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5 Best Driving Schools in Edmonton🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading driving schools in Edmonton. To help you find the driving schools located near you in Edmonton, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Edmonton’s Best Driving Schools:

The top-rated driving schools in Edmonton:

  • ONS Driving School – one of the leading driving schools with the best driving instructor team serving the city.
  • Noble Driving School – specializes in providing intensive driving courses and driving lessons.
  • Alberta Driving School – instructors are unparalleled in providing a trainee.
  • Glenn’s Driving School – no hidden or add-on fees.
  • Arrow Driving School Edmonton – students are trained to make sure they maintain the roads of the city safe.

ONS Driving School

driving schools in edmonton

ONS Driving School is one of the leading driving schools with the best driving instructor team serving the city. Their instructors prioritize and focus in developing as well as implementing proper road habits and skills for each student, this way they will become safe and responsible drivers. At ONS Driving School, their main objective is to train drivers who are safe and confident. All of their training programs teach defensive driving skills. Their driving lessons lay emphasis on the importance of perception, observation, developing and implementing of selective seeing habits and skills while driving.

Products/ Services:  

Driving Lessons, Car for Basic Road Test, Car for Advanced Road Test, Brush Up Course, etc.


Address: 10212 127 Ave NW #202, Edmonton, AB T5E 0B8

Phone: 780 238 2245

Website: onsdrivingschool.ca/


“I was really fortunate that I took training lessons from ONS and cleared my road test (class 5 basic) in first attempt. And I would really recommend training with Sam Rawat he’s really good. Hats off to ONS and Sam.👍” – Harshil Shah

Noble Driving School

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Noble Driving School (NDS) specializes in providing intensive driving courses and driving lessons using their own revolutionary training system, the NDS System of driving training. It’s the school’s policy to provide the highest standard of informative driving instructions to their students. The school is committed in molding better, safer, and law-abiding drivers. NDS gives emphasis on the importance of driver safety in order to make roads and highways safer for all road users. Their personnel are meticulously screened and intensively trained to be able to provide excellent and informative instructions. They are all caring, polite, educated people with good moral characters, and pleasant attitudes.

Products/ Services:  

Online Novice Driver Curriculum, Class 5 GDL, Basic, Class 5 Non-GDL, etc.


Address: 3308 Parsons Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1B5

Phone: 780 450 4981

Website: nobledrivingschool.com/


“My instructor was amazing. Lots of patience and gave me lots of confidence. He had good communication and a great teacher. Passed my road test on my first try. Would definitely recommend.” – Haleigh Harper-Miller

Alberta Driving School

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Third on the list is Alberta Driving School. Their students will receive responsible, in-depth driving lessons to ensure that they leave the institution a well-trained driver. Their instructors are unparalleled in providing a trainee with the kind of exposure and training required to get any class of license they may be looking for. Safe and responsible driving is the basic fundamentals of their courses. Alberta driving helps students get the training they actually need at an affordable price.

Products/ Services:  

Driving Lessons, Class 5 Driving Course, Driving Instructors, Drivers Training, etc.


Address: 860 Wildwood Cres NW, Edmonton, AB T6T 0M1

Phone: 780 217 5771

Website: albertadriving.ca/


“I really thank Alberta Driving School, they were great and I really appreciate their time and efforts put in by them to help me pass my test. They are great..” – Rajvir Sandhar

Glenn’s Driving School

top driving schools in edmonton

At Glenn’s, they offer an actual classroom taught by an instructor which they believe provides much better quality training than an online course. Glenn’s has full time office staff which means that an in car instructor will never be answering a call while trying to teach a student. There are no hidden or add-on fees with Glenn’s. The team will not compromise the quality of a student’s training to lower prices.

They have built their reputation for over 30 years by producing safe and confident drivers. Their students never share instruction times with other students unless the students are siblings, and both have requested to do so. The course includes an emphasis on defensive driving, plus time for student interaction and discussion.

Products/ Services:  

Standard or Manual Lessons, Insurance Reduction Course, Class 7 Test Preparation Package, etc.


Address: 9006 132 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5E 0Y2

Phone: 780 478 1777

Website: glennsdrivingschool.ca/


“Honestly i loved learning from this place, i feel so much more confident on the road with the training from here, 100% recommend” – Lucas Beaudin

Arrow Driving School Edmonton

best driving schools in edmonton

Last on the list is Arrow Driving School Edmonton. They try their best to pass on the knowledge that will help students to be a safe and knowledgeable driver on the road. Their students are trained to make sure they maintain the roads of the city safe. Arrow Driving School provides Alberta transportation-approved driving lessons. Their superior caliber driving courses teach students everything they need to know to be safe on the road and pass the road test. They offer some of the best driving courses in the city, along with state of the art instructors who prepare for all sorts of situations and provide solutions for many of the problems students will face for the time they spend on the road.

Products/ Services:  

Driving Lessons


Address: 1467 25 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6T 2L3

Phone: 780 721 8282

Website: thearrowdrivingschool.com/


“Probably the best driving instructors in the city! I took a driving session from Amrit, he was super nice and helpful, v encouraging & friendly. I really liked the parking tips & tricks that he shared, and I really feel a lot more confident than before! 100% recommended, you’ll get total value for time and $!!” – Jafmeer Somal

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