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5 Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Montreal🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading middle eastern restaurants in Montreal. To help you find the middle eastern restaurants located near you in Montreal, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Montreal’s Best Middle Eastern Restaurants:

The top-rated middle eastern restaurants in Montreal:

  • Trip de Bouffe – a Lebanese bakery, prêt-à-manger, fine grocery store, and caterer.
  • Restaurant Basha Boul Saint-Laurent – ranked as the first and best in Lebanese fast food with over 50 branches.
  • Rumi Restaurant – offers the culinary experience of the Silk Road.
  • Restaurant Boustan – homemade Middle Eastern food- accessible, convenient, and nutritious.
  • Yia Sou – every dish is created using only the freshest and finest ingredients.

Trip de Bouffe

middle eastern restaurants in montreal

First on the list is Trip de Bouffe. It is a Lebanese bakery, prêt-à-manger, fine grocery store, and caterer. They are a family-owned business that was established in the heart of Montreal’s Plateau borough on Mont-Royal avenue in September 2012. ​They are proud to prepare and serve a large variety of homemade and handmade products from their lebanese bakery such as pitas, manouches, and bites. They also have prêt-à-manger including hot dishes, salads, dips, and desserts. Their grocery selection has cheeses, olives, oil, and nuts & dried fruits.

Products/ Services:  

Lebanese Cuisine


Address: 277 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1P6

Phone: 438 381 4388

Website: tripdebouffe.com/


“Being Lebanese and living in Ville Saint-Laurent, I was skeptical when my brother in law who lives in the Plateau told me to grab manakish from Tripe de Bouffe… Boy was my skepticism misguided! They make the best cheese manoushe (pizza) in town! The store also serves traditional ready-to-eat meals that look great, but that will be the subject of another review soon, I’m sure.” – Tony A.

Restaurant Basha Boul Saint-Laurent

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Basha, Pasha in French, is a Turkish work of Persian origin which means king. The Turks used to use this term to signify and define a high rank in the political system of the Ottoman Empire, reserved in particular for governors or generals. Pasha was also an honorary title, the equivalent of “Monsignor”. Originally intended exclusively for commanders, the title was later used to distinguish any senior official or other person whom the court decided to honor.

It was in 1977 that the first Basha restaurant was created. Mr. Issa is proud of the service rendered to millions of customers, the creation of thousands of jobs, the development of hundreds of franchises among them many former employees. Honored and ranked as the first and best in Lebanese fast food with over 50 branches, Basha is growing and expanding.

Products/ Services:  

Turkish Restaurant


Address: 3766 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1X6

Phone: 514 288 9998

Website: basharestaurants.com/


“BEST BASHA IN THE CITY!! Fresh, delicious, and made with unique care and a welcoming demeanour!! You must get the ‘special’ bread with your shawarma instead of pita.” – Jason Field

Rumi Restaurant

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Thrd on the list is Rumi Restaurant. They offer the culinary experience of the Silk Road that once crossed Central Asia and the Middle East. A road that linked cities, oases, and markets of great traditions and great kingdoms. The Silk Road was also the spice route, generous in fragrance and flavor.

In Rumi, guests are invited to get inspired by the spirit that inhabited these travelers, merchants and pilgrims who traded for several centuries goods, riches and important cultural elements. They seek to create a hospitable atmosphere conducive to meaningful encounters. Their cuisine promotes local, organic, and sustainable agriculture as much as possible as they favor fresh and local products.

Products/ Services:  

Persian Delicacies


Address: 5198 Hutchison St, Outremont, Quebec H2V 4A9

Phone: 514 490 1999

Website: restaurantrumi.com/


“Very nice restaurant. Perfect dishes. You cannot find the food anywhere else. Nice beverages as well.” – Amir M. Yadghar

Restaurant Boustan

top middle eastern restaurants in montreal

Restaurant Boustan is a fast-casual restaurant with a true Lebanese taste with a modern local twist. They let senses guide guests to the delectable flavours of the Mediterranean. Only at Boustan will they feel as though they are eating homemade Middle Eastern food- accessible, convenient, and nutritious.

Since 1986, Boustan has been a staple and an important part of downtown Montreal’s food scene. Offering delicious, authentic Lebanese food at convenient times and accessible prices. Boustan has become a household name, preserving its reputation for superb service, fresh ingredients, and mouth-watering plates, with both veggie and meat options.

Products/ Services:  

Lebanese Cuisine


Address: 2020 Crescent St, Montreal, Quebec H3G 2B8

Phone: 514 843 3194

Website: boustan.ca/


“to me the chicken sandwich – the shish taouk. while in my world(and theirs) comes with much Tahini sausce. it’s executedly swiftly and with care. it always works a meal or a late night snack. i strongly recommend this easy to get to location. you will enjoy.” – Post-industrial Nomad

Yia Sou

best middle eastern restaurants in montreal

Yia Sou, which means “Hello” in Greek, serves up Montreal’s best Greek cuisine with exciting dishes and unique ambiance that can fit anyone’s budget. At Yia Sou, every dish is created using only the freshest and finest ingredients. Their authentic menu and atmosphere create a truly enjoyable dining experience. It is well known that Greek cuisine is amongst the healthiest in the world. This is why maintain the tradition by using the freshest ingredients as well as extra virgin olive oil in all their recipes.

Products/ Services:  

Greek Restaurant


Address: 5375 Queen Mary Rd, Montreal, Quebec H3X 1V1

Phone: 514 488 4222

Website: yiasou.ca/


“I have been going to this restaurant for years and absolutely love their food and services. The freshness and deliciousness of the food is an instant satisfaction.” – Dorothy politenberg

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