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5 Best Mediators in Toronto🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading mediators in Toronto. To help you find the mediators located near you in Toronto, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Toronto’s Best Mediators:

The top-rated child in Toronto:

  • Riverdale Mediation Ltd. – a team of skilled and experienced family mediators.
  • A Place for Mediation Inc. – includes other areas of mediation by request.
  • Bernard Morrow – full-service alternative dispute resolution (ADR) firm.
  • Family Mediation Group – have already helped hundreds of families.
  • Reflective Mediation – helps separating couples, individuals, and families resolve conflict and improve communication.

Riverdale Mediation Ltd.

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First on the list is Riverdale Mediation. It was founded in 2001 by founder, Toronto family lawyer, Hilary Linton. She had decided, after 14 years of family and civil litigation, that she was ready to try another way of resolving family law cases and that is family mediation offered by a team of skilled and experienced family mediators. Their team of professional, certified family mediators, arbitrators, and parenting coordinators work hard to meet the needs of each client.

They bring decades of experience to help resolve the most challenging cases. Offering all of its services online in 2020. In this way, they are able to provide effective and efficient ways for both parties to achieve settlements that meet their needs and those of their children and families. With their long experience in family law, the structure of their mediation, mediation-arbitration, arbitration or parenting coordination processes to give them the best chance of success, affordably and reasonably.

Products/ Services:  

Mediation, Mediation-arbitration, Arbitration, and Parenting coordination.


Address: 425 University Ave Unit 300, Toronto, ON M5G 1T6

Phone: 416 593 0210

Website: riverdalemediation.com/


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Family Law course that I recently took with you Hilary and found it both useful and informative. The videos that were shown interviewing various Family law professionals and their thoughts and perspectives on a number of family law issues were especially helpful and quite an eye opener. Having been out of the practice of Family Law for several years, I found this to be a fantastic review of the most recent and relevant areas of debate in family law. I would highly recommend this course.” – KK

A Place for Mediation Inc.

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A Place for Mediation Inc. was established in 1991 from a growing demand for mediation. At first, their primary focus was culturally sensitive family mediation. Focusing primarily on multi-cultural and blended families. They were so successful in this arena that they were published in the Globe and Mail in the late 1980s. As time progressed, their services were expanded to include other areas of mediation by request. At this time there was a demand to mediate employment and estate matters. Today they have evolved into a full-service practice providing specialized mediation, arbitration, and investigations, as well as training in the fields of family, business or contract, employment, construction, condominium, estate, personal injury, elder, child protection, workplace, and sports amongst other areas.

Products/ Services:  

Specialized mediation, Arbitration, and Investigations.


Address: 1240 Bay St #802, Toronto, ON M5R 2A7

Phone: 416 967 9432

Website: aplaceformediation.ca/


“Thank you so much Mohamed for your dedication and hard work. You went above and beyond in your effort to help us come to a fair mediation, and for that I am truly thankful. God bless you.” – Arab Canadian Forum

Bernard Morrow

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Third on the list is Bernard Morrow, the principal of Morrow Mediation. They are a Toronto area based full-service alternative dispute resolution (ADR) firm that is focused on delivering timely, fair, and balanced mediation, arbitration, appraisal umpiring services, and responsive consulting solutions at a sensible price. Bernard has been successfully providing dispute resolution services since 1994.

While Bernard prefers to deliver his services in person, he offers online dispute resolution (ODR) via various virtual platforms (including Zoom) and encourages the use of ODR in appropriate circumstances, including when health issues or travel distance makes meeting in person prohibitive. Bernard also offers coaching and training to lawyers and paralegals who have an interest in improving client service and avoiding professional conduct complaints.

Products/ Services:  

Mediation, Arbitration, ADR consulting, etc.


Address: 3 Church St Suite LL2, Toronto, ON M5E 1M2

Phone: 416 924 7400

Website: morrowmediation.ca/


“Bernard Morrow went the extra mile and then some to assist our office in resolving a civil dispute. From start to finish his process was thoughtful, hands on, and fair. I recommend his mediation services very highly.” – Paul Adam

Family Mediation Group

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Family Mediation Group’s unique mediation model ensures an efficient and cost-effective process while staying focused on the needs of parents and children together. They provide an affordable, dignified, and sustainable alternative to lawyer-led separation and divorce. They work as a team, and with their different kinds of expertise, they facilitate agreements more quickly and positively. All of the Family’s mediators have years of experience in key areas such as emotional and mental health support, family law, and financials. They are all certified mediators and brings deep knowledge of the systems that govern and support family structures.

Products/ Services:  

Family mediation


Address: 5000 Yonge St #1901, North York, ON M2N 7E9

Phone: 647 284 9148

Website: familymediationgroup.ca/


“As many people have already stated in their reviews, Laura and Eva are fantastic to deal with. As hard of a time as it is to go through, they are with you every step of the way and explain everything in plain English.
They are always there to answer any questions throughout the process and it’s all done in a very cost effective manner. If you are unfortunate to have to go through this process… There really is no other way unless you want to give all of your money to the lawyers.” – RB

Reflective Mediation

Best Mediators in Toronto

Reflective Mediation helps separating couples, individuals, and families resolve conflict and improve communication. They facilitate conversations to settle disputes in the present and prevent them from escalating further in the future by ensuring participants actually hear what one another is saying and understand one another interest. Through mindful communication, they help people understand one another needs and often to more deeply appreciate their own. For them, understanding builds bridges where reaching mutually beneficial solutions become easier. This way, the process is not about having someone telling them what to do, it’s about listening and becoming empowered to reach an agreement, settling disputes in a way that satisfies the interests of all parties involved.

Products/ Services:  

Mediation, Private coaching, Restorative justice circle, Training, etc.


Address: 212 Mavety St Studio 2, Toronto, ON M6P 2M2

Phone: 416 433 1314

Website: reflectivemediation.ca/


“Mike and his intern Christine provided a safe, boundaried environment to negotiate in, providing clear rules of engagement and treating each party with compassion, humor, warmth and respect.” – Laura Heeringa

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