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5 Best Family Attorneys in Montreal🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading family attorneys in Montreal. To help you find the family attorneys located near you in Montreal, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Montreal’s Best Family Attorneys:

The top-rated family attorneys in Montreal:

  • Sheri M. Spunt, Avocats – a boutique firm of 5 lawyers.
  • Allen Madelin Avocats – Lawyers – a team of dedicated Montreal lawyers and paralegals.
  • Goldwater, Dubé – have partnered with firms worldwide to ensure that clients can find justice across borders.
  • Hasa Avocats-Attorneys – a legal team of exceptional reputation nationally and internationally.
  • Veronica Vallelonga, Family and Divorce Lawyer – a law firm that is made up of more than 15 experienced family law and divorce lawyers.

Sheri M. Spunt, Avocats – Divorce & Immigration Lawyers

family lawyers in montreal

Shri M. Spunt’s team has been under the guidance of Me Spunt and Me Carin, who share the same passion of the practice and the understanding of the vulnerability of their clients. Me Spunt started the firm in 2018, which has rapidly grown into a boutique firm of 5 lawyers. She has worked in family law throughout her entire practice. Clients can expect to receive a service where they will guide and provide them with insight, tools, and information to navigate through tumultuous and trying times.

The team’s goal is to settle their files amicably and to obtain a result that is fair and justified. However, in cases where an out-of-court settlement is not possible, their lawyers are seasoned litigators and ready to fight for their clients’ rights. The model of the firm is designed for their clients to obtain experienced representation at conservative costs.

Products/ Services:  

Consultations, Marriage Contract, Common Law Couples, Divorce, Custody, etc.


Address: 20 Rue Ellerdale, Hampstead, QC H3X 1S7

Phone: 438 383 5458

Website: sherimspuntavocate.com


“Amazing service, someone who is truly on your side and pays full attention to each of your problems. We’ve all seen lawyers that aren’t really fully engaged with their clients and I can honestly say this is not the case with this law firm. If you want to feel at easy with your issues and you want someone that’s truly got your back, got with this firm.” – John Spindler

Allen Madelin Avocats – Lawyers

family lawyers montreal

Allen Madelin’s a team of dedicated Montreal lawyers and paralegals. From the first telephone call, one of their paralegals will gather the necessary information to evaluate the clients’ needs and their ability to help them. Without any obligation on the clients’ part or theirs, she will obtain information to open their file, the names and coordinates of other parties to the action or transaction, and a brief chronology of the facts.

She will guide clients on the essential documents to bring for an initial meeting with one the lawyer, and will attempt to identify the issues and their need for support. She will also give you information on their fees. This information will ensure that the team can help them from the first meeting.

Products/ Services:  

Adoption, Divorce, Separation Custody, Grandparents’ Rights, etc.


Address: 4621 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1R2

Phone: 514 904 4017

Website: amlex.ca/en/


“I am so glad I found Allen Madelin! I was about to hire another lawyer for my divorce and just before I signed that contract I decided to get another opinion and I’m SO glad I did. After speaking with Tim and his wonderful paralegal Victoria I realized I almost made a huge mistake. Tim & Victoria were honest, helpful, and responsive. And they treated my case with care. They answered all my questions, and even went above and beyond in helping me get paperwork I needed.” – Limon Morgann

Goldwater, Dubé

montreal family lawyers

Me Anne-France Goldwater and Me Marie-Hélène Dubé lead the dynamic team of seasoned litigators and ambitious junior associates at Goldwater. Their dynamic group specializes in constitutional, matrimonial, and family law, as well as the negotiation and litigation of disputes over parental authority, custody, taking-out rights, child support, spousal support, the partition of matrimonial regimes, and family patrimony, and compensatory allowances.

Their litigators have a wide array of expertise and can tackle even the most complex of files, some spanning many jurisdictions. They have extensive experience with international kidnapping, parental alienation syndrome, rights of common-law couples, LGBTQ couples, corporate dealings and bankruptcy as it applies to family law. They have partnered with firms worldwide to ensure that clients can find justice across borders and in the multitude of languages spoken by members of our team.

Products/ Services:  

Child access or custody, Divorce or separation, Alimony or child support, De Facto spouses, etc.


Address: 3500 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O #2310, Westmount, Quebec H3Z 3C1

Phone: 514 861 4367

Website: goldwaterdube.com


“My case was handled by Me. Mindy Amar and Me. David Chun. Both were extremely courteous, professional and efficient. I’m very pleased with the high standard of their service. The billing was very precise. Quality is expensive, but worth it, and I definitely trust them to handle such important and life-altering affairs.” – Tarcisio Ferreira

Hasa Avocats-Attorneys

top montreal family lawyers

Fourth on the list is Hasa Attorneys. It leads a legal team of exceptional reputation nationally and internationally. The firm has a culture of excellence and the attorneys take pride on the quality of their legal work. Ensuring their clients’ rights while maintaining the integrity of the Canadian legal system. Separating or divorcing in the most amicable way possible is their goal and the client’s next best option.

The team will help clients navigate through the separation procedures, negotiations and settlements as peacefully and beneficially for them and their children. The firm’s multi-cultural, multi-lingual legal team reflects the importance they give to details in providing legal services. The team delivers a personalized service tailored to their clients’ needs and guarantees complete confidentiality.

Products/ Services:  

Immigration, Refugees, Family Law, Penal & Criminal Law, etc.


Address: 2000 Avenue McGill College Suite 600, Montréal, QC H3A 3H3

Phone: 514 849 7311

Website: havocats.ca/en


“Mr. Hasa is an incredible lawyer.
So understanding and supportive.
I had a difficult case and he gave me trust and hope that he could help me and he actually did. I got approved for my PR card and now Me and my family are so happy.
Highly recommend.”

Veronica Vallelonga, Family and Divorce Lawyer

best montreal family lawyers

Veronica Vallelonga is a law firm that is made up of more than 15 experienced family law and divorce lawyers. Their service allows clients to speak directly to their lawyers on the phone, by videoconference or in person. An in-person meeting can take place at one of their 8 offices located in Quebec. Their team of experienced family lawyers represent clients with multiple needs such as child custody, division of family patrimony, alimony, divorce, child protection hearing and many more.

Mrs. Vallelonga and her team will support clients and defend their rights throughout the whole process. An assessment of their case and costs is done right after the first consultation. Afterward, they will go all the way to make sure clients receive what they are entitled to, either through mediation, negotiation or legal procedures.

Products/ Services:  

Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support, Common Law Spouse, Divorce, etc.


Address: 10 Notre-Dame St. East #600, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1B7

Phone: 514 400 3208 

Website: csklawyers.ca/


“I usually do not write reviews, but in this case I will. Veronica Vallelonga delivered what she said she would. I had my divorce within the time-frame that was promised to me. Communication was very fast and easy. The support staff (Julie if I remember well) stayed positive and had clear expectations that were easily fulfilled. Overall absolutely nothing to complain about.” – Nicolas Gariépy

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