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5 Best Health Food Stores in Vancouver🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading health food stores in Vancouver. To help you find the health food stores located near you in Vancouver, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Vancouver’s Best Health Food Stores:

The top-rated health food stores in Vancouver:

  • Greens Organic + Natural Market – sells healthy, environmentally-friendly products.
  • Garden Health – has served the lively West End community for 38 years.
  • Vitasave – with 7,500+ natural health products across more than 250 brands.
  • Alive Health Centre Ltd – have their natural product numbers (NPN) issued by Health Canada.
  • Choices Markets – has been a leader in offering local, organic and specialty food.

Greens Organic + Natural Market

health food stores in vancouver

First on the list is Greens Organic + Natural Market. They give customers an alternative for organic produce, premium meats, baked goods, fresh seafood, health products and more-all conveniently located at West Broadway and Maple St. They sell healthy, environmentally-friendly products because they care about their families, their friends and themselves. They are committed to limiting their impact on the environment by buying locally, composting, and recycling. They are one of the first grocery stores to take on Metro Vancouver’s Zero waste challenge and a 100% Canadian owned and operated.

Products/ Services:  

100% Fresh Certified Organic Produce


Address: 1978 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6J 1Z2

Phone: 604 568 3079

Website: greensmarket.ca/


“Great prices and healthy selections. Top notch chicken cooked daily. Great prices on sun butter and the nicest people work here. If I lived closer, it would be my go-to store no doubt. Could use more cheese selection, but they make up for it would gluten free frozen goods.” – Nicholas Farmen

Garden Health

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Garden Health has served the lively West End community for 38 years. They strive to be a trusted neighbourhood nutrition source, offering guidance on all-natural health product needs. They have always taken pride in providing customers with selection, service, and quality. They have been trusted to deliver honest information and high quality products at fair value. The name Garden Health represents the synthesis of all the health-giving tools available to support and heal.

Products/ Services:  

Vitamins, Mineral, Probiotics, Supplements, Body Care, Essential Oils, etc.


Address: 1204 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1N3

Phone: 604 688 4325

Website: gardenhealthvitamins.ca/


“Needed a very specific magnesium supplement in a pinch and Garden Health went out of their way to supply – very appreciative of their service and would recommend to others” – Geoff Martinson


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Vitasave is a 100% Canadian owned and operated natural health eCommerce company headquartered in Vancouver, with a retail store in North Vancouver and a flagship store downtown, as well as warehouses in Vancouver and Toronto. Vitasave carries something for everyone, with 7,500+ natural health products across more than 250 brands, including vitamins, supplements, food, pet care and lifestyle products. Founded in 2013 by three brothers Ali, Amir and Adam Assadkhan, Vitasave has quickly become the industry leader in Canadian natural health.

Products/ Services:  

Vitamins & Supplements, Diet & Weight Loss, Body Care, Family Health, Food, etc.


Address: 551 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1A6

Phone: 604 662 4441

Website: vitasave.ca/


“All their smoothies are plant-based and I find they are filled with more functional and healthy ingredients than the place down the street. I also LOVE their return policy. Every single staff member I’ve spoken to has been incredibly helpful and knowledgeable which is NOT the case with the place down the street. I never thought I would change loyalties… but it may be happening…” – Alice K

Alive Health Centre Ltd

top health food stores in vancouver

Alive Health Centre Ltd originated over 30 years ago and it remains strong due to its incredible reputation where quality is never compromised. They source the best raw material and they are manufactured in the country. They have their natural product numbers (NPN) issued by Health Canada and their brand can heal clients from head to toe. Alive is a family run business and believe that all families are important and therefore when they make a decision about the business we also keep in mind of how it will make things easier for their family as well.

Products/ Services:  

Vitamin & Supplements


Address: 595 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V7X 1L3

Phone: 604 689 8262

Website: alivehealthcentre.ca/


“Great store and friendly knowledgeable staff nevertheless.” – Adeem Shah

Choices Markets

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Since 1990, Choices Markets has been a leader in offering local, organic and specialty food items in a warm, welcoming environment. Choices is 100% BC owned and operated and committed to supporting local communities. Whether customers are looking for healthy food items to feed their family or specialized items for an allergy or dietary restriction, they will find it at their local Choices. Their Nutrition Team of Dietitians and Holistic Nutritionists offer free health consultations at their stores.

Products/ Services:  

Organic and Alternative Healthy Items


Address: 1888 W 57th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6P 1T7

Phone: 604 263 4600

Website: choicesmarkets.com/


“Nice smallish store leans towards organic healthy food beautiful gardens and walkway beside like the outing” – Elaine Urecko

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