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5 Best Physiotherapy Clinics in Quebec🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading physiotherapy clinics in Quebec. To help you find the physiotherapy clinics located near you in Quebec, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Quebec’s Best Physiotherapy Clinics:

The top-rated physiotherapy clinics in Quebec:

  • Apex Physio – a leader in physiotherapy for over 30 years.
  • Kinatex Sports Physio – a multidisciplinary center for optimizing the physical potential of active people.
  • St-Louis Physiotherapy Clinic – has more than 30 years in the industry.
  • Axo Physio Montagne-des-Roches – takes the time to identify the cause of a patient’s pain.
  • PhysiothĂ©rapie Mouvement Performance Beauport – offers a combination of specialized techniques and personalized exercise programs.

Apex Physio

physiotherapy in quebec

Apex Physio is a leader in physiotherapy for over 30 years. They are involved in the sports community of Quebec. Since its inception, its team of professionals has been committed to injury prevention and guides recreational and international athletes in reaching their goals. Their professionals work with hundreds of athletes around the world and guide them in achieving their goals.

The team offers complete support to everyone, from weekend sportsmen to passionate artists to accident victims at work. They offer a wide range of services united under one roof: from osteopathy to sports medicine and nutrition. They have complementary expertise and work in collaboration to offer their patients personalized service, adapted to their needs, and reality.

Products/ Services:  

General Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy, Teleconsultation, Geography, Manual Therapy, etc.


Address: 102-1147 Boulevard Pie-XI N, Québec, QC G3K 2P8

Phone: 418 845 2502

Website: pcnphysio.com/


“impeccable service! thanks from my back!” – Charles Fiset

Kinatex Sports Physio

physiotherapy clinics in quebec

Kinatex Sports Physio is a multidisciplinary center for optimizing the physical potential of active people. They offer a personalized, efficient, and innovative rehabilitation experience in a friendly and professional environment whose ultimate priority is to enable a functional and healthy lifestyle. At Kinatex Sports Physio, all of their therapists are trained to provide top-quality treatments. They keep up to date with treatment techniques and use the best equipment possible in order to rehabilitate their patients effectively and in the best possible way.

Products/ Services:  

Osteopaths, Certified Athletic Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Rehabilitation Therapists, etc.


Address: 9030 Boulevard de l’Ormière #202, Québec, QC G2B 3K3

Phone: 418 915 7477

Website: kinatex.com/


“Receptionists and specialists show professionalism. They are attentive and very respectful to their customers. I recommend them without any doubts. Thanks to the whole Kinatex team.” – Guylaine Lessard

St-Louis Physiotherapy Clinic

quebec physiotherapy clinics

Third on the list has more than 30 years in the industry, the St-Louis Physiotherapy Clinic has offered care at the cutting edge of scientific advances with the aim of guaranteeing the best possible care. It is in the interest of their patients’ well-being that their physiotherapists work with authenticity, respect, empathy, and excellence in order to offer patients the best possible service.

The team is driven by a passion for well-being and overall health, they are a team of dynamic and experienced professionals who is the best ally in the physical rehabilitation process. They always guarantee a unique and adapted follow-up favoring the establishment of a personalized intervention plan that defies the highest quality standards.

Products/ Services:  

Sports Physiotherapy, Running Injury, Physiotherapeutic, Puncture With Dry Needles, Vestibular Rehabilitation, etc.


Address: 3165 Chemin Saint-Louis #310, Quebec City, Quebec G1W 4R4

Phone: 418 658 6970

Website: physiosl.com/


“Very good service, courteous, welcoming and smiling. I have been with them for 3 years already and they have helped me improve my mobility on injuries that I have been dragging for several years! Thanks again.” – Sey-Hana Saing

Axo Physio Montagne-des-Roches

top physiotherapy clinics in quebec

Axo Physio employees are trained by professionals who are experts in their field. Their knowledge of physiotherapists is constantly updated through the most advanced post-graduate courses in Quebec and the country. The Axo team takes the time to identify the cause of a patient’s pain. The origin of the problems, the proposed solutions as well as the appropriate treatments will be explained to the patient and will be popularized so that they can understand what happened and what will happen during the healing process. The clinic has the most efficient devices available, at the cutting edge of technology, to treat all the diagnoses received by their patients.

Products/ Services:  

Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Osteopathy, and Kinesiology Services


Address: 1279 Boulevard Louis-XIV, Québec, QC G2L 1M1

Phone: 418 260 9898

Website: axophysio.com/


“Beautiful clinic!
If you do treatments with physiotherapist Mélissa Lacroix, you will not be disappointed!” – Julie Bouchard-Doyon

Physiothérapie Mouvement Performance Beauport

best physiotherapy clinics in quebec

Last on the list is Physiotherapy Mouvement Performance. They are an excellent physiotherapy clinic that stands out for its genuine listening to the needs of its clients, the superior quality of its care, and a warm, human-centered approach. Whether a patient is an athlete or a sportsman, their multidisciplinary team offers them a combination of specialized techniques and personalized exercise programs to guide or relieve them. With their expertise in orthopedic manual therapy, certified Coureur Clinic staff, and vast experience, they will be able to respond appropriately to every patient’s situation.

Products/ Services:  

Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy


Address: 2569 Ave Royale, Quebec City, Quebec G1C 1S2

Phone: 581 888 2488

Website: physiopmp.com/


“I received very fast and professional service, very good clinic!” – Eric Michaud

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