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5 Best Food Trucks in Vancouver🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading food trucks in Vancouver. To help you find the food trucks located near you in Vancouver, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Vancouver’s Best Food Trucks:

The top-rated food trucks in Vancouver:

  • Meet2Eat – has two food trucks, they offer Mexican and Greek food.
  • Chickpea Food Truck – provides an authentic version of a Mediterranean favorite.
  • Disco Cheetah Food Truck – cooks up bright and bold Korean dishes that are totally unique in the city.
  • Come Arepa – a food truck dedicated to serving the Arepa and some other tasty Venezuelan food.
  • Taco Truck – specializing exclusively in taco truck catering for 5 years.


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First on the list is Meet2Eat. The team ensures the highest food quality, taste, texture, and food safety. Meet2Eat has been the proud supplier of nutritious lunchtime meals to students in schools since 2006. Customers can enjoy a full range of exciting dishes to suit all tastes and budgets. Meet2Eat will plan customers’ event from start to finish, taking care of each and every detail from room design, flowers set up, professional staff for service, and their delicious culinary delights in Vancouver.

Meet2Eat has two food trucks, they offer Mexican and Greek food. They serve delicious tacos and burritos in their Mexican food truck. In their Greek food truck, they serve organic chicken wraps, lamb and beef kebobs, fish and chips, organic falafel, and hot dogs. They mainly use local produce and spices from overseas to achieve the authentic taste of the Middle East. The menu caters to families, vegetarians, and meat lovers. Meet2Eat specializes in catering for office group lunches, movie sets, and holiday events.

Products/ Services:  

Mexican and Greek Food.


Address: 8246 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5X 3X6

Phone: 604 724 5252

Website: meet2eatcatering.com/


“We ordered a birthday party in Surrey Simon is awesome. Great service. Great food.
Will order again.” – Ishwinder Ghag

Chickpea Food Truck

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Chickpea Food Truck started all about hummus. Made from a delicious mixture of chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and spices, hummus is an essential part of virtually every Middle Eastern menu. Their simple desire to provide Vancouver with an authentic version of a Mediterranean favorite. Soon they had expanded way beyond hummus and were creating a profusion of other dishes inspired by the intricately layered flavors of the Middle East. Their downtown parking spot at Howe and Cordova attracted wandering tourists and the hungry Vancouver business crowd.

They also joined the festival scene participating in farmers markets and teaming up with local breweries. Their customer base grew and in 2017, only a year after they launched the food truck, Chickpea opened a cozy storefront on Main Street in the bumping neighborhood of Riley Park. Using wholesome vegan ingredients prepared with love, they work hard every day to nourish people and maintain a minimal footprint on the planet. They also enjoy partnering with community-centered projects that highlight the growing needs of their diverse Vancouver family.

Products/ Services:  

Plant-based Mediterranean Food


Address: 2201 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1N9

Phone: 604 620 0602

Website: ilovechickpea.ca/


“Great convenient parking spot by Whole Foods. Friendly service. Big portions. Entire menu is vegan with lots of gluten free options. Thank you Chickpea, keep it up!” – Tario Sultan

Disco Cheetah Food Truck

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Disco Cheetah Food Truck cooks up bright and bold Korean dishes that are totally unique in the city. They serve it all hot, fast, and in a format that’s affordable and comfortable for urban Vancouverites to enjoy. In 2014, Lower Mainland Coming from Seoul, knew that they wanted to bring authentic Korean dishes to YVR, but with a Western twist.

They started selling Korean tacos and burritos at their small trailer, driving all across Greater Vancouver, the Lower Mainland. In 2017, they hit the streets offering real food fast and has since become a favorite for foodies and food truck goers in the city. Disco Cheetah is the definition of a fast-casual Korean Cuisine that puts its heart and soul into what they cook and what they serve.

Products/ Services:  

Korean Dishes


Address: 700 Howe St, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1K8

Phone: 604 423 3574

Website: discocheetah.com/


“This restaurant is great and roomy, the food was delicious and the prices were very affordable. fast, efficient service and very attentive staff members. Will definitely recommend this restaurant.” – Alvin Atkins

Come Arepa

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Come Arepa is a food truck dedicated to serving the Arepa and some other tasty Venezuelan food. Arepa is one of the most important dishes in Venezuela, a gluten-free cornbread sandwich that is stuffed with a variety of meats, cheeses, veggies, and salsas. The arepa is the bread of every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One can find arepa shops in Venezuela on every corner selling all types.  They are a small company that dreams to share with the world all those recipes from their grandparents back in Venezuela.

Products/ Services:  

Venezuelan Food


Address: 302 Industrial Ave, Vancouver BC

Phone: 604 315 7864

Website: comearepa.ca/


“Delicious! First time trying their food at Pride today and it was absolutely delicious. The workers were super friendly too!” – Lisa T

Taco Truck

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Taco Truck started its first food truck in 2012 on Vancouver Island. A few years of hard work and hard-earned lessons later and they moved back to the Vancouver area with big dreams for their small business. The team got to work and soon they are being asked to bring their taco truck to private and corporate events​ all across the lower mainland. Along the way, they learned that a great caterer is about more than just-food. That’s why they strive to bring their clients more than just tacos, they bring them a whole experience. They have been specializing exclusively in taco truck catering for 5 years and have been a part of more special events.

Products/ Services:  

Mexican Food


Address: 4453 Boundary Rd, Vancouver, BC V5R 2N3

Phone: 604 355 1538

Website: tacotruck.ca/


“We used Taco Truck for our staff summer patio lunch event; the email correspondence was prompt and thorough. We got accurate invoices and payment details, plus the pricing is super reasonable! On the days of the event, the team showed up on time and were ready to go. The staff found the ordering and pick up process easy, and it was a great choice to accommodate physical distancing – the food came out quick which alleviated people hanging around. The food was delicious and all the orders were correct. My experience from start to finish was very positive and who doesn’t love tacos!!!” – Gillian Wilson

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