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5 Best Delivery and Take-Out Restaurants in Quebec🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading delivery and take-out restaurants in Quebec. To help you find the delivery and take-out restaurants located near you in Quebec, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Quebec’s Best Delivery and Take-Out Restaurants:

The top-rated delivery and take-out restaurants in Quebec:

  • Restaurant Bachir – a restaurant that reflects the abundance and generosity of Lebanese hospitality.
  • Attaboy, pizzeria de quartier – offering gourmet pizzas at a fair price.
  • Pizza Passion – serves home-cooked, tasty recipes, simmered with the greatest care.
  • Grillades Torino – a shopping center food court that promotes healthy eating.
  • Bols et Poké – a healthy fast-food restaurant.

Restaurant Bachir

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Bachir is the one whose face is beautiful, attractive, and an omen of happiness. It is one of the names that designate the Prophet in the Muslim religion. This name is widespread in the Arab countries of the Middle East where Christians also use it. It can be compared to the first name Angel, from the Greek eggelos, the messenger. Lebanese cuisine is inspired by both the heart and the sun. Its colors evoke the 1001 sunny landscapes of Lebanon and its diversity reflects the abundance and generosity of Lebanese hospitality. In the shade of olive trees and arbors, the scent of orange trees and lemon trees wins them over and reminds them that Lebanese cuisine is sensual where the palate, the nose, and the eyes must be seduced.

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Lebanese Cuisine


Address: 54 Boulevard René-Lévesque O, Québec, QC G1R 2A4

Phone: 418 523 8383

Website: resto-bachir.com


“The food is always delicious. The staff is extremely welcoming and kind. I always enjoy my experiences at Bachir. Highly recommended!” – Emma Coughlan

Attaboy, pizzeria de quartier

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Attaboy is the story of two young men and a dream who was selling ice cream and coconut sorbets at the age of 12 and another who has several years of experience in the kitchen, some of which has been in pizzerias in Quebec and the United States. Attaboy was born with a simple concept, it is above all a neighborhood pizzeria where customers make pizza as they like and how they would like to buy it. This is why Attaboy makes it with fresh, tasty, and local products. Their sole objective is to satisfy the appetite of their customers by offering them gourmet pizzas at a fair price.

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Address: 597 Rue Saint-Jean, Québec, QC G1R 1P7

Phone: 581 702 3730

Website: attaboypizzeria.com


“Very good thicker style pizza. Cheese, Peperoni and Hawaiian pizzas are really tasty. Also the goat cheese pizza is peculiar.
Great choice and fast delivery.” – Sascha Morningrise

Pizza Passion

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The Pizza Passion restaurant has been open since 1998 in Charlesbourg, since 2006 in Beauport, and since 2014 in Duberger. Aside from pizza, they also offer pasta, kebabs, Canadian dishes, and many more. Their strength lies in simple but home-cooked, tasty recipes, simmered with the greatest care. Customers will appreciate the quality of their welcome and will be enchanted by their fresh pizzas which will delight all tastes and all appetites. In the summer season, customers can enjoy their terraces when the mercury allows them to enjoy a meal outside. And if a few rain droplets suddenly appear, customers will surely appreciate their fully covered terraces.

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Address: 5425 Avenue des Platanes, Québec, QC G1G 3R5

Phone: 418 622 4447

Website: pizzapassion.ca


“Fantastic pizza place that has 3 branches in the Quebec city area. Small portion of oin rungs is nothing short of gigantic sand enough for 2 as a starter. Pizza was great but would have loved the sauce to have a bit more kick spice-wise. Will definitely return even if it is a good 65 min by bus for me.” – Robert Lavoie

Grillades Torino

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Welcome to Grillades Torino a shopping center food court that promotes healthy eating. Since 1997, Grillades Torino has returned to the root of the Mediterranean cuisine to offer the best taste on their clients’ plates. Their goal is to improve the experience of “shop well, eat well”. They have 15 tasty salad recipes that were also created and prepared to meet the needs of their vegetarian customers. Their branches, present in most shopping centers, offer freshly prepared plates in front of the customers. Grillades offer several choices of side dishes, salads, rice, couscous as well as their delicious house potatoes. Their menu offers gluten-free dishes and other common allergens.

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Mediterranean Restaurant


Address: 5401 Boulevard des Galeries, Québec, QC G2K 1N4

Phone: 581 741 7785

Website: grilladestorino.com/


“That was my first time having food there. Staff is really polite, they were not very fluent in English but still showed patience and tried to make me feel good. Really love chicken as well as beef skewers. Place is Halal. Would love to visit again.” – Ali Shuja

Bols et Poké

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The founders launched Bols et Poké with the idea of ​​fast food that would be good for the health. For take out, delivery, or on site, Bols et Poké offers customers a targeted menu made up of pokés, pokerittos, smoothies, and bowls made from fresh, healthy, and high-quality ingredients. All are prepared with elegance and care. They are constantly on the lookout for the best foods using fresh ingredients, produced with respect for animals, land, sea, and farmers. They also have adopted a beehive at one of their addresses for the production of their urban honey.

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Poké bowls


Address: 545 Rue Saint-Jean, Québec, QC G1R 1P5

Phone: 581 741 3455

Website: bolsetpoke.ca/


“Excellent food! My husband got the big island and I had ‘le porké’. Both were great, but I think mine was better! The ingredients were fresh and interesting (seaweed, ginger, pickled scallions). The bowls were packed with flavour, but in a healthy way. After eating here, you feel like you can take on your day! I would recommend the small size bowl- it’s a perfect portion.” – Rebekah Carlsson

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