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5 Best Mortgage Brokers in QuebecđŸ„‡

Below is a list of the top and leading mortgage brokers in Quebec. To help you find the mortgage brokers located near you in Quebec, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Quebec’s Best Mortgage Brokers:

The top-rated mortgage brokers in Quebec:

  • Multi-PrĂȘts HypothĂšques – finds the best mortgage loan for their clients at no cost.
  • Multi-Loans Alexandre GrĂ©goire – worked in the real estate industry for over 15 years.
  • Best Mortgage Montreal – gives insight into what is happening in the market and how to manage the repayment of the debt.
  • Courtier HypothĂ©caire – a well-established national mortgage brokerage company.
  • Jean Maranda – has been involved in mortgage financing in the province of Quebec since 2001.

Multi-PrĂȘts HypothĂšques

mortgage brokers in quebec

At Multi-PrĂȘts HypothĂšques, their mission is to find the best mortgage loan for their clients at no cost. Upon meeting the team, clients have instant access to the products of some twenty financial institutions in one meeting. They can take advantage of their expertise, advice, and purchasing power because Multi-PrĂȘts HypothĂšques is the leader in the mortgage industry in the city.

They are not only concerned with offering the best rate according to each situation and needs but also concerned to find the best conditions to accompany it, including the least penalizing closing costs for clients. They offer the transparency to inform clients about everything because an informed person always makes informed choices.

Products/ Services:  

New Purchase, Refinancing, and Renewal


Address: 670 Rue Bouvier #210, Québec, QC G2J 1A7

Phone: 581 318 3541

Website: multi-prets.com/


“I loved doing business with Patrick Maheux !! For a young couple who knew nothing about the purchase of our first house, he was able to advise us very well and always in a good mood. We felt in good hands and that Mr. Maheux was doing everything in his power to have the best for us. He continues to be available to answer all my other questions, even after sales in order to enlighten me.
I recommend it without any hesitation !!!” – ValĂ©rie Renaud-DubĂ©

Multi-Loans Alexandre Grégoire

mortgage brokers quebec

Having worked in the real estate industry for over 15 years they are well placed to understand the needs and support clients. Their brokers will demystify each lender’s products and find the best deal for a mortgage for their clients. Their mortgage broker works for clients and looks for solutions. Solutions that work for the client and not for the financial institution. In more complex financing cases, the mortgage broker is a necessity. Clients’ file could have been refused by one financial institution, but approved by another.

Products/ Services:  

Pre-authorization, Renewal, Buying a Property, Refinancing, Commercial, etc.


Address: N/A

Phone: 418 666 0486

Website: prets-hypotheques-quebec.ca/


“Excellent for answering all our questions. Very reassuring and very professional.
I recommend Multi-PrĂȘts with Alexandre GrĂ©goire.” – Alexandre Leblond Couture

Best Mortgage Montreal

quebec mortgage broker

Best Mortgage Montreal knows how first time buyers buying a house for the first time may be a thrilling and exciting experience, yet it is a responsible and serious decision that has to be taken. For that purpose, any first-time buyer would need high quality, professional help in order to get a mortgage on the most possible beneficial terms and avoid default in the future. In particular, good consulting gives a first-time buyer an insight into what is happening in the market and how to manage the repayment of the debt in the future. Indeed, it is a very important aspect neglected by some first-time buyers, and exactly this point may cause problems with the debt repayment.

Products/ Services:  

First Time Buyers, Multi-Unit Home Purchase, 2nd Mortgage, Refinance, Mortgage Renewal, etc.


Address: N/A

Phone: 514 994 1030

Website: bestmortgagemontreal.com/


“I would highly recommend Stan. He was very professional, and very responsive. I had an unusual request for a mortgage and Stan guided us through the application process stress free. He was excellent to work with.” – Tim Bell

Courtier Hypothécaire

top mortgage brokers quebec

Courtier Hypothécaire is a well-established national mortgage brokerage company, led by a seasoned team and supported by a network of experienced and caring mortgage brokers. They help homeowners ask the right questions, compare mortgage rates and privileges, design a mortgage that meets their needs, and understand how to get the most out of their mortgage.

They believe it makes sense to be able to choose from over 20 of Canada’s leading lenders for competitive mortgage rates and services. Big banks, credit unions, trust companies, and other national and regional lenders are part of this list of lenders, and all of these institutions compete for the client’s business. They believe the more mortgage options they have, the better the rates and options clients will be offered, without incurring additional costs to them.

Products/ Services:  

Purchase, Refinance, Renewal


Address: 5300 Boulevard des Galeries Bureau 405, Quebec City, Quebec G2K 2A2

Phone: 418 266 6666

Website: stephanebruyere.com/


“Very responsive and professional. Provided great real estate information.” – Ghee Marrteenoh

Jean Maranda

best mortgage brokers in quebec

Last on the list is Jean Maranda. A graduate of Laval University and has been involved in mortgage financing in the province of Quebec since 2001. He is the winner of numerous recognition awards and a trainer with other mortgage and real estate brokers. He offers to team up with clients for their mortgage financing. He helps them save time and money by finding the most advantageous mortgage. Clients can take advantage of his expert advice and objectivity to help them get a better understanding of the options available. He holds the title of CHA, the only national title for mortgage advisors.

Products/ Services:  

Mortgage Financing


Address: 100-979 Avenue de Bourgogne, Québec, QC G1W 2L4

Phone: 418 659 7738

Website: multi-prets.com/fr


“Jean Maranda was a great help to us when we bought our first home. He helped us plan our budget so that we could continue to maintain our standard of living while dealing with our mortgage payments. He put together our file and presented it to the financial institutions to get us the most advantageous offer at the lowest interest rate. He also knew how to explain everything to us and answer our questions so that we understand the issues associated with a loan. In short, his support throughout the purchase process was very reassuring for us, and he really helped us to make a good deal. I recommend it warmly.” – MĂ©lanie Fafard

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