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5 Best IT Supports in Edmonton🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading IT supports in Edmonton. To help you find the IT supports located near you in Edmonton, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Edmonton’s Best IT Supports:

The top-rated IT supports in Edmonton:

  • SysGen Solutions Group – a client-focused IT consulting organization for small to mid-sized businesses.
  • Keeran Networks – a team that doesn’t limit themselves as technical support.
  • Catalyst Network Solutions – offers responsive and professional IT support to businesses around the globe.
  • F12.net – not just an  “IT Provider” but a “Productivity Provider.”
  • Shift.Support – provides technical support to professional organizations.

SysGen Solutions Group

IT supports in edmonton

First on the list is SysGen Solutions Group. It is a client-focused IT consulting organization for small to mid-sized businesses. They are committed to providing unmatched customer service, comprehensive network support, and innovative business IT solutions, and are dedicated to ensuring optimum network performance. SysGen’s IT solutions include fully managed IT services, network administration and design, virtualization, IT infrastructure, cloud computing, and data management.

Products/ Services:  

IT Services & Support, Cloud, Managed Security, Digital Advisory, Backup & Business Continuity, etc.


Address: 300-8657 51 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 6A8

Phone: 780 702 9249

Website: sysgen.ca/


“I work at the Edmonton Humane Society and the support we receive from SysGen is excellent. Sean is an expert in his field, friendly, and approachable. He resolves technical issues quickly and explains the problem and solution in a way that makes sense to non tech savvy people. We are lucky to have him working with us!” – Michelle Lam

Keeran Networks

IT Supports edmonton

Keeran Networks came into existence with the resolve to help businesses in Alberta generate a better ROI from their business technology in 19999. Today, they are fully operational in Toronto and Vancouver as well as harnessing the capabilities of their brilliant IT talent. Their amazingly successful KeeranONE approach is the by-product of their regular “meeting of minds” with clients. The team doesn’t limit themselves as technical support and aims to dream together with their clients and create technical intelligence that helps scale their business to new heights.

Products/ Services:  

End-To-End IT Support, Services & Strategy


Address: 10351 82 Ave NW Unit 201, Edmonton, AB T6E 1Z9

Phone: 780 900 2731

Website: keeran.ca/


“Everyone at Keeran is pleasant and professional to deal with. If we have an IT problem, we just call and they get right on solving it for us. Keeran helped us get our IT issues under control. Even better, they are helping us plan for the future. We are so happy we switched to Keeran.” – James Samaroden

Catalyst Network Solutions

edmonton IT supports

Third on the list is Catalyst Network Solutions. An Edmonton IT company that has been building and maintaining client relationships since 1999. Their 24×7 remote support services enable them to offer responsive and professional IT support to businesses around the globe. At Catalyst Network Solutions, they are the only call a client needs to make for all their IT needs. From hardware and software tech support, virtual services, helpdesk, secure e-mail, backups, and disaster recovery, they have it all. There are no junior network techs at their helpdesks, each call is connected with a seasoned IT professional with the knowledge and skills a client need to solve tough IT challenges. Their trained technicians have a passion for cutting to the chase and solving issues, the first time, and every time.

Products/ Services:  

IT Services, Cyber Security Backup, Backup Solutions, Cloud Hosted Services, etc.


Address: 7433 72a St NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 1Z3

Phone: 780 669 2592

Website: catalyst-solutions.ca/


“Mike is a very approachable person, extremely helpful and a friend of friends. He will go out of his way to resolve your network issues as quickly as possible. Thank You Catalyst Network Solutions, Highly Recommended.” – Vishal Godara


top IT supports in edmonton

F12.net is not just an  “IT Provider” but a “Productivity Provider.” They help organizations be their best by doing what they do best. They deliver an inclusive program that’s designed to minimize conversations about networks and computers and maximize discussions about staff experience and company goals. Features may include IT strategy, cloud services, disaster recovery planning, simplified employee onboarding, and enhanced cyber threat protection.

F12 exists to help clients’ businesses thrive. In 2011, the company re-branded itself into F12 Networks. F12 began offering industry-leading innovations, including a groundbreaking IT Support System known as F12 Connect. F12 began to offer comprehensive IT packages that eliminated low-value procurement conversations. Today, F12 is proud to offer F12 Advisor, a pioneering level of engagement designed to accommodate industry’s growing need for big-picture IT strategy.

Products/ Services:  

Computer Support and Services


Address: 13555 156 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5V 1R9

Phone: 780 413 8458

Website: f12.net/


“F12 is our IT company at work and they are always a pleasure to work with! Always helpful.” – Brittany Denis


best IT supports in edmonton

Last on the list is Shift.Support. They have been providing IT services since October of 2011 with a core focus on efficiencies, automation, and customer service. Their goal is to service companies providing professional services vertical, recognizing this is an underserved market, requiring a higher level of commitment and engagement from technology support providers.

Their mission is to shift perspectives of accounting, engineering, and professional service organizations to show the value of a technology partner who will invest time to understand their businesses needs, providing solutions that address real problems. They partner with clients to provide a fully personalized IT experience. They specialize in providing technical support to professional organizations whose demands of their technology partner are above the current industry standards.

Products/ Services:  

Computer Support and Services


Address: 16011 116 Ave NW #200, Edmonton, AB T5M 3Y1

Phone: 780 702 6874

Website: shift.support/


“We recently moved our IT service to the team at Shift Support. We got all new equipment and set up for staff in different locations. The switch over was made really easy and the team delivered on all their initial timelines. We required a few additional items and Mike & Morgan were more than supportive!” – Maeve Duggan

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