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5 Best Dance Clubs in Toronto 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Dance Clubs in Toronto. To help you find the best Dance Clubs located near you in Toronto, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Toronto’s Best Dance Clubs:

The top rated Dance Clubs in Toronto are:

  • Bar 244 – popular among the mainstream crowd and university students.
  • Everleigh – a vintage designed dance club that features a highly enjoyable atmosphere and diverse music.
  • Lost And Found – features a high-energy atmosphere that appeals to the crowd.
  • NEST – caters well both to the hip-hop crowd and the EDM crowd.
  • Toybox – attracts the younger crowd with their all-time favorite pop-rap anthems.

Bar 244

Bar 244 Website

Bar 244 is very popular among the mainstream crowd and university student aged patrons. They have a medium-sized bar that features two floors with a bar on each floor, and cheap drinks which makes it a perfect pre-drink and bar-hopping spot. The basement floor of this bar offers more of a club vibe while the top floor is strictly a bar that also offers food. Bar 244 usually plays a mix of top 40 hits and early 2000s throwbacks upstairs, while downstairs usually has a mix of hip-hop and electronic dance music. Overall this club is great for someone looking for a casual spot to party.


Beers, Cocktails, Food


Address: 244 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1Y3
Phone: (416) 599 2442
Website: bar244.ca


“I and my friends came here and the place was already booming. Security was very nice and we got in quickly through the door and paid our money without any problems. The guards were respectful, the bartender was really nice and all the drinks were very cheap. Great place to visit and I will definitely be coming here with my friends again.” – Karin Ghosh


Everleigh Website

Everleigh is one of the larger dance clubs in Toronto. The decor of this large venue is vintage and features a wooden accent with the modern art of the monopoly man surrounding the venue. Their dance club vibe here is very much that close to a lounge, and most visitors find Everleigh to be one of the most laid back and easy going places one can go to for a club atmosphere. The people here are light-hearted and are here to dance, socialize, and enjoy the vibe.


Bottle Service, Beer, Cocktails, Shots,


Address: 580 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M1
Phone: (647) 907 6673
Website: theeverleigh.ca


“Amazing club, great atmosphere, good music, and even better customer service. Went there for a birthday, and our bottle service hostess was absolutely AMAZING her name is Brittany if you ever go there you must request her services. She made our night, and experience at Everleigh one of the best, I’ve never experienced such AWESOMENESS anywhere else. It’s a place we will definitely go back to. Thank you Everleigh and thank you, Brittany. GREAT TIMES!!” – Derek Otoo

Lost And Found

Lost And Found Website

Lost And Found is a small underground club with a small dancefloor area and several booths. Lost And Found exclusively allows only girls and those who have booked bottle service into the club. They feature a high-energy atmosphere that appeals to an upscale and ratchet crowd and has a very cozy and personal vibe due to its small size. They’re a niche club that aims to serve big spenders with an emphasis on having a lot of girls and has a vibe and atmosphere that really distinguishes itself from most other clubs.


Beers, Cocktails, Shots, Bottle Service, Booths


Address: 577 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M1
Phone: (647) 995 5772
Website: lost577.com


“Best DJ’s in Toronto, a lot of special guests show up unannounced which is a bonus, would definitely recommend reserving a booth” – Moses Mirza


NEST Website

NEST is a small niche club that achieves the vibe and theme each night. On Saturdays, they cater to the urban youth crowd with spinning hip hop, rap, and trap music. While Fridays offer a completely different vibe that focuses on EDM music and the EDM crowd. The venue is relatively spacious with a large dance floor as well as booth and sitting areas surrounding the dance floor.


Booths, Bottle Service, Liquor, Shots


Address: 423 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1T1
Phone: (416) 792 9488
Website: nest.to


“Great staff, great sound. I can’t stress the staff part enough. The owner is knowledgeable and fair. The security is friendly, efficient, and respectful. The bar backs are quick and friendly. They navigate a busy, noisy, crowded environment with class. One of the best clubs in Toronto by far” – Sarah Moody


Toybox Website

Toybox is well known among the youth for being one of the top night club venues with it’s massive and rugged designed interior. This club can hold a lot of people with its several large dancefloors, multiple bars, booths, and a large DJ booth. They attract the younger crowd with their all-time favorite pop-rap anthems and take pictures with the iconic bear mascot. This is a great place to party with the casual young crowd.


Beer, Shots, Cocktails, Coat Checks, Bottle Services, Booths


Address: 473 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1T1
Phone: (416) 603 9300
Website: toyboxtoronto.com


“This club is one of the best in the city. They have very cute decorations and really cool themed nights. They offer chips and snacks at the door which I’ve never seen before. I asked the bartender to make my friends and I a surprise drink for her birthday and it was delicious. Her name was Carly! Awesome club for birthdays and celebrations” – Taylah Dupont

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