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5 Best Conveyancers in Quebec🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading conveyancers in Quebec. To help you find the conveyancers located near you in Quebec, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Quebec’s Best Conveyancers:

The top-rated conveyancers in Quebec:

  • MAST Avocats Québec – providing professional and courteous services.
  • Cain Lamarre – possesses wide-ranging expertise to meet all needs.
  • Stein Monast – a team that will support clients in their real estate projects.
  • Joli-Coeur Lacasse Avocats – supports clients in their real estate projects as well as in all stages of their transactions.
  • Langlois Avocats –ranked first among the Top 10 Quebec Regional Law Firms in Canadian Lawyer magazine.

MAST Avocats Québec

Conveyancers in quebec

Clients can trust the team at MAST Avocats de Québec et Lévis in providing professional and courteous services. They can help and support clients throughout their case, whether or not it is prosecuted. MAST Avocats will be able to provide them with a legal opinion from the outset, following the study of their file. MAST Avocats will make the necessary efforts and establish the appropriate strategies to settle the dispute quickly, efficiently, and satisfactorily at the lowest cost by favoring private methods of preventing and resolving disputes.

Products/ Services:  

Business Law, Real Estate Law, Hidden Defects, Commercial Lease, Legal Construction Mortgage, etc.


Address: 6700 Boulevard Pierre-Bertrand Suite 210, Québec, QC G2J 0B4

Phone: 418 692 3779

Website: mastavocats.ca/


“Excellent service! Fast response! Very strategic and professional. Highly recommend!” – Tatiana Soukhatcheva

Cain Lamarre

conveyancers quebec

The real estate law experts at Cain Lamarre possess wide-ranging expertise to meet all needs. With in-depth knowledge of the real estate sector, they are called on to counsel clients in this area on a daily basis. These include businesses, public institutions, property owners, tenants, real estate brokers, real estate promoters, condominium corporations, real estate funds, and lenders and investors who are active locally, nationally, and internationally.

Their professionals can assist clients with the development and completion of their real estate projects as well as their real estate transactions, whether they involve purchases, sales, leasing, mortgage financing, drawing up declarations of co-ownership, or setting up partnerships. We also rely on the expertise of our notaries, who provide the guidance they need, draw up the documents required, and conclude their contracts.

Products/ Services:  

Construction Law, Condominium Law, Property Law, Leasing Law, etc.


Address: 500 Grande Allée E appartement 1, Québec, QC G1R 2J7

Phone: 418 522 4580

Website: cainlamarre.ca/en/


“I have good service there. We put the energy necessary to understand and defend our interests, justice.” – Christian Legault

Stein Monast

quebec conveyancers

With a tradition spanning more than 60 years of history, Stein Monast guarantees its clients a business legal service that reflects its image: integrity, innovative and marked by excellence. Benefiting from a large-scale network in the legal and business world, both locally, nationally and internationally, our experienced team of more than 60 lawyers and notaries adapts to your business realities in order to suit you. allow the identification of a complete and personalized solution to your situation and your concerns. The services offered in real estate law include several specialties and areas of practice, including transactional, commercial, financing, litigation, banking and insolvency, municipal, construction, leasing, environment, expropriation, town planning, zoning and federal, provincial and municipal taxation.

Our clients include developers and developers, property managers, financial institutions, venture capital companies, insurance companies and brokerage firms, municipalities, real estate portfolio management companies, owners of all types of buildings, including, among others, office towers, shopping centers, pulp and paper factories, mines, industrial complexes, hotel complexes, golf courses, condominiums, residences for seniors, car dealerships, grocery stores and ski resorts.

Products/ Services:  

Real Estate Law


Address: 70 Rue Dalhousie, Québec, QC G1K 4B2

Phone: 418 529 6531

Website: steinmonast.ca/


“Best lawyers.”

Joli-Coeur Lacasse Avocats

top conveyancers in quebec

The third company is the result of unification between Therrien Couture and Joli-Cceur Lacasse, Joli-Coeur Lacasse Avocats. They are a multidisciplinary team of more than 350 people, a group of experienced professionals that is made up of lawyers, notaries, tax specialists, trademark agents, and human resources specialists. In real estate law, the team will support clients in their real estate projects as well as in all stages of their transactions, no matter what type of property.

They will be there to establish a financing strategy, whether movable or immovable. Provide assistance in the drafting, revision, and negotiation of various rental contracts, including commercial or residential leases. They will assist in the sale or acquisition of commercial, agricultural properties, and in residential development projects. They also provide a full range of services for all questions regarding co-ownership, from verification of building documentation in the context of the pre-purchase of a co-ownership until its resale.

Products/ Services:  

Real Estate and Construction Law


Address: 1134 Grande Allée O bureau 600, Québec, QC G1S 1E5

Phone: 418 681 7007

Website: groupetcj.ca/


“Very good service” – Olivier Lefebvre

Langlois Avocats

best conveyancers in quebec

Last on the list has around 150 practicing lawyers, Langlois Lawyers is Québec’s. They are the largest independent law firm with a team of around 300 employees that offers a complete range of high-quality legal services in a variety of areas, including construction law, energy and the environment, life sciences, information and communications technology, governance and ethics, civil and commercial litigation, labor and employment law, real estate law and business law. In 2020, Langlois Lawyers was named Regional Law Firm of the Year in Canada by Chambers and Partners and was ranked first among the Top 10 Quebec Regional Law Firms in Canadian Lawyer magazine.

The Langlois Lawyers Real Estate Law team is made up of professionals with diverse expertise and extensive, valuable experience. They have developed strong practical and legal knowledge, as well as a thorough understanding of the realities faced by stakeholders in this sphere, whether they are owners, co-owners, lenders, investors, syndicates of co-ownership, developers, lessors, tenants, or property managers.

Products/ Services:  

Real Estate Law, Intellectual Property, Labour & Employment Law, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, etc.


Address: 2820 Boulevard Laurier 13e étage, Quebec City, Quebec G1V 0C1

Phone: 418 650 7000

Website: langlois.ca/en/


“Cabinet à découvrir!” – Khoa Tran

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