Systems, Sale & Repair of Artesian Well Pumps


Address: 505 Rue Lepire, Québec, QC G3G 1S8
Phone: (581) 681 0578
Website: plourdeetfils.ca


“Very courteous and friendly plumber. Since I was telecommuting he was careful to keep as little noise as possible.” – Valérie Richard

Plomberie C. Lyonnais Inc.

plomberie c lyonnais plumber in quebec

Plomberie C. Lyonnais Inc. is a full service plumber and heating engineer within Quebec as well as the surrounding communities. The company was founded by Serge Lyonnais in 1984. Since then, it has been the choice of the greater population in the region. C. Lyonnais has been committed to success by building a bond of trust with clients through efficient and quick execution, and exceptional after-sales service. Here, C. Lyonnais Inc. specializes in installing plumbing and heating systems from plumbing repairs to gas heating system conversion. But they offer though full service in industrial, commercial and institutional sectors to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.


Commercial Plumbing Installation, Commercial Plumbing Renovation, Plumbing Maintenance & Repair, Natural Gas & Propane Heating System, Emergency Service


Address: 700 Rue J. E. Cauchon, Quebec City, Quebec G1J 2S9
Phone: (418) 622 0360
Website: plomberieclyonnais.com


“Very professional, courteous and efficient. We finally fixed a problem that we had for 5 years! Thank you for everything. We will not hesitate to refer you and call on your services again.” – Cynthia St.Pierre


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