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5 Best Immigration Attorneys in Quebec🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading immigration attorneys in Quebec. To help you find the immigration attorneys located near you in Quebec, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Quebec’s Best Immigration Attorneys:

The top-rated immigration attorneys in Quebec:

  • Maxime Lapointe Avocat – concentrates his practice in immigration law in Quebec and Canada.
  • Me Serge BAHATI MUVANIRA – approach is based on human considerations and geared towards achieving results.
  • ImmigrEmploi – a team that is made up of more than twenty people.
  • Keyork Immigration Law – leads her own law firm.
  • Brunel Immigration – offers competent and friendly services in the country’s immigration and citizenship law.

Maxime Lapointe Avocat

immigration attorneys in quebec

Me Maxime Lapointe concentrates his practice in immigration law in Quebec and Canada for a clientele of business people. Over the years, his expertise has broadened to include applications for work permits, study permits, and legal advice for business people in order to advise a greater number of foreign nationals and Quebec companies.

Products/ Services:  

Temporary Residence, Working License, Representation Before Midi and Cic, Study Permit, Visitor Visa, etc.


Address: 2006 Chemin Saint-Louis #1, Quebec City, Quebec G1T 1P1

Phone: 418 527 4060

Website: mlavocat.com/


“I am currently using the services of Maxime Lapointe and am delighted by his availability and speed in his responses. His details are clear and I feel well supported.” – ThibR


immigration attorneys in quebec

In almost two years of practice, the firm has grown both internally and internationally thanks to the best support it offers to its clients. Me Serge Bahati Muvanira approach is based on human considerations and geared towards achieving results through the rapid and inexpensive resolution of cases, all in the best interest of our clients. Transparency guides the management of their files in such a way that the client is aware of the progress of his file. They pay a lot of attention to the needs of their clients and to the strategic issues of their files, trying to help them to the best of our knowledge. Rigor and respect in the professional relationship guide their study.

Products/ Services:  

Temporary and Permanent Residence, Citizenship, Asylum, etc.


Address:  600 Avenue Belvédère, Québec, QC G1N 2J7

Phone: 418 914 1994

Website: bmsavocat.ca/#


“Very good lawyer, professional and less expensive”


quebec immigration attorneys

Third on the list is ImmigrEmploi. They are a team that is made up of more than twenty people whose head office is located in Quebec. With more than ten years of experience, this team carries out recruitment missions abroad in order to meet the skilled labor needs of Quebec companies. International recruitment and immigration are complex processes that require client involvement, even in a so-called turnkey formula. This is an alternative to traditional recruiting when a company has tried by all means to recruit workers. Their immigration lawyers, regulated Canadian immigration consultants, and paralegals offer their expertise to employers who have recruited abroad as well as to workers selected through their recruitment missions.

Products/ Services:  

Recruitment and Immigration


Address: 305 Boulevard Charest E #225, Québec, QC G1K 3H3

Phone: 418 694 5277

Website: immigremploi.ca/


“More than 10 years of experience in recruiting foreign workers.”

Keyork Immigration Law

top immigration attorneys in quebec

Mary Keyork is a designated Certified Specialist in Immigration Law, a licensed lawyer in both Ontario and Quebec with over 10 years of experience. She leads her own law firm, Keyork Immigration Law. Mary’s expertise is to take on multifaceted and legally challenging cases to seek approvals for deserving applicants, ensuring reunification of families in Canada and regularizing the status of vulnerable individuals through methodical and rigorous file preparation procedures.

Products/ Services:  

Residency, Refugee, Sponsor, Denied Entry or Criminality, Citizenship, etc.


Address: 3773 Blvd. Cote-Vertu Ouest Suite 210, Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4R 2M3

Phone: 514 664 1227

Website: immigrating-to-canada.com/


“Working with Mary and her staff has been such a delight. They always made it very clear what was needed from us, giving us reasonable deadlines for documents. We never had any problems getting in touch with them when needed. We strongly recommend them for their professionalism, their experience & expertise!” – Breighanna Roy

Brunel Immigration

best immigration attorneys in qubec

Brunel Immigration is a law firm offering competent and friendly services in the country’s immigration and citizenship law. Whether it be for a temporary mandate or a permanent life change, they will be there to guide clients towards their objectives. They understand the crucial importance of a family’s relocation as well as the ever-increasing challenges faced by businesses seeking to hire specialized foreign workers.

Client satisfaction is their very first objective. Therefore, they always start by getting a firm grasp on the client’s needs so that the team can give them the service they would want to receive if the roles were reversed. Founder of Brunel Immigration, attorneys, Rosalie is specialized in immigration law in Canada and Québec with considerable experience in the quick resolution of litigious immigration files.

Products/ Services:  

Temporary Residency, Work Permit, Study Permit, Visitor Visa, Permanent Residency, etc.


Address: 3575 Boul St-Laurent #507, Montréal, QC H2X 2T6

Phone: 514 316 9255

Website: brunelimmigration.com/


“I am extremely grateful o Ms. Rosalie Brunel for all her help in my Permanent Residence application, which I received a couple of weeks ago. Ms. Brunel provided substantial feedback for my particular case which was medically related. I would definitely recommend her, even for a legal recommendation.” – Alvaro Teran

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