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5 Best Financial Services in Vancouver 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Financial Services in Vancouver. To help you find the best Financial Services located near you in Vancouver, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Vancouver’s Best Financial Services:

The top rated Financial Services in Vancouver are:

  • DLD Financial Group Ltd. – recognized as the premier financial planning firm
  • Sophia Financial Group – financial strategists building comprehensive management plans and investment portfolios
  • Niklife Financial Inc. – was established in Canada in 2010 to provide valuable information to corporations and families
  • Endurance Financial Services – a financial advisor service based in Vancouver, serving clients throughout B.C.
  • World Financial Group – offers access to a diverse portfolio of insurance, retirement, savings, and wealth-building strategies

DLD Financial Group Ltd.

dld financial service in vancouver

DLD Financial Group Ltd. is well-known as a leading financial planning company because of their principled approach and expertise that helps their clients achieve excellence in financial planning. They are a full service company that specializes in providing financial planning services for business owners and working professionals. They use an approach by writing financial plans for clients addressing both liabilities and assets. The team of DLD is composed of only personable and caring people who get to know their clients personally. They take extra time to know that status of the client before they ever formulate individual financial plan. The Certified Financial Planners at DLD are ready to discuss with you your financial planning requirements and help your bring your goals to life.


Financial Planning, Financial Management


Address: 1075 W Georgia St Suite 2650, Vancouver, BC V6E 3C9
Phone: (604) 363 3644
Website: dldfinancial.com


“As a small business owner, I was concerned about the amount of tax that would be payable on retained earnings. I started to work with Dave and his team in 2012 and I’m very happy with the plan that was set up and the progress we’ve made to date. I sleep well knowing I’m in good hands with DLD.” – Leigh Walker

Sophia Financial Group

sophia financial service in vancouver

Sophia Financial Group is a group of financial strategists that formulates comprehensive investment management plans that is aligned with the personal goals of the people they serve. The firm delivers investment management and financial education services that is different from others. Sophia Financial of Raymond James Ltd. has formulated a system to determine the needs of the clients according to the context of their personal values. This is systemized process is named as “The Sophia Way” wherein it has a spirit of service and level of sensitivity which you cannot find other institutions. The Sophia Way is a way of collaboration and connection, a way of wisdom, a way of educating, a way of sharing; and it provides guidance throughout your journey to financial success.


Financial Planning, Investment Planning, Risk Management & Insurance Planning, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Small Business Planning, Complex Wealth Management


Address: 3762 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 2G4
Phone: (604) 569 2881
Website: raymondjames.com


“5 Stars” – Tom Chiarenza

Niklife Financial Inc.

niklife financial service in vancouver

Niklife Financial Inc. was founded in 2010 in Canada to provide valuable financial information to families and corporations. The company works closely with clients to provide support in estate and tax planning, insurance, investment, as well as cash flow goals. They empower people and businesses to make informed decisions regarding investment, insurance and cash management. Niklife has committed financial advisors that stands for excellent and professionalism. In every personalized product and service they provide, they have the commitment to support each client all throughout their financial journey that will help in present and future endeavors.


Tax Planning, Investment Planning, Risk Management & Insurance, Cash Flow Management, Business Owner & Employees Benefit Plan, Estate Planning


Address: 970 Burrard St #229, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R4
Phone: (778) 989 5257
Website: niklife.com


“Mahshid delivers truly professional financial planning and insurance services and puts her clients’ interests first – I’d happily recommend her to anyone wanting an unexceptionable personalized service.” – Omid Kia

Endurance Financial Services

endurance financial service in vancouver

Endurance Financial Services is based in Vancouver providing financial advisor services. Endurance Financial was founded and launched by Barry Trischuk in 2019 to pursue his passion assisting businesses and individuals develop financial planning strategies. The firm’s approach is based on a client-centered model which complies to the professional standards maintained by Certified Financial Planners. In here, Barry provides education to clients about opportunities and solutions aligned to their goals, which enables them to make informed decisions.

Barry’s passion for passion for financial education and advice branched from personal and professional experiences where planning efforts resulted to a significant and long-lasting effect businesses and people’s lives. The experiences brought motivation to Barry to prepare more Canadians to be successful, and at the same time, withstand in times of loss or setback.


Investment & Retirement Planning, Life & Illness Insurance, Lost Income Replacement, Inheritance Management, Cash Flow & Debt Management, Funding Buy/Sell Agreements, Key Employee Protection & Retention, Overhead Expense Protection, Revenue Replacement, Health, Dental & Travel Coverage


Address: 1095 W Pender St Suite 1188, Vancouver, BC V6E 2M6
Phone: (604) 349 1870
Website: endurancefs.ca


“Barry collaborates well with Advisors. He joined me as an expert speaker for a public seminar on disability insurance and helped shed some light on the risks, the true costs, and the loopholes of disability insurance. Barry is an engaging speaker and a valued asset to an Advisor who’s focus is life insurance and investments.” – Charissa Keech

World Financial Group

world financial group financial service in vancouver

World Financial Group was founded in 2001 with the mission of helping people to create the life they desire, while planning the financial aspect of their lives and protecting their loved ones. For the past 19 years, being a Transamerica company, WFG has assisted numerous families and people achieve financial security through the company’s strategies on wealth building, retirement and life insurance. Their licensed agents all over North America offer these services to provide guidance to individuals from their present situation to what they want to achieve.

They take pride of being a Transamerica company that stands on integrity and strength. Combining strong reputation with client-first approach, WFG guarantees that they will do everything for their clients’ best interest and guide them towards lifetime financial security.


Financial Strategies, Insurance Protection, Retirement Strategies, College Funding Plans, Business Strategies, Estate Preservation


Address: 1075 W Georgia St Suite 2650, Vancouver, BC V6E 3C9
Phone: (604) 363 3644
Website: worldfinancialgroup.com


“Great value, Great atmosphere in this office. Amazing!” – HJK Empire





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